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  1. It's a parody account 100%. Funny though. Their fans have gone to new levels over this. Pickfords probably gonna get more abuse than Patrice Evra did for complaining that Suarez racially abused him.
  2. Barkley is an inspired piece of business for them. Talent is there.
  3. Lack of movement is as good as hiding in my book. Seen players do that shit for years, Roy Keane goes mad at players for it, got to be brave.... Always be prepared to get on the ball.
  4. The club need to do a collective arms round his shoulders job here. I've had my say on his goalkeeping but I'm not having him thrown to the wolves to appease that baying bunch of fuckwits. Jimmy case ended an Everton players career years ago and was unapologetic about it the little angry dwarf. Fair play to Carragher.... The red shite have turned on him cos he never passed the death sentence on Pickford like Alan "kick Lennon in the face" shearer, or Graham "stamp on a players but sack" souness and try and do Dwight Yorke whilst being his manager.
  5. He didn't pass the ball 78 times ..... Seriously, if you are going to start pulling me based on stats, make sure they aren't exaggerated 3 times over. He got on the ball about as much as Dom who was a lone striker .... The player who made the most passes was Keane. ..... Who made twice as many passes as Gomes, mina made around 40...... That's 90 passes out from the back alone. So you tell me how he only made 27 pass attempts when he is the usual recipient of passes from defence? He hid. I don't need stats to prove it, but in rebuttal to yours I know which ones stand up more.
  6. Michael Keane, looks a proper defender now. Brilliant in the air. As for James throwing imaginary yellow cards ... I'm disappointed..... Disappointed that this is the first time in years we've had a footballer with enough street smartness in him. The pricks will have him on the injury table if we play nice old Everton. He knows how to play the game, I'm sick of us having the likes of Gerrard and Carragher ref our matches. Maybe if the fairplay League wind us trophy's and millions of quid I'll look at it again..... Till then, fuck em
  7. If it was one game then fair enough.... But it's not. I'm not going on about his quality on the ball which was poor ......I said he hid and he did. I didn't say he didn't touch the ball. He made 27 passes....... Not sure where you got 78 from.... He made one more pass than DCL and 7 less than Doucouré. Regardless, Ive yet to find a stats site that logs the number of times a midfielder doesn't show to receive the ball from the centre half. Gomes hasn't just had one bad game so stop with this nonsense. He's had games where he is not showing anywhere near as much of himself as
  8. My concern with Gomes is that his role within the team is to take the ball from defence and use it, yeah I expect that from all the players to a degree but Allan is primarily the ball winner who keeps it simple Doucoure is box to box, Gomes main role is to dictate play, use his passing .... Which was off yesterday. He passed those duties on and to be perfectly honest I don't know what he offers to the team when he's not doing that Put simply, Siggy needs a stint. Yeah, he did a great job of hide and point a few months back but he knows he can't now.
  9. He was doing what Siggy was doing at the end of lockdown. Its sly and deceiving, I'm not arsed about the odd misplaced pass or whatever. Forcing the centre half to go long or wide cos it's not going well is shithouse behaviour and j thought as a team we were showing more courage. He gets a fair bit of leeway cos his talent demands an element of faith. But he is not brave in taking the ball. He is at risk of losing his place.
  10. He's been better than we had been used to. But nowhere near the levels he's capable of.
  11. I've no doubt you watched it. Seeing it is another thing. Gomes on several occasions pinned himself to a Liverpool player when we had the ball.... He wasn't wanting to get on the ball when defence were looking to get it out. Hence Keane shouting at him. Maybe bit was just me and Keane who seen it.
  12. Yeah I clocked that, which prompted me to say what a good strong athlete he looks. Henderson is a solid lad so it indicates a good attribute
  13. I wish we had another 7 or 8 contentious decisions go our way. Pickford should have walked, Richarlison was right to walk, their goal should have stood. But Robertson should have walked, mane too, VVD should have been on a yellow at least after 3 minutes.... BT sport can fuck off too
  14. Godfrey.... Played well at right back. Bloody Nora Carlo he's a centre half, what are you doing playing him in other positions. ..... You'll probably play him in defensive midfield next.
  15. Hid big time. Watch the first half, we couldn't get on the ball, Keane on the ball 3 times and went long cos Gomes didn't come for ball.
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