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  1. The first few pages of this thread show just how much we all wanted him, shame it didn’t work out better. Flashes of brilliance, wish we saw more of it. Seems a good guy.
  2. Got to work at 1:30 today, a few hours later I got sent home for looking tired. Time to log off I think, get some rest. Nope, the baby is very very very lively now. She just tried to remove my big toenail with a toy eggshell. 🙈
  3. Last week it was one in 100, so hopefully it’s going the right way but we’ll see.
  4. Saw the name, but expected the thread to be full of ridiculousness. Leaves thread. You should all be ashamed! 😂
  5. I thought Kraft bought Cadbury’s? This is making me hungry.
  6. Great post. And even City’s transformation took about ten years and a couple of owners being bought out.
  7. But have you had a cookies and cream milkybar? You can’t hate the guys who make that, you just can’t! 😂
  8. It’s only a rumour but being linked with a move to Benfica and the rumour is that he’s happy with the move. If he’s happy, I’m happy for him.
  9. The Wolves goal was a beauty, and a glimpse of what he was capable off, unfortunately not seen enough of it. Wish him nothing but the best, clearly a great fella.
  10. They haven’t confirmed that, but all the same symptoms. My niece had that two years ago when she was about nine months old, ended up spending three weeks in Whiston on a ventilator. Heart breaking! She’s been fine since though.
  11. There was four other babies in the hospital with the same thing tonight. Doctors said it’s bad at the moment.
  12. Thanks everyone. Just got her home now. Not Covid thankfully, viral infection, not coping so well with the heat. She’s been monitored for a while and sent home with three doctors agreement. She currently flat out asleep on my belly, wife flat out next to me on the couch. She has an inhaler to help for the next few weeks if she struggles breathing. Thanks again everyone. If I’m cranky tomorrow (more than usual) it’s because I’ll probably not sleep tonight.
  13. 😂 I was going to type “I’d rather call Palfy for business advice than those pricks” but changed my mind. Wish I hadn’t now.
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