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  1. everyone, let's join this newly-created "EVERTON FC worldwide fans" WhatsApp group please sumbit your WhatsApp mobile number or if do you want to direct join, please click this link https://chat.whatsapp.com/KMVNP361mUH4ZKppU0GvRw enjoy this WhatsApp group for all EVERTONIANS
  2. For me is whole 2012-2013, home 2013-2015, home 1997-1999, home 2007-2008, away 2014-2015 and whole 2018-2019. How about yours?
  3. Umbro and EVERTON FC contractual status will be expired after this season. I backing Spanish brand Joma will supply kits for EVERTON FC from next season because EVERTON wants to try partnering with unpopular sports brands like Joma.
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