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  1. I work not too far from Club House golf. It’s a problem because I’m having a quiet afternoon and they have a top in stock that I could too easily jump in the car and go and get it. It’s either that or go and make another cuppa.
  2. Again, we’ve not lost a single game with him in the team, we’re top of the league, he has been involved in some very good build up play for some of our many goals, he can’t be doing that bad. If he can do better then great, but the alternatives don’t seem that fantastic either. Also, still top of the league.
  3. We’ve seen enough big injuries to our players over the years, McCarthy, Coleman, Gomes. The only time I’ve ever thought there was malice was Son, and I don’t think even he expected to hurt Gomes so much. We didn’t form a lynch mob and half of the press demand retrospective action. It was quite the opposite. I don’t for one minute think Jordan was trying to hurt him, accidents happen in contact sport. When Carragher is the voice of reason we are all in trouble. Seems you can do what you want to Everton, but you can’t hurt a Liverpool player.
  4. To be fair, we drew with possibly the best team in Europe and certainly the best team in the country. Gomes didn’t have his best of games and can be better, but he was no passenger. You don’t get a result like that, against a team like them, without 11 players putting a shift in. He can and will do better, but I’ve no issue with anyone on that pitch yesterday. Take that draw, it’s a fucking horrible derby and we weren’t embarrassed, and move on until we have to play them again. We are still top of the league. Top of the league!!
  5. I say he didn’t hide and he didn’t.
  6. If Villa and Leicester can draw tomorrow we will be at least joint top (goal difference) next week too.
  7. Mina could possibly have swung his left foot at it, but he didn’t. In such speed of play you have to make a snap decision, it was part poor, part unlucky. If it falls to anyone other than Salah it’s probably not a goal. Im more concerned how easy it was for them to score the first.
  8. I’m sure no one actually wants harm to come to anyone, and I wouldn’t be singing songs about it, but I’ll take anything against them. Not being classy this time.
  9. To be fair to him, it’s been a busy international break for him. Little rest and go again next weekend.
  10. Could have single handedly won us the league with that challenge 😂
  11. The first 15 minutes of the second half we should have scored twice, but didn’t convert. They were no more impressive than us today. Both teams weren’t good enough at the back and a threat going forward.
  12. I thought three was for violent conduct only, but I’m not sure if that’s what he was sent off for. Maybe endangering an opponent? Also three?
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