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  1. That's a piss poor point. He was actually relegated at Notts Forest - does that mean he was shit? Clearly not cos he became the highest British transfer and then went on to win shit loads of trophies. I'll throw Tim Howard into the mix too ..... But clearly you know better than professional footballers who specifically identified his leadership as being a reason that the team became better. https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/manchester-united-roy-keane-influence-21886209 You think that capitulation happens with a Roy Keane on the pitch? May happen on the odd occasion to a quality team - against Watford? Bollocks. We have a group of players who don't hold each other accountable. Shithouses. Simple as that and we have no leaders where we need them.
  2. Walter Smith passed away this morning. RIP Walter, thoughts are with his family.
  3. The giveaway is that the fake is AIANMYERS on the ID and ALANMYERS is the real one.
  4. Come on Steve.... The narrative on this site over James has been denial big style. Debating that he wasn't on big money cos there was no official announcement. Then the reason he was going is cos he was outed by Rafa and nothing to do with his contribution Vs cost. The emotion was that on his day he's a match winner and a joy to watch - which I agree with,to this day he's the best passer of a ball I've seen in a blue shirt. Every time someone said something that was plausible about his massive wages it was met with ridicule. James Rodriguez was the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the problems at the club but he was the embodiment of high pay / low output / low commitment.
  5. Love that, but yeah deffo agree we need to remind ourselves that most spats are over footy opinions.
  6. Too right we would. Me and peteO do not get on... But I would be saddened if he was in a bad place. Behind the forum personalities are real people having their own battles with this challenge called life. Im not the person that hafnia appears to be.... As a person I'm a lot less of an arse.
  7. So on the basis of that we may as well cut the forum down by 80% then and unless the players and club uniformly come out and say "Eto was fucked off cos he tried to take over the management of the team" then it's all bullshit? Well that's bollocks for a start. You never read a sports biography? 25+ testosterone fuelled alpha males being told what to do by a bloke they earn more money than. You may not get a manager coming out and telling us why James Rodriguez wasn't kept on despite his talent..... But the fact that some unknown team in Qatar is where he ended up going tells you everything that a press conference or certified news release isn't. Im sorry you never got to see him ... Let it go.
  8. Has he? He's had 2 at most and that is from stuff thats out in the public domain. Sounds like a catty post there Steve.... Be better.
  9. Roy Keane.... There you go. Just answered it. Every player he played with said he got 10% more from every other player on the pitch. Not one person got away with giving a diluted performance. ..... Matt Holland, mcateer, Fletcher, scholes, Neville........ To a man they said he got more from every player, you were kept on your toes.
  10. I know..... Let's just post links to newspaper articles eh? Which have less credibility than most hearsay as it is. James?...... You still not amazed that the only option he had was a shite team in quatar?......I'm not. Clubs do things called due diligence. Even his biggest ex fan Ancellotti wanted no part of him at Real Madrid. Baz on toffeetv is well affiliated with the goings on at the club. Alternatively I could ignore the"rumour" that king was piss poor at training and just go on the fact that he never looked fit a couple of months after signing.
  11. Still not seen him. Or @pete0 for a while. Hope both are ok and whilst we all quarrell and bicker - I hope both are well and rejoin this shitshow to annoy the crap out of eachother.
  12. Nkounkou gone, small gone...... I'd drop digne like a stone for either of those 2 to make a point.
  13. Apparently king was part of a collective "not arsed" group in training. Moise Keane, king, Rodriguez to name a few. my guess is that there is more than that.... And then some.
  14. Coleman and Keane were part of the worst defensive capitulation I've seen. Digne and Godfrey were worse but not one of them gets more than 3/10. I could handle it if we had quiet leaders like a jagielka ...... Nothing worse than a clappy, shouty, sleeves rolled up merchant who just spouts hot air.
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