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  1. 2-0 up at home with a minute of added time left to play and it finished 2-2. You don’t get more Everton than that.
  2. He is shite but he seems to love scoring against us.
  3. The last update was that he was in individual training.
  4. He doesn't seem like someone who ever wants to just stay at a level, whatever that is at the time, he's always looking to get better.
  5. It is a horrible rule, he’s clearly gained an advantage, but it is the rule so it’s actually the correct decision. It’s something that should be changed though in my opinion because it’s penalising defenders unfairly.
  6. Apparently because Mings deliberately plays the ball by chesting it down that means it’s a new phase of play and Rodri is then onside.
  7. Arsenal have made an approach for Odegaard tonight.
  8. If the UK was stupid enough to vote for them last time then they will again.
  9. We might get rid of Boris in the next election but it'll be another Conservative government, so it'll be no different. We're fucked.
  10. https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/neil-warnock-provides-honest-transfer-19655538
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