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Why Did Liverpool Council Reject Everton's Request For Stanley Park?

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I found this on another forum, the poster asked a prominent member of Liverpool Council why Liverpool FC were given permission to build on Stanley Park when Everton were supposedly knocked back:


In response to your enquiry,


The rumour about EFC and Stanley Park seems to have got out of hand a bit over the past couple of years. The City Council have never refused the possibility of EFC moving onto Stanley Park. What happened was that in about 1995-96 (under the Peter Johnson era) the club enquired about the possibility, the council asked for further details about which part of the park was to be used and how big a stadium, and the club never came back as they wouldn't spend the money on commissioning a background report into the feasibility of it.


Since LFC proposals came about, The council have discussed a number of options with the club including:-


a. Possible groundshare with LFC in Stanley Park in a purpose built stadium

b. a site in Speke near to the old airport terminal

c. a site in Central Docks (a bit further along from Waterloo Warehouse) –

d. A site in Gillmoss near to the M57 where the old GEC was


The problem is that people within the club are intent on the Kirkby move. As I understand it, the attraction of the Kirkby site is that the club will not have to buy the land, Knowsley are offering the site free as a way of attracting investment to the Borough, and that could be worth as much as £50 million that the club would not have to find. The problem for Liverpool Council is that it does not own any similar sites of a similar value it could offer in the same way.

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