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Back at Christmas, I bought my dad a signed autobiography by Tony Cottee and he loved it! It's a CD and I had a listen myself and it was great hearing all the stories that he had to tell and was really interesting. Now with his birthday coming up I thought I'd have a look at the webstie from where I got it from and they've got some cracking stuff on there! They've done a signed autobiography with Neville Southall and they've got loads of signed bits on there with photo proof as well! Just pre ordered the nev southall autobiography for my Dad and I'm tempted to get one of the signed pictures as well because not only is it a quality picture, it's something that is signed and has great memories (bit before my time) for my Dad! I entered this code from the home page and it got me 10% off, hence the reason why I might go for one of the pictures now as my Dad would love it! The code is OEOL6ACI so if anyone else is interested, I'd definately reconmend it! :D


Other clubs on there as well, I might get a Liverpool one for my uncle (not blood related thankfully) and burn it infront of him :lol:


http://www.welovefooty.com/everton-42-c.asp - this is the page where I found it all from! You can all thank me later :lol:

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