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World Cup Hero Ray Wilson

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this may be a somewhat unusual topic I guess.

What's the matter: I'm a Dutch guy who, together with a friend, tries to visit all 92 English professional footballgrounds. We're not unique in that, not at all. And no, Goodison isn't on our list yet, we've only seen it empty, unfortunately...


However, we've named our "project" after Ray Wilson, former Toffee and the least known of the 1966 world champions, surely to the Dutch. With our website (which contains stadium reviews, tips and a special Ray Wilson section) we'd like to pay him more attention.


So much for that, if your interested, just take a look and click at the link below The site has got a (growing) English section as well.

The Ray Wilson project


Ray is celebrating his 71th birthday next saturday and of course we'd like to send him our congratulations. We however don't have an adress or email, allthough I know he lives near Huddersfield. Has anyone at Toffeeweb this kind of information?

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