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Death, Rebirth And The Future History Of Efc

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After reading all the information of the projected ground move to Kirkby, I have had enough of all the spin that that keith wyness has been giving us to feed on. 10 years ago johnson wanted to take us to kirkby and failed. Now with the '' deal of the century'' we would be foolish to turn it down. WRONG Studies have shown that Goodison Park can be regenerated. Another fact is that Everton has the biggest support living in a 5 mile radius than any club in the uk. So why move away ? Money with tesco looking to fill the pockets of kenwright, wyness and earl. kenwright will probably leave at that point anyway. what will be done with the land that Goodison park lies on, probablt become a tesco. So what is the solution go and support Kirkby Blue Or Knowsley Toffees, maybe a radical action might be the answer along the lines of afc wimbledon and fc united. I bit radical I know I don't to be pointed out that I in some circles could be called a judus. But to them I say I have been a season ticket holder for 11 years and went game before that. this just an idea but this is the time for ideas this is our club. I don't have all the answers but i think think this is the time and the place for us the fans to come forward and look after the club we love.

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