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Recent Changes (january 2008)


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Hello ToffeeTalker,


This site has been down for over four days recently. This was because we went over our bandwidth limit as many people were trying to visit the site because of the mass interest in semi-final game against Chelsea.


To prevent the site going down again for when we win in the UEFA Cup final (!) we have taken the precautionary step of moving ToffeeTalk to it's own hosting account.


The only drawback of this is we now have one eye on how much bandwidth is being used by the site and so we've decided to make it a member-only website again. I realise that many people prefer not to register and simpy browse through the topics but unfortunately this is no longer an option because of the bandwidth constraints.


To become a member you will need to register, this can be done at http://www.toffeetalk.com/register.html


This is free of charge and no money will change hands. Once you are a full member you can also play games in the arcade (we have over 60 to choose from) and participate in our competitive prediction league.


Louis (admin@toffeetalk.com)

ToffeeTalk Admin

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