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Just fell into this prog on Channel 4 this week-end....bit like the X Factor only with proper talented bands rather than middle-of-the-road pop garbage.


Think it's very sad that the music industry has fallen to the level where shite choreographed cover versions and talentless wannabees fill Saturday night prime time TV and tabloid headlines while proper musicians get a programme on a minority channel that I found only by accident.


Were the sixties (not to mention punk) a complete waste of time?

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And I'm not sure Channel 4 is a minority channel :P


Part of its remit when it started...


"...Channel 4 was established in 1982 with a specific intention of providing programming to groups of minority interests, not catered for by its competitors."


Given that it was back in the dark ages where people had BBC1, ITV and BBC2 (if they were lucky), no breakfast TV, only schools programmes during the day and the epilogue at about midnight followed by the national anthem and shutdown things have change a little :P .


It's still committed to catering to minorities though, even if it's a fair point that it's no longer a minority channel.

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I miss the national anthem being played on TV


I also miss watching Batman in the mornings before going to school when Breakfast TV was on strike


I also miss anne diamond, you was a good older fantasy woman for a 16 year old. Bit of a minx as well so im lead be believed


As for that show mike, When was it on and when is it on

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