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  1. https://me.me/i/sun-shade-if-only-you-could-attach-it-to-a-3144229
  2. Honestly I've tried to understand the non-binary part and I can't get my head around it, and not through lack of trying. I hope schools are as willing as I am but a lot more capable.
  3. Probably had a hand in it but I'm trying to be consistent and point blame where it needs to go.
  4. Then Gana on loan makes perfect sense!
  5. To be fair, that was Walsh with Moshiris blessing. I doubt he had much say.
  6. Yes, it has. Because of the reasons stated.
  7. Stuck in it, she's in transit. Should be fine though, just a few hours late (like the house sale was on Monday!)
  8. Just C, I've been single parenting for 3 weeks. I sent her back as soon as she got her visa to visit her grandparent. She was stuck stateside but Virgin sorted it quickly once I got through. Now she's stuck in Amsterdam because of health checks etc and they've delayed the flight
  9. It is very easy to blame the correct person to blame, yes. Walsh signed poor players on long contracts on stupid wages which meant the players had no real inclination to leave (because they knew they would never get that wage elsewhere) and no one would buy because it'd cost over the odds for an average player. Not saying he hasn't made mistakes but 3 years is also not a long time in terms of a project. He's 3 years into a 10 redesign. There's still a long way to go.
  10. Couldn't really care less about all the debates at the moment. Genuinely gutted he's gone.
  11. What a fucking day. Wife is flying back from the US finally after finally being able to go see her family, went to check in at the airport and was told that the 2nd leg didn't exist. Not cancelled, not rerouted. Didn't exist. After 2hrs on hold with Virigin, they sorted it all out and were brilliant. During that time I looked up the status of the flight - the route was cancelled 17 months ago... Do not book through JetAbroad. No phone number, no chat function. Granted they replied quickly to the email to tell us it would take them 2-3 days to arrange a change and we'd have to pay the additional costs. Or contact the airline (which I'd done in parallel anyway). Why is it so hard to get my wife into the UK?!
  12. I found my first grey pube yesterday. I am out of sympathy.
  13. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-58654624 Just when you think this whole shitshow can't get more embarrassing...
  14. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-58646017 oh my. The shock.
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