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  1. And that is the same for for example Park End 2 and 3?
  2. Thanks for your help 😊Just to be sure: Are Paddock 3, 4, and 5 separated from each other? Hence if one is in P3 and the others in P4 we will not be able to meet up before after the game?
  3. I want to buy three tickets on Stubhub for the Manchester City match in February. I am looking at either Park End or the Paddocks. It is a lot easier to find good tickets if you can live with having two seats in one stand and one seat in anorher stand. Are all stands totally separated from each other? Or will we be able to ‘meet’ in the half-time if one sits in one of the Paddock stands and the two others in another Paddock stand? And the same with the Park End stands... /Kasper, Denmark
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