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Just found out that have had my phone (Samsung D500) for nearly a year now and can upgrade.


However since i have been happy with the D500 have not looked around at other phones.


Just wondered if anyone has had a new phone as of late that is good. Want it to do the same sort of thing that the D500 did. MP3 player and MP3's as ringtones.


Games, screen, Camera, Video recording and downloading, Bluetooth.


Any ideas???

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I looked at upgrading to the D600 however I know a couple of people who have the phone and have said it is not very good. No where as near as good as the D500 which can't work out how as its the next one up but with a few people saying no good and knowone saying its good I have decided not to go that way

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Went for the Samsung i300 in the end.


Meant to be able to store up to 1000 songs on the 3gb harddrive. Its a windows based phone (sounds good don't know if makes a difference)


The nav buttons is a wheel like you get on IPODs (so i am told)


It runs like a pc. The Internet is meant to be very good as well so maybe I can get Toffeetalk on there when i am away.


Also as said on another topic it has MSN on the phone as well.

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D600 is ment to be good, I was looking at that but obviously mixed reports if you like the look of the d500, sliding phone the new Nokia 6111 is ment to be prity decent tho it is said to be a girly phone.


W800i is very good on Ericcson I prefer Nokia's have the 6230i myself upgraded from 6230.

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Zed asked............."Yes, but for a MSN virgin like me, what is it all about?"




Like a chat line, can have an instant conversation through texts, can also have 3 or 4 on line at the same time.


GOOD FUN......cheaper than talking on phone.



Zed.....got a Nokia 6610i I can give you if you pm your addy i'l send it to you, just need to put your sim card in it.................any good to you.????



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