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  1. He won us the game on Sunday.... Equally important to his goals was his ability to be an outlet when we were under the cosh. Absolute masterclass. If we had a goalscorer on the pitch we would have drawn or lost the game.... Dom is a footballer and that's why we won. I've never been arsed about his goal tally, as long as you win because of the striker is the thing. Firminho has always been my example.
  2. I loved George best too even though he was before my time. I like maverick footballers, you can almost accept their frailties as part of what makes them unique.... We are all humans. Players like best, maradona, gazza played the game like it was their ball .... They would try and do stuff that others wouldn't. Maradona was a played who as a 9 year old wondered if Everton could sign..... We got linked to Hagi and that was it after the ban.
  3. Maradona is the best footballer I've ever seen. He was doing stuff that Messi does in an era where pitches were bumpy and defenders commited assault. Sad news, I found it almost impossible to dislike him, he was a footballing hero.
  4. I did make this point before the Fulham game, we had conceded as many as the bottom side
  5. Full back is one of the easiest positions to play to be fair. If you have any pace and ability to dribble and cross you can make a good go of it.
  6. First half great. .. second half awful Need Gbamin and a transfer window
  7. Already in a situation where Harry kane wins pennos by fouling players who jump for headers.. Now we are seeing players run past and kick someones leg and falling
  8. That's not a penalty, how can players kick a defender and go down?
  9. I think a goalkeeper who throws one into his own net most weeks and has teammates showing courtesy and support for him should shut his mouth. He fucking spilled a speculative effort from 30 yards If Godfrey pressed and was beaten then he would get slated.
  10. I've said for ages that even when he plays shite he's worth his place for competitive nature alone. He wins fouls, he stops play, he is a pain in the arse.
  11. I think siggurdson is having his most impactful game.
  12. I don't like players swinging at a crossed ball with the foot from the side of the pitch it's coming. It requires perfect timing.... That's why Richy missed it. You have to see the flight of it. Far easier to control it.
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