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Intertoto Cup


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Does anyone know what the rules are for applying for the Intertoto cup?


just seen that Inverness have applied.


I'm hopeful that if our good form keeps up, a UEFA cup place is a possibility,

but I reckon it would be worth applying if we can.


The more European experience you can get (of any kind) can only help if

and when we do qualify for Europe again.


What do you think?

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Trouble with the Intertoto cup is that it really messes up your pre-season preperation.


Last season our preparation was based on the Champions League qualifiers, and to be honest I don't think that really stood us in good stead for the beginning of our domestic season.


You only get in the UEFA cup via the intertoto - and to be honest I don't think may of us lost that much sleep when we got knocked out of that comp last season.


If we can get in to the UEFA cup via normal routes - then great, but I wouldn't risk another dodgy start to by trying to get in to the UEFA cup next season.


If we don't get through via the intertoto - then its a downer we could do without at the begining of season 06/07


I wouldn't try and force the issue european wise to be honest. if it comes it comes.

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I wouldn't say it's a case of taking 2nd best.


I don't follow them all that closely, but I think Man U and Arsenal had a couple of goes at the UEFA, not all that successfully either, before they did anything decent in the Champions League. I think our closer neighbours did the same.


I want us to be in the Champions League as much as anyone, but we were, and we went out at the first hurdle. So we need to add to our European experience anywhere we can.


As RuffRob said, it's not necessarily the best way of going about things, but UEFA aren't going to hand us a CL place just because we think anything else is second best.


Or do you have a magic formula Bernie?

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if you can't qualify through league position then I don't think your up to it.


we qualified through our position last year and look what we did in Europe.


I think it would be a waste of our time and probably give us a crap start to the next season.


Before attempting europe we need to get our shit together. It does give extra money but only if you actually win games!

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It does give extra money plus the ability (if the funds are available) to bring a higher quality of player as most top rate players look for European Football. You are replacing a pre season friendly with a competitive match giving the players valuable european football whilst also again if we win boosting our much needed bank balance.

I agree the priority should be to get in through the league but I would settle for a second option on this. Didnt someone win a couple of seasons ago after qualifying through it?

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i'm not interested and don't think we should be.


I can just imagine the call from moyesie to Tim as he's enjoying his german beer's with the soccero's beside the pool.


"tim, sorry to cut your world cup trip short but we've got an important European match to play in Slovakia"


"what do you mean you need a break, don't be so bloody stupid lad"

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YEah - forget the intertoto - its a waste of time and it ruins pre-season, especially if you lose. look at the skunks season so far! Its a confidence crusher and morale killer. (plus it stops the players from getting a well earned rest)

oh yeah, and this year there is the small matter of a world cup to be played just before the intertoto cup starts! Cahill will be exhausted!!!

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