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Another Full International.


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Not going to be in the 1st team IMO he would have already played some part in the team at 19 if he was really a premiership player....



surely we can all remember young players who at an early age showed great promise ie players who at 16, 17 and 18 were way better than other teenagers! some go on to play first team football for good clubs, but loads drift away never to be heard of again.Others make slow

but very steady progress and develop into very good footballers.


well done to the lad, but still getting in icelands lineup is no great achievement


OK!...It's not Brazil.....or France!That fault lies with something way beyond the lads personal circumstances....like the shifting of continental shelves, or an ancestor who wanted an eskimo

existance!!I wonder if Hibbert or Osman would make the Iceland international team?

Just a thought!

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