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  1. I did fifteen+ years 1994 to 2009, you're a pair of lightweights Post again in 2035 then I'll be impressed
  2. You may laugh but it's a real thing, Josh saw it when he was out shopping earlier
  3. Do you like it enough to smell like it?
  4. Working well in both directions. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-55757931
  5. "Good Morning Britain" isn't really about proper journalism, it's tabloid TV, which is fitting given Morgan's writing career which is all tabloid. He does do some decent stuff now holding politicians to account which you have to grudgingly admire him for. His TV stuff is just crazy, he is zero qualified to judge "talent" so quite how he got that job is a complete mystery.
  6. Klopp, "Confidence is a small flower and somebody stamped on it"
  7. Always felt that, it's bloody ridiculous you can be offside for leaning forwards imo.
  8. Not seen it but it sounds very offside from what I've read.
  9. Nothing gets past you Gwlad https://www.toffeetalk.com/topic/32635-sheffield-wednesday-fa-cup-home-saturday-23-january/?tab=comments#comment-733962
  10. I agree, have come across many receptionists over the years who think it's their role to protect doctors from their patients, annoys the hell out of me.
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