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Everton V Arsenal


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Starting line up against Arsenal (4-4-1-1)....












Bench : Wright, Kroldrup, Anichebe, McFadden, Naysmith


2-0 to the Toffees.... :) (Cahill & BT)

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reports today say that it was Kilbane boot that did the damage but I thought when they showed highlights at half time last night that it was there striker that did the damage????


I would go with that team with the change of Koldrup if Weir not fit.


Also would push Arteta out to the right drop Cahill back into midfield and push Osman up front. I think that is what DM did for the second half of the game last night.


However if reports are true today then our new striker that will sign before Friday might be playing

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dont think it really matters whos fit tbh, they are a far superier team & should be able deal with us without to many problems. Pescemistic i know but im still hurting from the 7-0 last time. 1 or 2 nil would do me & keep us on the up. We gotta keep it close so we dont loose what confidence & respect we have built up over the last few weeks.

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Actually, it depends on which Jekyll or Hyde team turns up on the day. There's the one that played against Chelski, ManUre and Charlton, and then there's one that played against Bolton, West Brom and Villa. But then, Arsenal are a bit rocky at the moment while we're levelling out from a dive. I'm quietly confident on my 1-0 victory at home.

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Don't think that we have any chance in this game to be honest.


I think the only chance we had of winning this game is lost by the fact the Pistone is still out :P


Think we will get put back down to earth over the next couple of games and end up struggling to bring in anyone else.


3 v 0

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I think the Arse like scoring against us because of the pace within their team, which kills us, as we dont have any, but, lets face it, we have overcome bigger hurdles than this.




Heres hoping terry henry twists his ankle getting of the coach, with him out the side I'd give us a good chance


Was really hoping to see Per play in this. BOLLOCKS SHIT BAG ARSE TIT


I am going for a one nil thashing to the mighty blue storm troopers

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