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  1. My Dad was talking to JonJoe Kenny’s agent this morning. Lives a few doors down from him. He’s very much ITK around a few clubs in the north, Everton in particular as he’s a lifelong blue. The agent that is. He didn’t have a clue though. 😂 None of that’s a lie by the way. Just thought I’d throw it in here for the laugh.
  2. Rafa being linked to Fiorentina today apparently. I’ll pay for his flights.
  3. He defo didn’t fix any cars there! I’ve had a Geordie tell me Callum Wilson should be in the England team and Dubravka is better than Pickford this week. They’ll love anyone up there.
  4. Ok then, he’s not fixed a car for five years. In that time the technology has advanced massively. He’s probably not even worked on a hybrid, let alone a full electric vehicle.
  5. You might if he hadn’t fixed a car for ten years.
  6. This. Digne has actually scored a free kick for Everton! There are a few id have no problem taking penalties. Richarlison took one in a final for Brazil. Must be half decent at them.
  7. Yeah but over on your side of the pond where football isn’t really football. 😂 But, Haf is right anyway. You have to be a good footballer to get a place in a team, and being a dead ball specialist helps. But you have to be the good footballer first and foremost. Also, Gylfi hasn’t been particularly prolific with his dead ball skills since joining Everton.
  8. Then why is Carlo getting picked up by Real Madrid and Rafa has been sat on his arse since coming home from China? Why have no big clubs wanted him for over five years now? If he is even close to being a decent manager after doing nothing of note since he left Newcastle why isn’t Daniel Levy trying to get him to Spurs? His ship has sailed. He was a top top manager a long long time ago and has been on the decline for a long time too. This would be like when we signed Gazza and Ginola, only much more horrible.
  9. How old were you when Catterick left Mike? 26? 27? 😂
  10. I don’t really know how to link a podcast Mike. But it’s called “The Greatest Game”. This week Jamie had Clattenberg on there. He talks about the Derby and how he got so much of it wrong. No shit! 😂
  11. Mike, we didn’t witness most of the managers since Catterick 😂 Id suggest Big Joe and even Walter Smith but I don’t remember them as clearly as Moyes and Bobby.
  12. I like how he talked about himself as a player. So much confidence and arrogance about his ability and knowing the problems he could cause. And being honest about how they had to kick Gerrard and Carragher 😂 Not right now, but I would love Tim to get to that level and manage Everton one day.
  13. I see it more as there are managers that won’t be everyone choice, but not necessarily “split” the fan base. There are only a few things in my lifetime that I remember properly splitting the fan base, plenty of things that we’ve all disagreed on, but not with so much passion and anger. Destination Kirkby. Bill Kenwright’s time as owner. Rafa Benitez potentially being our manager.
  14. There you go. Heitinga manager, Pienaar assistant. I’ll be happy. 😂
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