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  1. Remember a couple of seasons ago before he got injured he was immense, lets hope this is a sign of things to come
  2. I beleive Bob the pole was the first foreigner to score in the prem fact fans
  3. I can believe this thread of nonsense is still going haha
  4. Jeez is this thread still going fookin Nora, cant wait for next season already, its going to be another long summer of the usual 1 TRILLION RUMOURS. Theres something to look forward to!!!!!
  5. I went to see Inglorious Basterds and it didnt disapoint
  6. Shouldnt you be learning stuff you young fart (just jealous really)
  7. I prefer cock rock but am mostly listening to Mozart
  8. Im currently reading an Everton book called "whats our name?" by someone O'brien about the 2003-04 season, it a diary of his year following EVerton. Brings back some good memories and so far its a good read, can wait to see how it finishes
  9. Yesterday I was mostly listening to Duran Duran at the lovebox festival, my head hurts :gay:
  10. He is, honest! he'll just keep boring you to death. Just dont bother replying
  11. I went to see metallica in Sheffield last saturday and they were fooking awsome dude Stayed over in sheffied and it reminded me that there are a couple of people who went to uni in sheff off here. However, after spending one day and night in sheffield I have come to realise that it is quite a shite hole with no soul to speak of and pretty little else, luckily it does have the sheffield arena and it did have Metallica for one night only The second best part of my trip was driving through the peak district, what a beautiful piece of the county, I will be visiting soon again
  12. Fooking work is boring, I cant wait to finish for Christmas
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