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Rogan Taylor - Too Much To Say Me Thinks

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I was reading the BBC Sport website article and was disgusted to read this at the end:


Rogan Taylor, from Liverpool fans' group Share Liverpool FC, told BBC Sport ground-sharing as a scheme was now dead in the water.


"It's always going to be something that is very difficult to bring about. Apart from the obvious emotive issues - which could be overcome by good stadium designers - there is the problem of the whole idea of the brand."


Taylor said the two sets of fans would be unable to co-exist inside one venue.


"Back in 1990 this was on the agenda, and it was probably closer then than it is now," he said.


"It was not long after Hillsborough and there was more of a common unity within the city - the first scarf on the Shankly Gates after the disaster was a blue one.


"It might have been doable then, but the relationship between the two sets of fans has deteriorated since then."


My reply is speak for yourself Taylor you utter gobshite. The relationship I have with any Liverpool fan has never changed and it remains in my eyes the healthiest relationship between two sets of fans. So much so that it is still regarded as unique and an example to fans around the world that this is just a game, but with a relationship like we have can pull the sort of solidarity that makes everyone else pale into insignificance.


I recall a coming together of the fans not long ago because a little boy was murdered. Mutual respect like that does not just happen for the sake of it. Grow a dick Taylor then grow brain. There is no room for cretins lilke you in the game. While I am at it, the BBC should be ashamed for publishing the comment. Shame on you.

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I thought it was a fair comment, he's not saying Everton and Liverpool fans can't be friends.. Alan Irvine said that the relationship between fans has soured in the interview we did with him.

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you're both right.


Taylor is a gobshite of the highest degree. Cringe everytime i see the smug cunts face on tv spouting the usual bollocks, but he has a point - the relationship has deteriorated badly over the last 7 or 8 seasons. Anyone who goes the match would tell you the same.

From blue scarfs on the Shankly gates to young lads waving round copies of the Sun and squashing their faces, predending to be crushed, while old fellas just stand by without comment. sad, but thats the way its now become.

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