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  1. One of the best races I've seen this season. I properly enjoyed that from start to finish.
  2. I think Russell is going to be something special. I hope Mercedes have got the regulations right and give him a car to showcase his talent to the max.
  3. We won a very shit game of football. End of story.
  4. I agree with this seeing as i went with 2-0 and Gray and it looked like he was up for that penalty as well .
  5. Not when his starts are terrible, meaning he'll probably get gobbled up by a couple rather than overtake a couple.
  6. At this moment it's looking obvious why he was plying his trade in China.
  7. He looked incredibly lethargic and without any sort of spring for long periods again today. Beaten for pace for balls you'd expect him to comfortably retrieve. Hopefully he gets his fitness back soon because his athleticism covers for what he's still learning as a defender.
  8. To fill a space. If he was ready then I think we'd have seen him come on. Look, Rondon has looked crap but a manager is always going to go with the more experienced player in that situation. They're not going to ask a young lad just coming back from injury to lead the line against seasoned professionals.
  9. That’s nice but another fact is that he hasn’t played football six months is it? Which was due to an injury (didn’t he have an operation for it?). So while I also think Rondon has looked terrible, I think it’s a bit stupid to expect someone that’s been out injured for that long to come in and do a better job. Then you couple that with another fact of him being a kid that has never played at this level before and it becomes even more ridiculous to think it’s a good idea to throw him in to lead the line. If we’re not going with Rondon (I hope we don’t), I think a better option is to throw Gray up there.
  10. Probably because he hasn't played for even longer than Rondon.
  11. Wouldn't mind that in the slightest because I don't think Mercedes or Hamilton have got even a slim chance of winning anything this season.
  12. That would require forward planning, being proactive rather than reactive. I know we're usually so good at that...
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