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  1. No idea, I’m just looking at the evidence immediately available to me.
  2. Because it was never defined. Can’t plan when you don’t know what it is you’re planning for. Also, how angry must DUP (well, Fck them to be honest for selling out) and NI be? Bought out relatively cheaply then sold up the swanny to make it easier for England, all for the low low price of £1b. Which they’ll probably end up paying per year to deal with red tape. Hilarious and horrendous at the same time.
  3. Oh I know mate, and I’ll give as good as I get
  4. Not you man, pretty sure I’m on Mark’s list
  5. If it was anyone else, I’d have sympathy...
  6. This is exactly why I have concerns (I’m assuming some of the digs are aimed my way). If Coleman is playing, I don’t care so much about his defensive part. If Coleman isn’t playing, we lose an entire flank. Finding a replacement for Coleman in the summer is priority number 1 for me. We need a Digne-type at RB
  7. Apart from the United comment, who are top of the table, I’d agree with that.
  8. How can it be nasty if there’s no intent?
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