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Going To The Toon?

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Don't worry about winning at Newcastle in a couple of weeks, you'll walk it. We're appalling and we've wasted another 10m on Martins.


Try www.WeWillFollow.co.uk if you're willing to share a lift to home and away games.


It's totally free, and we need some more Evertonian members. All we need is your email address to get Everton on the leaderboard of members, and you don't have to be offering or requesting a lift to join up.


We also have a comprehensive list of EFC supporters clubs, email us if you'd like any changes made.

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I went to Newcastle in march for the week. It was a good laugh, we went to "the gate", st. james park and metro centre. We stayed right in the town centre too above the lush store so the apartment always smells nice ;) .


Great week!


St. James Park train station is impressive with all the pictures on the wall and the floor tile football pitch.

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