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Now Ai Says Not To Expect A Goal Scorer


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Well it looks like the Koldrup transfer is true as Channel 4 now saying it then it means that DM might have about £5m for a striker.


Think that maybe he has sold Koldrup as he nows that he needs to bring in a striker.


Sure this was before Weir got injured though

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What I can't work out is that we don't have a lot of cover at the back at the moment any way.


With Yobo gone it only leaves Weir and Ferrari at the back.


Unless he has an eye on another defender.


But now we have to bring in a striker and a centre back before the window closes


the only thing I can think of is that Koldrup wanted to leave. Can't beleive that DM would sell him for any other reason.


Maybe we are getting a player from them on loan or something???????

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that's be good. to be honest if we don't sign at LEAST one defender (really we need two or three) and at LEAST one striker, we're screwed!!


unless he wants to rely on some kids coming in and doing a job, or as you say maybe he's got something lined up.


another theory is that maybe it's out of Moyes' hands?

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Just seen on Everton website that Ai says that Everton won't waste money on players. Don't have a lot of money and he does not expect to see a prolific goalscorer join.

Fair nuff we haven't been scoring, but it would seem to me that we've been leaking a lot of goals too. Mebbe we need to get the defense right; plug the gaps, get some clean sheets on the boards. Past two games have been great, but now with PK gone, and injuries, we're looking thinner and thinner. I think BT's finding the target now (at last) so a good strong defender would do it for me rather than a striker. Halfway through the season, and we're getting tired. We've plenty of midfielders who can go forward.

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