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Stretford i would imagine,


Yeah - Stretford gets another £1m if Rooney finishes his current 6 yr deal at Man Utd!


This is old news - Stretford told the world what he was getting at the time of the transfer.


Look at it in a different light - when agents are feeling the pinch, they unsettle one of their players so that they can get a big payout.


Rooney knew he was a big deal and knew that EFC needed the money as a short term fix. He had the decency to hand in a transfer request so that the club had that money.


The conspiracy is this...


trevor Birke was handed a job by Everton to sell Rooney. Whilst he was in portugal setting the world alight, Birke was saving Everton from disaster. He put together a deal that would save Everton's finances instantly and offer more in the future. (i.e. £10m and £10m) This has proved to be decisive in our current financial position.


The team needed rid of Rooney - thats obvious now - he was such a star that Bellefield was swamped by photographers and the lads didn't know how to handle it. Rooney was arrogant and big headed and there were rumours of changing room divides and 'clicks' - of which rooney was an a active instigator.


We lost rooney, got some money and suddenly the team found a lot of form, morale. the results rolled in and we finished 4th - with money to spend.


Rooney leaving couldn't have worked out better for the club. We have to stop spitting feathers over it - he was always going to leave for trophies and european football. I wasn't bothered about him leaving - just really pissed off that it happened on the last day of the transfer market - which again was part of the EFC plan - then they had a viable excuse as to why no money could be spent - the transfer window was closed! the £10m in the coffers - interest earned, clubs books looked better - bank of the backs of certain board members!

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Guest fozzie22

Yeah that last fact always stuck in my craw tbh,other than that while i think we should have gotten a lot more money for him im glad we're rid of him.


He was a big fish in a little pond here

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25% so anything more than £40M nets us £10 Million :D although i had a bad dream where the glazers won a court case and they didnt have to pay any of the extra fees for rooney

WE get 5% if he signs another contract at United - if he did, that would end his current contract and we would get nothing if United sold him.


I bet anyone that before they sell him, they get him to sign a new deal!!!

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