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Tonight: Pressure is all on villareal

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Tonight, since we are facing a 2-1 deficit which includes 2 away goals, the Blues can not feel the pressure of HAVING to win.


Because...they dont have to.


Nobody is expecting them to win, nobody is expecting them to get a result that will upset the Spaniards. Everyone knows that we can fall back on the Uefa cup and still have a good time in Europe.


However, the Villareal have everything to play for - they have the advantage and CANT let it go, especially infront of the home crowd. If they concede a goal early on, the home crowd will really get on their backs and the performance from the girlie spaniards will be effected.


We can only take advantage of that - especially if Cahill and Arteta are laid back about the evening.


Getting up tight and pressurising the team is not the way forward.


Look at the CL as a bonus for finishing 4th - how many times do you throw the 'bonus' away when your playing a fruit machine - doesn't bother you because its just an nice little 'added extra'.


So, tongiht, if your not lcuky enough to have had a ticket, sit back - crack open a tinny, switch to ITV2 and support the blues in europe...


Its all gonna be good!!!

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Agree totally - I have stated this before, I somehow think we have a better chance of qualifying going to their place a goal down than a goal up.


If we were going there a goal up - they would play their normal attacking home game (which is very good), and we would naturally sit deeper and deeper and hardly venture in to their half. I could easily see us losing by 3 or 4 goal. I can be very difficult playing at home when you don't need a result. Liverpool showed that last night. As you said pressure is on them, we haven't anything to lose tonight as everyone has us out already to be honest.


Another plus for us is this is now our 4 competative game in 2 weeks, against their one that was two weeks ago. We are also used to playing high tempo football lets see them huffing and puffing in the last 20 mins.


I hope toffee talk is a happy place tommorow - Good luck one and all

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