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Would We Accept It If The Money Went


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If all the money from the sale of Bent and Kroldrup and what ever is left in the bank would it make up for selling Koldrup and bringing back Stubbs.


I like to think that DM is doing this cos he has seen a £7m striker that has agreed to come but he needs some money to bring him in.


Krodrup has not settled and is most prop the easiest person to sell and get some money for.


Cos he is selling him he needs to bring in a defender, however all the money he is macking is going for a striker so therefore only has free or cheap options to go for.


I know it is not cos of that and its to balance the books but...........

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Guest fozzie22

If we'd got anywhere near 7 mill adam for both players i would still have said no,the squad is thinner than kate moss on a diet and to sell 2 players regardless of thier worth is frankly suicide.

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