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  1. The Olympics have been a massive event in my life since 1968, just always loved every moment. Feeling very underwhelmed today, just hope events get me back on track.
  2. So excited I could go as far as emptying the laundry bin.
  3. Was it "Olay olay olay"? Cosmetics are dangerous things, wife and I used to have a chemist across the road from us and one day she asked me to nip across to buy some baby oil, which I did. Shortly after I was despatched to get a pregnancy test, who knew baby oil made babies?
  4. Birthplace of the genius that was Rab C Nesbitt.
  5. Ready made song from Scouse band (reds but we stole All Together Now so what the hell).
  6. One in a hundred to one in seventy-five is going the wrong way Ste mate, sleep deprivation playing with you?
  7. One in every 75 people now have it over here (in England, Wales and NI are much better, Scotland about the same); but pleased to report that, even though I'm in a low risk part of the country, it's rare to see anyone without a mask. I have a test tomorrow ahead of a hospital appt on Monday but sure it'll be clear.
  8. Actually, thinking about it, the comb part of combined is a bit redundant
  9. It's a better solution for him and Beşiktaş as they know the position and have us over a barrel when it comes to any money changing hands, I'd call their bluff and say no he signed the contract so he's going nowhere. Play hardball and see how much they want him/he wants them, if we give in we're having our pants pulled down.
  10. Just noticed there's a women cricketer playing for Birmingham today called Issy Wong, good job she's not a male (name could be either sex really) player we were linked with. TT would suffer a catastrophic pundemic.
  11. But surely then he shouldn't be able to then go earn another wage with Beşiktaş, he should go on "gardening leave" I'd have thought, no?
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