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Football Streams For Today...

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I have been searching around on the internet for around an hour so far, and although I have been able to find nearly every other game in the Premiership today, I have struggled, as so far, I can not find an Everton link anywhere...if you know of one, please post it up ASAP...


Anyway, for those who want to watch another one of the game from three onwards, I have listed them below for today only.


15:00 Man City v Wigan - sport channel 2

15:00 Newcastle United v M'boro - starsports - sport channel 4

15:00 Arsenal v Reading - shanghai - guangdong - supersport 3 -espn - jiangsu - wuhan - shenzhen - dalian - guangzi - shandong - rts2 - sport channel 3 - caifu/siptv - btv6 - shandong

17:15 Portsmouth v Chelsea - starsports - supersport 3 - sport channel 4


To watch, you will need to download software from SopCast... Click here to download it free!


Our game must be streamed somewhere today!



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you can subscribe to everton.tv and get live streaming commentary...but it is only what you can hear on Radio City 96.7...costs £3.99 a month. Its worth it is you don't live in the Merseyside area, or can not get near a radio.


Unfortunately, Radio City and Radio Merseyside do not broadcast live football commentary over the internet for contractual reasons.



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