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Well its time to read between the lines again....

Keith Wyness interview...


"We've over performed the last few years, certainly in terms of the budget we've had.


"It'll get harder and harder, but we are going to do our best to compete."


[i never thought we'd do as well as we did now were are screwed because we have'nt got any money, hopefully Moyesy can pull off a few more miracles (if we ever offer him another contract), if not tough S^!t guys and girls]


"Since I've been here we've broken the transfer record three times"


[we got enough for one good player...hope its enough to compete with Spurs, Aston Villa and even Manchester 'even if we had 1 billion pounds we'd still be rubbish' City, but deep down I know it's not]


"We would always like to get players in before pre-season, to give them a chance to gel and meet their team-mates," he said.


"That's always the target, but it doesn't always work out like that, so you do your best and I'm afraid things often change on a minute-by-minute basis in the summer."


[we have trouble finishing off the most simplest of transfers, in fact I'm surprised we ever sign anyone, weird ain't it]

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Hopefully this year I can go on my hols and relax without scrambling to buy some cockney paper and pondering why every tom dick and harry snubs us for some "smaller club" two weeks before the season opener.


Im sure its usually just paper talk Kieth but lets get things wrapped up this year hey


for the sake of my poor family and a happy holiday


come on Kieth

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