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Interesting programme.

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While THAT game was on the box last night i switched over to BBC4 freeview, good programme about footballers wages in the 60s.


Franny Lee, Jimmy Armfield, and Mike Summerbee, All England Internationals talking about the wage structure when they played.


In 1961 jimmy Hill (chinny), was the players union leader and threatened to go on strike if they didnt abolish the Maximum wage, which in those days was £35. (yes thirty five) FOR EVERY FOOTBALLER, AT EVERY CLUB IN THE FIRST DIVISION.


History tells us that he was successful and so began the uncontrolled spiral that has reached the obscene wages that we have today.


Francis lee, Bolton 2nd division at the time, WAGE £30, told them he wanted to leave, they immediately offered him £150 POUNDS A WEEK TO STAY!!. he refused and left for Manchester city, 1st div.


Similar story with Summerbee, who was at Swindon Town at the time also ended up at City. The likes of Alan Ball, Bobby Moore, Geoff Hurst and all th other World Cup winners got paid the massive sum of £250, yes two hundred and fifty pounds a week by their Clubs.


That Chinny Hill has got a lot to answer for, cos in my opinion the 60s was the start of the decline in the great football it was, to the rubbish it is now, in those days it was sport, nowadays its BIG business, played by, and run by, overpaid, underachieving moneygrabbers, who just up and change clubs if there's an extra fiver in it for them.

Every club in the land are in debt, yes even Man u, supposedly the richest club in the land. All are now surviving on TV MONEY and any money they can scrape together from competitions, whether it be EURO or DOMESTIC.


The time is fast approaching when clubs are so reliant on TV money, they will do and play anytime they say, in fact it would not surprise me if these big TV companies started owning some of these clubs in the near future..


I feel sorry for anyone born after the 60s, who didnt get to see football when it was at its very best



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Remeber tales of 50's footballers going in to discuss / demand a wage rise from their then staunch Managers @ seasons end or start.


The demand would oft be 5 pound or sumfin with the players more than often walking out agreeing to a deal wrth a cple pound less than they were on before walking in to the managers office...!!! oh the good ole days of negotiation...or out on ya ass.

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