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  1. We have got in more and better forward positions this season per game I feel without looking at the stats, previous seasons we may have had slightly more possession but in our own half with sideways passing, for me Digne has been poor in all departments for over 2 seasons with the odd decent game now and then, nothing that can be blamed on Rondon he鈥檚 just played a handful of games, Digne has been pants for a very long time. I agree Godfrey isn鈥檛 the final answer but with no one else to put him and us out of our misery I believe Godfrey would be no worse and slightly better, after all he played there quite a few games last season and did a far better job of it than Digne imo.
  2. Thanks mate I鈥檒l stay then馃槉. When certain people go quiet that are big characters whether you agree or disagree with their views you do miss them, they are what makes the forum what it is. Your a decent bloke Haf your priorities are in the right place mate when you talk about family or friends and stuff personal to yourself your true self starts coming out, when you talk about football you do so with the belief and conviction of your views, it鈥檚 the easiest thing to do misunderstanding someone鈥檚 views as being arrogant.
  3. Most of our utilities are owned by the French and Spainish, I say we take the back and as a maximum we pay them back what they paid for them and no more, now we are no longer under the jurisdiction of the EU what can they do.
  4. Would anyone be concerned if I went awol, I doubt it 馃槀
  5. He does nothing of note going forward and his defensive play is basically none existent, if we could get Mina and Keane playing regularly together I would drop Digne and give Godfrey a go on the the left, he would be as poor as Digne going forward but he has pace and can put a tackle in, Digne has no pace and can鈥檛 tackle.
  6. Right I鈥檝e learnt something today.
  7. Never heard of hot cider do you drink it hot or is it just hot because of how you make it, and what makes it a cider in the true sense of a cider.
  8. Don鈥檛 know didn鈥檛 notice that at the time very strange, Haf have you been eating Pasties lately and turned Cornish馃槈
  9. How bizarre, and no we won鈥檛 blame it on the lack of spend he鈥檚 done better than most in that department bar Rondon without money, how about we blame it on the 5 managers before him the 2 DoF and a lot of injuries to a very weak squad, now doesn鈥檛 that seem more plausible as to what鈥檚 happening on the pitch. If Gray and Townsend are anything to go by give him another 2 million and we could replace the need to play say Iwobi Coleman Godfrey and a couple of others. Am I fucked off with what鈥檚 happening you bet do I blame him do I fuck, give him at least 18 months not 8 games and I believe he will give us a team to be proud of that won鈥檛 break the bank and all in it will be playing for the shirt.
  10. Personally we have still to many players who aren鈥檛 able to play consistently at this level, how and why they got here is for another debate but they are here and need to be benched or got rid of, players like Iwobi Coleman Keane Godfrey and Digne shouldn鈥檛 be starters in any team that has serious designs on doing something.
  11. I don鈥檛 doubt that for one minute mate, just maybe his attitude was a reflection of how he felt he was being treated.
  12. Thing was he was never going to be 1st choice here that was and still is DCL, he obviously wasn鈥檛 happy with that which is fair enough he didn鈥檛 want to accept second best, can you imagine the uproar if DCL was dropped and King was number one. You can鈥檛 force people to be happy with their lot and he wasn鈥檛 so we move on.
  13. Rafa needs to focus on our defence in the next transfer window Digne and Godfrey are the weakest links in our team, Digne was shite last season and has managed to keep that going this, Godfrey looks like he鈥檚 completely out of his depth like Digne a one season wonder in the making.
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