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  1. I saw an old lady crossing the road, I said "can you manage" she replied "yes dear but I don't want the Everton job!" (Stolen line, not my own work)
  2. Yup. Because we've never been poor enough to get in.
  3. So are you guys really saying you'd like us to get relegated so we can have a stab at the Championship title to break the trophy drought? If you include that the likes of Sunderland, West Brom, Reading, QPR, Burnley and Norwich (and Newcastle) have had more "success" than us in recent times. Don't think so (though I admire your pedantry).
  4. It was less than half a season because he joined on Jan deadline day. Completed ninety minutes just the once and averaged 34 minutes a game, scored none and had two assists.
  5. Saw this morning the the British GP was going to have a capacity crowd and a couple of hours later decided to see if I could get tickets....all the "cheap" options were already sold out so the best I could see were £405 each including parking (but not camping as far as I can make out). Bugger that.
  6. If you want to win something you have to beat whoever is put in front of you, no easy route.
  7. Can someone post a link to the podcast, I'd like to hear it.
  8. OK (I don't agree) but even if you're right that's two managers since Catterick. Who are you suggesting is likely to fit the brief?
  9. Is it too late to put him up for adoption?
  10. What manager have we ever had who fits that profile since Kendall (Harvey's failed tenure aside)? Dunc for four games? Moyes played the part but ultimately showed his true colours, the manager you describe doesn't exist.
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