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Tickets For Pompey

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Being a removed tofee living in brighton i usually try to get to two away games a season. I have never been able to sit with the everton fans and always end up with tickets for the home side. So therefore I have to bite my tounge if we score.


How can I get hold of everton tcikets for the pompey game.

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I live in Essex these days and like you tend to get to more away games than games at GP. As EFC Fanatic indicates you just have to wait and hold your nerve for tickets for the Everton end. Some away games don't end up on general sale as they get snapped up - it depends on how we're doing at the time, the amount of away games in a short space of time etc.


I think you (and I) may have a decent chance of getting tickets for the Everton end at Fratton. I say this because we have all these UEFA ties, we will completely set our allocaton for the cup game at West Ham (not to mention the West Ham league game 3 days later) and its close to Christmas, a long trip to portsmouth might be too costly for some...hence leading to us ex-pats getting them on general sale. However, Everton won't put the tickets to general sale until the week before the game so you have to hold your nerve. However, they are very good at posting them, they have always arrived next day for me.


if its any good to you I suspect that tickets for the Everton end for the Prem game at West Ham will also go to general sale.


Keep checking the Everton website.

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