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  1. Not seen anything reported. Hopefully he just missed the cup game and is back for Leicester.
  2. Very honest. Good to see that in the lad.
  3. All seems to have gone smoothly, almost boringly, exactly as it should be. Biden seems like such a reasonable, honest and compassionate guy. After the last four years these look like stand out qualities. I hope he does a great job. (But not too soon, I’ve got flights to book for next year that won’t be available until March and they are still cheap). My cousin in Jacksonville called my Mum after the debacle at the Capitol and she was in tears at the state of her country. Hopefully millions of Americans are feeling much better tonight. Enjoy the concert too, I’d stay up and watch it bu
  4. The wages off the books is one thing, but in the accounts he’s never been that expensive with having no transfer fee. So if we got £10m for him that goes in a 100% profit. Would help offset any losses on shifting deadwood who still have transfer fees in the accounts (Bolasie please).
  5. Scored in the derby though, deserved his contract 😂
  6. That video has disappeared Steve. Can you tell us what happened?
  7. I’ve lost track of all the deadwood we have in the squad now. Are Besic and Pennington still there?
  8. The kind of form that has put us in contention for champions league places and two points ahead of Spurs. Yet they are flying? Come on, be positive mate.
  9. If this goes ahead while half of their team is out, after City got their game cancelled, it would be a joke. But if it does go ahead, we just have to beat them.
  10. Took one for the team tonight. Wasn’t much he could do and was part of another good away win.
  11. I think Burnley would be good for him.
  12. Got to give him credit for the work he did in lockdown. Speaking to an old coach of his who he trusted, looking back at footage to see where he went wrong, and working on footwork and positioning. Big respect for anyone who goes the extra mile to improve themselves. Now we reap the benefits of the work he put in.
  13. One thing I know; it wasn’t my fault, or Mark’s fault, or Mike’s fault. 😂
  14. You’re a happy bastard aren’t you Dunc? 😂
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