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Nugent By Friday (20/1/06)


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Not the same website as said that we had signed Anelka then changed it to an offer that has never been confirmed or denied.


Not the same website that said Andy Johnson WOULD sign in the summer.


Don't beleive it for one minute


More chance of Pistone becoming PM

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Guest fozzie22
do you realize the team moyes took over 3-4 years ago from walter smith is virtually still here,we need a new scouting system putting in place. :angry:

Well,given this IS dm's team now,he cant hide behind that excuse anymore why HASNT a scouting system been put in place.


Or maybe it has,one by where we sign someone for 5 mill and sell him for 3 mill a couple of months later,utter brilliance!! :angry:

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This is totally moyes team, he has signed or re-sign every single player from this season. Im sure if he had a magic wand he wouldnt have some of the players and its not that simple, the fact is he has had to keep players and work within a very limited budget.


BUT, it is his team. he has had 3-4 years to bring players in and develope them. Im AMAZED that we have not unearthed any gems at all, he has signed obvious targets (we only got cahill cause the deal with palace fell through). And I am still AMAZED that when he joined, despite being a championship manager there where no players signed from there. I would have loved to be told we are signing "Bob JONES" and saying, "WHO", then he turn out to be a fantastic player.


I am beginning to think Moyes has been found out

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i am a big fan of moyes. i dont think we should pay anyone over the odd prices because everyone knows we need a striker. 5 mill for nugent is a joke, 2 mill tops. then maybe he could be a bit more persuasive as we could have had parker and emre in the summer but i honestly dont think there are any strikers out there that are good value for money we would have had robbie keane for 6 mill at the start of the season but for fookin souness putting a 10 mill bid in just incase michael shithouse owen fell through.

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Preston striker David Nugent, 20, has pledged his future to the club despite rumoured interest from Everton - the club he has supported all his life.

"Manager Billy Davies has made it clear to me that I won't be leaving in January and I'm happy with that," Nugent told the club's website.


"I'm hopefully going to be signing a new contract at Preston.


"Being an Everton fan I've always wanted to play for them but I'm still only young and I've got years left."


Preston manager Billy Davies ha earlier warned it would be "suicidal" to sell the gifted young striker.


Davies said: "David Nugent being a mad Evertonian might have created a bit of a monster but I have no intention of letting him go in the transfer window.

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