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  1. I agree with all of that apart from Richarlison. But massive summer ahead.
  2. If you would have seen us sign Lingard you’d have been just as fuming as the rest of us. No one expected this kind of form from him. No one! But Lingard signing for West Ham is completely nothing to do with Brands.
  3. As my curry is almost an hour late that sounds really appealing to me!
  4. I actually didn’t mind Keane, I thought the guitarless idea was pretty cool at first. And then I thought these songs would sound so much better with a guitar.
  5. 😂 I wondered where you were going with that.
  6. This. The team on the whole is better with these two. The attacks have more freedom and the defence has more support. Saying that, when we had them at the start of the season we conceded plenty of goal, but we did tend to out score the opposition a lot.
  7. I think if both of them are at their usual level they probably score two each. It’s more frustrating because they are chances that we see them both finish so often. They need to make up for it on Monday night.
  8. I’m sure there are times he’s made errors, every player on the team does. I’m sure there has been times you’ve thought every player could do better as well. If Richarlison and DCL even just performed to their usual level on Monday we probably wouldn’t be having this conversation anyway. Being out of position on crosses won’t be that often, that’s probably his best attribute. That last sentence. That’s the one!!
  9. you didn’t say off the top of your head. You said “already said both Man U games” in your reply to me. So I’m not being manipulative or trying to twist anything, I’m only responding to the only reply you gave to my question. I’m happy to wait while you think of more times hes cost us points. Because I genuinely don’t think he has. I don’t see why you would want an apology from me. But your first paragraph tells it all. It’s pretty obvious to me that you’ve hated him for quite some time, and it looks like you’re so blinded by that opinion that you can’t accept he’s been the best of o
  10. It doesn’t say a lot, but if he does things that costs goals but scores them too it should all be taken into account as it all relative to the points the team gets. So just the two United games then? That’s not so bad, dropping points against the second best team in the league. I’ll take that. He has performed well enough to be considered above average. You must be the only person who hasn’t seen a massive improvement in him this season. Of our four centre halves hes clearly been the best one. If you can’t see that then it’s obvious he is just another player who you don’t like an
  11. So you’re putting this one down to him, fine. But what other lost points are you putting down to Keane? Also, how many points gained and points won are you putting down to him? Do you allow him the equaliser against Liverpool? Does he get the one against West Brom that put us 3-2 up? How about the winner against Wolves? If you’re going to call him out for points lost (I do want to see what anyone considers lost points from him) you also have to take into account points gained.
  12. The defensive responsibility has to fall to the right midfielder and right back to give James that freedom, otherwise he would just play as a number ten. Not every tactic will work against every team (hence why Roberto didn’t play Lukaku on the right every game, just against a weak full back at Arsenal) and United were just better at closing down that plan than most other teams. I would suggest Carlo started moving James around as we lost Digne, Coleman, Allan and Doucoure all at various different parts of the season. If we had everyone fit in this squad I think he goes back to this. It’s
  13. Remember when Barkley wanted to take a free kick at Swansea when he wasn’t on free kicks? The only difference was his team mates didn’t complain.
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