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Dixie Dean Film Ready For A "christmas 2010 Release"

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From Tabacula.com - the Film's company who are creating the Dixie Dean film..


Just to let you know what's been happening with the 'Dixie the People's Legend' project. It's still going ahead, but has obviously been knocked off schedule by the lack of investment. At the moment we're aiming to start shooting the reconstruction early next year and aim to have the film finished ready for a Christmas 2010 release.


In the meantime, the research is all but finished and we're building up relationships with other companies that will enable us to make a great film. We've also had to work on other projects, including the forthcoming film about the Champions league final 2005, '15 minutes that shook the world'. However, we haven't produced that film...just worked on it as crew. Dixie director Ian Lysaght, was director of photography and edited the film. Tabacula produced a behind the scenes documentary to go on the DVD extras. We were paid by their production company, Miracle Productions UK.


We're happy to talk to anyone about the project and are obviously very keen to talk to anyone about investing: - send us an email to: mail@tabacula.com


All the best

Jah Jussa



Not sure if this is up to date but the cast includes Tim Cahill and is to be produced by Bill Kenwright - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1529249/

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I asked the producer what's going on with this on twitter. He said:


"There's new interest in Dixie - still needs investment"


He also said that the documentary on Alex Young is "nearly there".

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