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The Christmas Thread....


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Got my Bro & Family arriving from Uk 2nd week of December.


Beach shack booked for a week 15th -22nd -> Then a big Xmas Bash @ home.


Presents, ill get to that.


Some of the peeps in my street have tree & all the xmas lights up already...!!! WTF ( people go mad in my area wif pretty lights in gardens etc, town has a comp & we have won best street 2 yrs running. Not coz of my efforts mind you )


As per ( neighbourhood pressure..lol) usual Ill conform & string some up around the yard n house when DECEMBER actually gets here. :)

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Every year I wonder whose house will burn down 1st., It will happen.


Outside light displays, wif ext chords on to 6 point boards, with double & tripley stacked double adaptors running further extension chords on to more adaptors before feeding the light display.


Running from a street lamp would be much much safer.


Though I doubt the local Pot growers would like me musclin in on their supply ;)


Ho Ho Ho 1st december, 1st day of summer down under & Its Poooooring down, tropical like 2, no drizzle, this is monsooon stuff.



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I'm tempted to get a wii now. My stepdad has recently had a second stroke (lost the use of left arm) and apparently the wii is a good/fun way of getting people who have suffered strokes to move their arms again.


Well that's my excuse.. i'd just like to batter mario as sonic in the new smash bros. game :)

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Have to say that watching people play on a Wii looks far more entertaining than actually playing the thing. Looks like a swarm of bees have been let loose on the epilepsy ward (apologies Si). One of those situations where imo they'd do far better toning down the truth of the product for the advertising....like chewing gum ads where you never, ever see anyone chewing because it looks so disgusting :P .


Er...Happy Christmas B) .

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May I be the 1st Tooo wish everyone a fine, relaxing Boxing day & a Big COYB.


Belatedly A big Merry Xmas 4 Yesterday & trust everyone had a trifle of a time.


We did, had a great week or so of holidays so far, Beach shack was toooo goood 2 be true ( Didnt wanna come home) & xmas thus far has also been great. Will no doubt be back to the grind in the new year ( -> sending the Lobster coloured Scouser's on the essential tourist jaunt & cathcing up wif them down the coast a bit later on)


Lot's of Grog N Grub, good spirits, smashing weather & all is beeter than well :)


Hope 2 well & truellllyyy catch up with you all before the new year, but if not all the best for the years finale as well :)




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