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  1. I didn't say we would get Haarland. I'm saying that £150m is his value. DCL is quality.... Just let me reiterate that. I'm merely suggesting every player has a price. As for Harry "7 season wonder" Kane...... Well.... He's on course to break Shearer's record isn't he?
  2. Why? It's an opinion. You wouldn't sell for £150m? That's the fee for Haarland. The whole premise on transfer operations is buy low sell high ..... If you can sell a player for £30m more than they are worth and buy an equal player for £20m less than they are worth then it's a £50m player extra in your squad should the money he invested. Do I rate DCL? Yes, love the lad. Do I think that he could be overpriced? Yes. Liverpool sold coutinho and built a title winning side with the money.
  3. I'm not disputing DCLs quality.... I was one of the few touting him to become the player he is. My point is that he could attract far more money than he is worth. There is more hype to him than any other player we have. Every player has a price and DCL is one who could see a daft bid come in. Do I think he's a goalscorer? Not really no. I think he has engineered a method for scoring goals in certain situations. But I don't trust him to be as clinical in certain situations. He's a superb target man but I don't think the evolution of our team would play to his strengths.
  4. He could attract done daft bids. I wouldn't dismiss selling him if he can pull in £90m
  5. Who knows with this season..... It's certainly made the awful performances more sour to take. Champions League was doable and without injuries and weak mentality from certain players we would be there.
  6. Allan. He's an example as to why Gomes and Siggy aren't options in a midfield going forward
  7. Richy..... Doesnt dribble when he should and doesn't pass when he should. Come on man. .... Worked hard today too.
  8. I'd come out no problems there mate.... Too comfortable in my sexuality
  9. Is this manager or the players? I've heard Carlo goes nuts at them going deep.
  10. Humorous side note .....michail Antonio's shorts ....... Any fookin need? I appreciate to show that bad boy off - but it's not past the watershed
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