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  1. Great tune Listened to Hans Zimmer live in Prague whilst working ..... Sensational.
  2. It's in a person's prerogative to make stats justify their stance and opinion. It just depends on how far you bend them and risk losing all credibility. Anyway ... We move on.
  3. Not sure why you are taking that tone given I've not applied any such tone to mine. I used this source. https://www.toffeeweb.com/season/18-19/squad.php Vlassic was out on loan, lookman was logged as a midfielder on here so if I wanted to be pedantic I could have included him as a midfielder but he was a non starter as it happened. Anyway... It's from here that such debates go off the beaten track. I'd have signed Richarlison over Doucoure but preferred both but I'm not arsed as he's here now and Silva isn't.
  4. He's improved but plays far too within himself. Technically aside James he's one of the better players but doesn't show this anywhere near enough. He was ok yesterday, should be dominating midfields like Southampton but never stood out enough. I expect more but hopefully he will continue to improve.
  5. We paid over the odds for Richarlison at the time because they were pissed off at our pursuit of Silva. At the time we signed Richarlison we only had Walcott, DCL, Bernard, Tosun as attacking players to cover 3 or 4 roles which is why we were seeing Gylfi on the left alot In midfield we had Gomes, Gylfi, McCarthy, Gueye, Schneiderlein, Davies, The priority was an attacking player based on those names numbers alone.
  6. Honestly... this pandemic has made me look at where I live. I do think "civilised" behaviour has alot to do with it.... Do you have kids who ride towards you pulling wheelies on bikes on the road? We do by us and my guess is that their parents are salt of the earth too and that's what we are seeing in shops. Totally agree with you on the staff at shops etc. Sitting ducks some of them.... At the mercy of some half wits who watched a YouTube video and decide to go out with no mask to make a statement..... "I've got a medical condition" - the worst miss of the pandemic, opened the door
  7. Be interesting to see him alongside Allan. Allan if his English is good enough will bring him on.... Allan Doucoure and Davies potentially our best 3. Wow that's actually a bonafide comment. Well done Tom.
  8. We paid £35m for Richarlison with add-ons maxing out at £50m if we win leagues and cups. The likeliest total fee being £40m..... Either way he's worth at least double what we paid for him. Doucoure - they spat the dummy out and wanted £50m... Common sense prevailed. We got him for £20m a couple of years later. I'm not arsed with this whole "I don't like him so I'll throw any shit that will stick to him"..... Silva was a weak manager - had some good moments and the last thing that could be thrown at him was his transfer record when compared to the other shit managers we had. K
  9. We bid twice for Doucoure under Silva and they knocked bids back. That's why we got Gbamin. We only got him last year cos Watford were needing the cash.
  10. Needed to get it won and move on. Hopefully we get rid of the home burden now.
  11. It's like his legs are like a stream that buffers.... Momentary pauses then fast forward
  12. Probably sent him to see Ronnie O'Sullivans life coach.
  13. Pickford. Never done anything amazing, good stop at the end where he spread himself well but for me he just looks far more balanced in his decision making and distribution. Ill be as equal in praise as I am criticism.... He is showing maturity and this is what I've really wanted to see.
  14. Carlo needs to bring this up. It's getting daft... Keown was desperate for them to score the prick.
  15. Doucoure so good at certain moments and then seems to fluff lines
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