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Realistic Target For The Season?


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UEFA semi, FA semi, top 6. Think the Carling might be difficult as we've got the Hammers away next round. I'm feeling pretty confident at the moment givn the strength of the squad now compared to previous seasons.



Would go with that, but i reckon we will be more hopeful looking at Top7, even thou we got Hammers AWAY, it is still the easist team to draw! But would love to see us go to the Final of UEFA! but the teams that are getting knocked out of the CL will be a though test for us.

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how good is it to be talkin about silverwear? not many moons ago we was talking about avoiding the drop. mr moyes imo has done a miracle at our club givin the situation we was in when he took over the players we had at the time just shows how good a manager he his! giving the situation we was in do you think that he has been the best manager in the prem ever? you could go for ferguson wenger or the others but they have all had vast amount of money availble imo i'd have him in the scientist lab to clone him for when he is too old!! my target for the year is that last 8 uefa cup, semis worthington, last 8 pos 4 fa, and a few good buys in jan 5th in the prem,


sorry to go on :lol:

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"how good is it to be talkin about silverwear?"




Easy enough to talk about but not so easy to win, IMO the best we can hope for is last 8 in the Cup Comps, cos i cant see us winning any of them this season. And will also find it Difficult to get into the top 6 in the league.

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To win a cup will probably require having to beat, Arsenal, Chelsea, Man utd or the luckypool.......Not totaly beyond us! Especially as we would probably start as underdog, and as a one off game full of passion.....with our super sub (Anichebe), waiting for his 15mins of glory

then you never know!Get past West Ham(which is more than possible) and we have a chance.


On it's day the deffence is pretty dam good..........Midfield, pretty dam good! and a choice from Yakubu, Johnson, Vaughan, Anichebe and McFadden!


ON OUR DAY!.......We CAN win a trophy this year......The late goals we've been getting of late, show a certain belief.

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