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  1. So in 2 weeks it will be one in 38 then one in 16. ....... Oh well ..... The government were warned.
  2. Not going around any houses. You say £2m is league one or two....... It's not and so many broad generalisations are being made You haven't even seen these lads in a blue shirt yet .... But you have been talking them down as if they are going to be shite No one knows!!!! Not even you All we have is positivity in the sense that we are signing value players with attributes that are massively missing You can say I told you so if they turn out to be crap but like Palfy said you are using history to predict their impact under a manager who knows what he wants. So. .. in short,let's see eh.
  3. That's my whole take on it. If Rafa and brands have identified them as being players to offer us something we need. Which quite evidently is width and pace then we need to see how they do. Lets be honest at a total cost of £1.6m and the combined wage of less than what Bernard is probably on it represents very low risk.
  4. I wish him well. Loads of ability but mentally unable to tap into it. Similar to Barkley from that perspective but in a different way. The injury didn't help but I don't think that was the factor. Pre injury he had inexplicable bad games for us. Could do with Pickford's psychologist.
  5. Schmichael £1.25m Simpson £2m Fuchs - free Morgan - £1m Huth £3m Kante £5.6m Drinkwater £0.675m Mahrez £0.4m Albrighton free Vardy £1m They did ok didn't they? No-one is saying that buying cheap is the model for success - but buying players with talent with something to prove is.
  6. Oh mate. Thoughts with you. Hope all is ok my wife is children's nurse and said there is lots of bronchialitus and winter bugs going round. Hope your daughter is ok Steve.
  7. All the attributes in the world. I honestly believe some genuinely world class players never had the talent this lad has.
  8. Here's a pre emptive fuck off Matt just in advance. Hope it settles, plenty of water and appropriate painkillers. Today my taste and smell has gone. Wife is currently laid low with it. A special fuck you goes out to all the sceptic bellends who think it's nothing. Absolute twats the lot of you.
  9. John Terry and Jermaine Pennant didn't like him and didn't have anything else to say Gerrard and Carragher didn't like him as a man manager but rated him as a top coach.... Glen Johnson said he was the worst man manager he had but he was a top coach. Gerrard rings him up for advice...... That tells you alot. I think I quite like Rafa the more and more I read about him. Im sure Dunc will run the sensitive little sausages tummies if uncle Rafa doesn't give them a galaxy caramel for scoring a goal.
  10. Iwobi has ability but I don't think a position has been invented for him yet It seems he likes to do xy or z then fails at them.
  11. Well it's certainly a better model than spending £8m quid and £130k a week on the likes of Delph isn't it. The lad has raw attributes and for me those attributes arent available elsewhere in the squad. I'd sooner have him than Walcott.
  12. I imagine if we paid £1.6m for a player you were a fan of you would be ecstatic.
  13. You ok mate? You seem to struggle with people having a positive opinion about a player who you lazily labelled without doing your in depth scouting analysis on. You made the initial point that no-one anywhere made comments alluding to Townsend being worked class..... Wrong, Redknapp said his ability was like Robbens. Robben was world class.... That's a works class comparison I made the point that he is/has been a very good player as he played 13 times for England and scored 3 goals including a great performance. ...... So you include a squad list?! Have all those players played 13 times and got man of the match??? I bet you were itching to name Carlton Palmer and co. Apologies for my brain .... Despite Jordan Pickford's excellent euros my brain still tells me that he was indeed shite for a large period of games over the past 2 years. Madness eh.
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