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  1. Out for two-three weeks according to Ancelotti.
  2. Medial ligament injury and definitely out for the rest of the season.
  3. I have a feeling he wasn't fit last night and was playing because we had nothing else. He looked so off the pace and generally very shit, which isn't how he's looked lately at all.
  4. I cannot understand why we're even contemplating giving him a new contract.
  5. I'd get shut of Mina, Kean and Richarlison to bring in a big wedge of money before Moshiri even has to put his hand in his pocket. Mina's a liability and injury-prone. Kean doesn't want to be here and will bring in good money. Richarlison scores and works hard but he's such a limited footballer. I'd caveat the selling of Richarlison with us only doing it if we can get big, big money for him. Fuck the idea of giving Sigurdsson an extension. Send Olsen back where he came from. King won't be here next season. Walcott won't be here either. This squad needs a lot of work and we need to br
  6. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2021/apr/12/forest-green-aim-break-new-ground-ppointing-first-female-manager
  7. I don't particularly rate him as a player but taking that out I'd sell him simply because he's so injury prone. He misses large chunks of the season regularly, so if a decent offer comes in over the summer I'd be thrilled to see it accepted.
  8. I cannot wait for this season to end and that is not how I pictured it being at the start of the season. It's just petering out into nothingness. Again.
  9. We didn't lose and it's fucking over. That's as far as my positivity can stretch at the moment. I'm fucking fuming.
  10. I really am starting to think we won’t even finish top half and be around 12th where we finished last season.
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