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  1. He didn't have to do anything, he was backroom staff. But he still chose to do something. Managers and players will always do it as the front office to the fans, back office staff don't. He did and that shows a little something for me.
  2. Yeah, shame that. Apparently he turned down Barca and Real and said he won't be a manager this summer.
  3. Apparently he's said he's not interested in club football
  4. Well, close. We get Henderson. Not sure which of these is the most appropriate:
  5. He's usually a very good player but he's just not fit. I'd be furious if I was his agent, he's going to get injured.
  6. He doesn't want to come back either
  7. I wonder if he comes back in 10 years quoting "unfinished business"
  8. Fair play, at least one of them has a bit of class
  9. No! BBC Gossip had it posted. I don't pay any attention to you, you know that!
  10. Links with Bayern this morning (if I read properly, pre-coffee and no glasses!)
  11. Well he kinda is, provided he's fit and in form
  12. Oh no! Someone should point out that without investment, we would've lost it anyway since the city would've fallen apart and become unlivable eventually
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