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What Do I Do?


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Does your PC seem any slower or acting erratic..?? RUN SPYBOT SEARCH AND DESTROY OR AD AWARE. See if there is anything there that shouldnt be.


Think the clue is in the wording.......errors IF PRESENT, doesnt say IS PRESENT. scrub it and run a check.

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Thanks people. I shall do as you suggest. Running a full system scan with Spyware Doctor which "...includes deep registry and file system scanning"


Is that enough or do I need registry cleaner as well? I've had a few problems with video editing programmes freezing but nothing more.

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Firefox is an alternative browser to  internet explorer.


quicker, more secure (blocks pop-ups by default), and most importantly uses tabbed browsing.


download it here:

Firefox download page


once you're used to it, you want go back to explorer.


Thank you very much patch.


My PC at home is being realy slow at the moment, i'v scanned it all and its clean so i'm thinking i need a bit more memory will downloading Firefox make it worse or can i remove explorer once iv sorted it?


As you may be able to tell i know sweet FA about PC's :lol:

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explorer's too deeply integrated into windows to get rid of it.


Firefox isn't that big a program though, so unless you're really short of hard drive space it shouldn't be a problem.


when you first run it, you can import your explorer favourites and history.

you also get the option to make it the default browser (opens from links in

emails etc.) or you can just open it from the desktop icon if you want to try

it out first.

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