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What The Hell Is Going On?


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Koldrup gone by the looks of it bent gone and no one coming in.


We have one of the smallest squads in the premiership so what are we doing selling players with no one coming into to replace.


The most worrying thing about it all is dithering Dave now don't get me wrong i still think he is the right man for the job on the pitch but his transfer record is shocking and selling players when we have no one as yet coming in is very worrying. With Joey of to the african cup and no koldrup who the hell is going to cover the centre back position if weir(who is past it) or ferrari( who apparently doesn't want to stay) are injured.

Between davie and the fat waste of space chairman we could be dragged back into the relagation struggle just on squad size which really would be a joke.

something needs to be done and done soon.

while part of the blame has to be laid at davie feet i think the majority of it has to be blamed on kenwrong he is the man holding the purse strings and being the chairman should be doing the negotiating but being a fat bastard actor and not a business man this has to hold him back a little methinks it is time he moved on and let someone who can do the job (hopefully with a few quid as well) I knwo this isn't going to happen as he ain't going to let anyone else play with his toy set but if we don't sign atleast 2 decent players not lee trundle but either quality youngsters or proven players i can see us being in trouble at the end of the season.

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