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  1. Boris was taking his lead from Trump and mimicking what Trump was saying and doing, embarrassingly for us Johnstone was the only world leader who pinned his banner to Trumps mast, two leaders who are responsible for the deaths of thousands of people they were supposed to be looking after.
  2. I would have thought that was a given and you were already on the list, can’t believe you have to organise yourself to be placed on it, crazy!!
  3. He’s part of the Fox dynasty of actors, he’s had a silver spoon upbringing and has all the traits of a spoilt brat, as they would say in his circles or a fucking prick as they would say in mine.
  4. You wouldn’t be telling Porky Pie’s would you 😉
  5. He’ll be off to Celtic with Howe soon, he’s not good enough to improve a team with sights set on the top 6 or better.
  6. Great observation I’m sure they have to take those possibilities into consideration.
  7. That would mean a break of 12 days before the first team played together again, that’s what breaks consistency and understanding in team’s, training is no substitute for playing if you want to keep consistency. And we won’t go into to the argument of resting players, the postponement of City and the subsequent loss to West Ham with rested players and West Ham playing 3 games in 6 days dispelled that theory. Like I said there is no substitute for playing games if you want to improve as a team, so best team available if only to keep the momentum going.
  8. Let’s hope this impeachment sticks and he’s removed before his term is up, and that leads to trials for inciting riots and what ever else they can charge him with.
  9. Sounds like a man who’s been in lockdown with his missus for far too long😂
  10. I wouldn’t be surprised if the stats show that not only was he a constant threat with his link up play and runs, but also that he covered the most ground in an Everton shirt.
  11. For me his improvement as a defender is all of the above, but also crucially coincides with a much improved midfield which is allowing him to control his area.
  12. They have just spelt it wrong he’s an ex spurt.
  13. Christ that’s a real shocker mate this thing is scary, yet there are still idiots who think it’s just a hoax. When yourself employed as you know Shukes there’s no safety net like people who are employed get the benefits of if you’re not earning your pretty much on your own, hope you get back on your feet as quick as possible mate and get your company back on track, feel for you mate.
  14. Tough choice for me between Iwobi and Keane not just because of the goals, more because how they performed both should class and attitude to win, went for Keane but could have went Iwobi and it wouldn’t have felt wrong.
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