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SEVENTY-ONE houses and a nursing home could be demolished to make way for the proposed Everton FC stadium in Kirkby.


The buildings will be under threat if councillors give the go-ahead for the development, which will include a new Tesco store and other shops, being planned to transform the town centre.


Residents in the four streets which lie within the area have organised a protest group in a bid to save their homes.


Grandmother-of-three Dot Reid, 57, from Spicer Grove, is leading the opposition to the move.


The confirmation that the homes could face demolition, along with the 42-room Cherryfield nursing home, comes in a report to be presented to Knowsley council’s cabinet today (wed).


The report adds that residents could be offered replacement housing within the new development.


Thousands of residents will also be questioned again on Everton’s proposed move to Kirkby.


It is only five months since local authority leaders last canvassed them on their views on the £400m plan.


Knowsley council will start the consultation if councillors give the go-ahead today to a draft “vision” for Kirkby – which includes a new stadium, a Tesco superstore and other high street shops.


Unless the document is officially rubber-stamped, the council will not be allowed to approve any planning application from Everton.


Town hall officials put together the draft vision after high-profile public events over the summer, where residents had their first glimpse of the Blues’ and Tesco’s proposals.


The council’s draft vision says the new stadium, supermarket and other shopping and leisure facilities could bring an extra £34.6m a year into Knowsley.


The report also says: “It is clear from the consultation exercise that many people have significant concerns about the Tesco/Everton scheme. It is also clear that there is a considerable body of opinion which supports significant regeneration of the town centre area.


“It must be stressed that the Tesco/Everton development does not represent the only means of achieving this.


“However, it is by far the more ambitious of the two broad alternative approaches on which the community was consulted earlier in 2007, and there is clear developer interest in delivering the potential project.


“For this reason, the council has continued to examine the potential benefits of the scheme.”

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People power!.......A few residents in our close have managed to save a group of trees from a greedy builder!!Small issue, but things can be stopped.


And a few years ago a proposed bypass(to bypass the village of Dersingham)was delayed for a long period(many months) because a rare moth was sighted(probably by someone who didn't want the bypass)


AND!.....I was in liverpool Saturday.....and right where the rs plan to build that super dome I saw TWO of those same moths.....and they were mating.I going to report this ground breaking story to environmentalists and liverpool city council tomorrow.....hold the front page of the Echo!!

The penalty for harming these wonderful creatures is a six month prison sentance.....unless of course your Steven Gerrard, when I'm sure the fact that they were squashed on the sole of his shoe, would lead to the explanation that they did in fact fly UNDER his shoe :angry:

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