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  1. Passion, heart and soul. Thank you very much, Dunc.
  2. Very pleased with having Ancelotti here. And he'll have plenty to see to indeed. What I personally is looking for is not instant results and shot-term solutions. I want stability, heart and soul and I want our home matches to make the opposition feel they should have stayed in bed. It will all require hard work, blood and tears, but that might just pay off in the longer run (not this season, I think).
  3. He is Zlatan. He is unique. Comparing him to say Eto'o would be silly. And I can guarantee you - and I'm sure Peter H (swede) knows that too - that Zlatan would never play if he doesn't feel he can. But all these things are only rumours so far, but damn would I like to see Zlatan here.
  4. A brilliant match and a great performance by the lads, the staff and the supporters. This result will be remembered for quite a long time in my book.
  5. Haha wrong link.... here it is http://www.sb2.live/2019/02/everton-vs-man-city-premier-league-live_61.html#video-0
  6. http://www.toffeetalk.com/topic/29359-manchester-city-home-wednesday-february-6th/?page=2 seems to work. Might not be stable throughout the whole match though. And remember to use noscript, adblocker etc. The site doesn't require cookies at all. Just script from sb2, flowplayer and blogger.com
  7. Yes. Why I said "even though he might have wanted to". It could also be that it was never the intention that Baines should play more than first half. Either way, it was quite clear that Baines should not have played.
  8. Professional players don't declare themselves fit. There are people for that and/or testing/training before a game. Baines was definitely not ready to play this match. And even though he might have wanted to, which is understandable, someone should have said no.
  9. Oh yes. Was definitely because of the black cat. But no, you're right and that's why I call for some more old fashioned tactics. I'm not even sure what it is we play... looks like a bunch of players blindfolded trying to play like Barca at times.
  10. A poor game by us. Hopefully it doesn't get any worse. The amount of money spend on players the last 2 years doesn't really shine through at all. Back to basics and perhaps some old fashioned tactics might be good. Though I don't see it coming soon.
  11. Awww a black cat on the pitch... must be the reason why we're so shit
  12. Long way to go indeed. And tough times to be a supporter. Well, lads. We'll get through it somehow.
  13. The way we just lose the ball is ridiculous at times. Damn, would I like more direct play, but not sure if the current players a capable for that. Or the manager...
  14. Arhhhgg a little better touch from Siggy there and.... well, one can dream.
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