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Newbie here. Please dont shoot the messenger just passing this on...


"I got this from a friend who is a member of the Betfair forum and it wouldn't surprise me if it is true:


Apparently Moyes signed Kroldrup without going to see him himself, took the advice of a european scout working for the club. A £5.1 million bid was lodged and Udinese the Italian club who Kroldrup was playing for couldn't believe their luck and immediately accepted Everton's bid.


Only after the player was signed and all the neccessary paperwork had been completed, and the player himself had completed his first training session with his new team mates did Moyes begin to smell a rat.

Moyes was apparently totally unimpressed with what he had seen and it was only then after he made enquiries with the scout that it dawned on him. Everton had signed the WRONG player!!!


The player the scout had watched had been Kroldrup's centre-back partner!


This was why the Everton bid was immediately successful and they (Udinese)were it has been reported, totally amazed with the size of the bid.

So, Moyes now had a problem, he had a centre-back he knew was not good enough for the Premiership, he also needed to off-load him and get back if possible the club's £5.1 million.

How was he going to do this without losing face with the Everton fans. The first thing he did was report to the press that Kroldrup was injured, he did in fact have a slight injury but not enough to keep him out for 3 months ,which is what happened.

Eventually through pressure from local phone-ins, fan groups and local and national press asking questions about this £5.1 million invisible man, and also because of the club's injury list, Weir was injured etc, he eventually had to play him against Villa at Villa Park.

It was there that David Moyes worst fears were realised, Kroldrup had a stinker, was out of his depth and Moyes knew it.

The problem now was that other managers had now seen Kroldrup's non-performance so there was no chance of them getting back their £5.1 million- and he knew it.

It has been recently reported that Florentina have put in a bid for £3.6 million, my source tells me that is in fact bull, they have offered Everton 1 million Euros- which is approximately £700,000.

An agreement has been reached with Florentina to release to the media that the figure is £3.6 million, mainly, to save face at Everton Football Club.

So, there you have it, mismanagement on a grand scale which goes to show how EFC went from being called the Mersey Millionaires in the sixty's to the total shambles which the club is today.

Moyes apparently blames Chief Executive Wyness, he blames the european scout, others within the club blame Chairman Bill Kenwright.


In summary, surely the true blame lies with MR DAVID MOYES THE MANAGER. Why? Because surely if you are going to sign a player from a european league for the above mentioned fee (£5.1 million) you, YOURSELF go to watch that player"

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not shooting the messenger. but i have to raise a few points: -


a) if he's so shit, why would Fiorentina (still a big club in Italy) even offer 1 million euros?


b ) did you watch the millwall game? he played pretty well - he's clearly not that shit


c) who's this "partner" he plays with then? i do not believe for a SECOND that anyone would part with over 5 million quid (especially not BK without it being checked and checked and checked.


this story, i'm sorry to say - interesting as it was to read - is utter bollocks

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I remember the Everton fans having ago at Peter Crouch not too long ago (before he scored against you in the Derby :D )

To now see someone like Per Kroldrup at Everton (or until recently he was) just shows what an embarressment he was and one we Kopites can always chant the nameof :lol:

"Theres only one Per Kroldrup, only one PerKroldrup"....... :D

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I have heard some conspirsy theories in my time - but that is total fantasy.


Makes great reading - but lets get real.


If he was that bad he wouldn't have got a game in a itailan team who managed to finish 4th in seria A.


Moyes, who I would say is over cautiouse if anything and a ex-defender himself spends £5.1M on the hearsay of a european scout.


At the time of his singing the words 'highly rated Danish defender Kroldroup' was all over the newspaper - are they all sourced to the same european scout.


What on earth do Fiorentina owe Everton to say they paid £3.6M if he is only worth £700,000. I am sure their fans are more than happy for their club are spending £3.6M on seria A's worst defender, who was signed by a mistake by Everton.


My god, you would swear than no clubs ever lose money on players.

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haha nice one.


I do remember Kroldrup scoring on his début in a friendly preseason. At this point do you think creating an injury would be a good idea??


from what we've seen he's clearly not utter shite, maybe he wouldn't have fitted into the premiership or more than likely he wouldn't have fitted into the Everton type centre back of tackle then boot it. from everything i've heard from people that saw him against millwall, from Udinese fans and Danish people he is a top class defender.


how long can Li Tie sell Everton merchandise playing in the reserves! maybe we should start showing reserve games on telly for the Chinese to watch!

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They don't think that Lie Tie will play for Everton again before his contract runs out in the summer after the foot injury he picked up in the reserve match against the Skunks.


Can't see his contract being renewed......... Wait a minute..... he will most prob get a new improved contract for another 3 years.

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i look forward to hearing how Fiorentina keep face with their fans when they try to offload him after their claim to paying £3.5 million for the lad.


will another club agree to lie about their fee in order to help them out?!


Hey if thats the case hopefully we got a % of next sale in the deal and hopefully Udinesse didnt!

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Hey if thats the case hopefully we got a % of next sale in the deal and hopefully Udinesse didnt!


Kroldrup was a good CB at Udinese - but the serie A game does not really play the long ball and head tennis rarely happens over there - kroldrup struggled with that against Villa and Millwall. His basic CB type game was very good though - hardly belted up the field but instead looked for a pass to feet.


tackling was also good - not commiting to a big lunge or anything as equally bad/shit.


I thought that, given the opportunity, he could have been good - but he was obviously unsettled in England and wanted to return to Italy. (I mean his missus can speak italian but not english) and going on the state of Reg's brain, its enough to put anyone off bringing kids up in Merseyside :D

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As a Dane and Evertonfan I´m truely sad about the "Krøldrup case" - He is one of the biggest CB talents i Denmark - honestly. When playing for Udinese and the national team he just got stronger and stronger, so I was very pleased to hear about him going to England. I really don´t understand why he was not given the chance in the blue shirt.


But mayby the manager is right when he says that Krøldrup is more fit for Italian football - not playing longball defense etc.


- and whats really strange is, the fact that Krøldrup played very well in the Serie A game against Messina just two days after his presentation in Fiorentina, wich by the way is solid 4 in Italy at the moment.. How can they - managers, scouts, agents, and most important the player him self show such poor judgement? In the end It´s f***ing embarrassing for everyone of them. Just hope the team can continue to play like the Arsenal game - and then hopefully the story about krøldrup will fade away.

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Guest fozzie22

Hey there,


I think it was more to do with a bit of book balancing by Everton rather than Koldrups skill/or lack of.


Its a very easy excuse to say he hasnt settled at the club if he's come in from abraod,but your right though the whole event is a sad mess for Everton,from top to bottom.

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