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Matchday Drinking


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I love matchday all the atmosphere and a good drinking session most weeks :D


I go to various local pubs before the game and then meet up in the County on county road after with my uncles, brother & cousin. Because we meet up so far from the ground there is never any pre or post match atmosphere to soak up.


So do you go for a drink before or after the game, if so which pubs are best for a matchday sing song?

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if you want atmosphere go to the wilmslow, but pay the quid to tony on the door to go to the "official" supporters club upstairs. (im sure the quid goes towards some local kids team/EITC?) will get great atmosphere, singin the usual chants, and always an ex player/legend or two. after the newcastle game i nearly got in a fight with ronney goodlass, who happened to be with shae neary, while i was havin a conversation with john bailey, who stole my Everton wristband. best day of my life!

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The Bluehouse got closed down for two reasons

1) started the trouble when united came to Goodison in the cup

2) the nite of the red shite's 6 minute match (the champ league final) a red shite fan started shouting the odds outside the pub and got battered to death



Well, why would you go and shout the odds, on your own, outside of a rivals pub? This guy must have been a bit of a moron to do something so stupid.

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