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11th In The League. Not Bad At All After The


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we've had bellyachers calling for the managers head and grumbling about the board and the players, but as many of us who kept the faith said at the time the side would come good.


most of us would be happy with a top 10 finish this season and right now thats looking more than likely.


well done moysey and the lads.




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Relsutls went our way, & the Table does make for much better reading .

I for one wanted people to stick by the team /manager but not here to say "I told you so", still a long way to go but least we're going in the right direction. Long Live David Moyes and COYB!! (I think 2 bottles of wine is my limit!)

p.s. Osman was great today, if only he could put on a bit of muscle he'd be fantastic!

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the team has been fantastic and everyone is putting there 2cents in and all playing well together atm! how fast things change :)



I reckon the side is doing great. look at the results against chelsea and now aresenal.


take into consideration we havent seen carsley for months and theres a few others in physio we could have a great finish to the season yet.

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i agree java, i avnt posted in a few days and av just read everyones views on the whole stubbs etc. situation as i didnt know what to make of it meself, ok we got rid of krouldrup, bad signing, made a loss..a bit bad but life goes on....stubbs coming back doesnt make us a 'laughin stock'...signing sol campbell would have made us a laughin stock!! ok stubbs in gettin on but not bad til the end of the season


as for the performance...fuckin great...bit of faith ey boys ;)


it just puzzles ya the way we can play like this and then get turned over by WBA...bit of consistancy is all we needed...and we look as if we have a bit of that now :)





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Ive said before that there is a fine line between winning and loosing and that applied yesterday. Aminute before we scored arse hit the post and it could have been different.


I predicted 10th at the start of the season and I would be happy with that, but looking at things if we get our act together we could be looking higher.


10 points off a top 4 place and 10 points off relegation place. Which is it to be?

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stubbs coming back doesnt make us a 'laughin stock'...signing sol campbell would have made us a laughin stock!! ok stubbs in gettin on but not bad til the end of the season




what about the fact that if ferrari's injury keeps him out of the game, and with stubbs being cup-tied, we may have to play chelsea with ONE recognised centre-half........that's pretty funny (in a horrible kind of way)!!! :mellow:

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we might have to play Hughes, deserves the chance if anyone does. but probably play neville at the back


listen - lets not get carried away here. We have signed Stubbs - who had a decent returning début i admit - but it shardly a step in the right direction. He is cup tied for Chelsea and Ferrari doesn't know if he'll be fit in time to play - that leaves either Neville to drop to CB or bringing in a v.young CB from the reserves - to play against some of the worlds greatest players! Kroldrup would have slotted in nicely i feel - and we may not have lost £1.5m in the process.


We get a tremendous win against Arsenal - through sheer determination and constant battling - a great show from the boys - but is the spirit back - only the Wigan game will tell us that.


Osman is back I here people cry - but did he ever lose his form or did Moyes drop him to play his 'signings' instead? After all, ossie is born and bred through the academy - so its easier to park him than it is a recent signing! When he has had a game - he has been played out of position and that has to effect his form. - plus the rest of the team were not up to scratch - again effecting Ossie's ability.


That fact is Moyesleft himout of the european games - after he earned his right to play in them - that can only be disappointing for himand others in the team that played during 04/05 - leading to low morale - something which only Moyes could sort out.


Disappointingly - Everton fans are praising Moyes for bringing back a 34 yr old CB that couldn't get a regular spot for Sunderland, bottom of the prem...I find this confusing!

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