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  1. Are you responsible for our leaky defence.
  2. If you read my post properly you will see that I mentioned that the Brits had a part to play in this as one of the American allies who once again followed America in it’s policy against terrorism, but without doubt the Americans should be investing what ever it takes to secure Afghanistan families left to be slaughtered for aiding the Americans and it’s allies in this American policy to invade their country. So why shouldn’t they be responsible for the the most cost when it was there call to invade and they have a big enough budget to cover their own problems they created, unless of course you don’t see it as a problem that thousands will be slaughtered for helping the Americans in the Americans war on terrorism, they didn’t right it down in history as the American Afghanistan war because it was the Brits French German Canadian or anyone else’s idea to invade Afghanistan, it was the Americans in the storm of 9/11 to smash Al Qaeda and kill Bin Laden because they violated the American mainland, not a problem with that but when you’re done do the decent thing and clean your shit up don’t hang people out to die because you have no further use of them, learn from what happened to civilians in Vietnam that where left to be slaughtered as calibrators in their thousands, they shouldn’t be letting history potential repeat it’s self or should they Steve?
  3. The American government at the time believed rightly or wrongly that Afghanistan was being used as a major training ground for terrorist organisations in particular Al Queeda, since 9/11 the Americans engaged on their own war on terror helped in the main by the British, and the backing of the UN but not on all policies, what the UN didn’t sanction the Americans still carried out such was the feeling inAmerica after 9/11. Now they and their Allies must be seen to be doing the right thing when it comes to their withdrawal, I’m pretty shocked at Biden for not intervening more on what will be a bloody aftermath for some Afghanistan’s and their families, I just expected more from Biden.
  4. You think you’ve got it bad, well one of our presenters has been chastised in public by an ex MP for not pronouncing her Gs correctly, she works for the BBC which really isn’t good enough and not very British at all I would like to say in my best Bertie Wooster accent, “ I say old boy won’t you please fuck off there’s a good chap”
  5. I think a lot of people could have told them they should have left well alone, but this was an a American war to defend the shores of America, who had decided to invade because they were a breeding ground for terrorist which posed a real threat to the USA. Unlike Kuwait and Iraqi which was purely for the Oil reserves which made the Americans a huge profit after the costs of their expenditure to run the Gulf campaign. But going back to Afghanistan for the Americans to pull out the way they are whilst the Taliban are fighting at the gates of the town and cities that have already cost so many lives to Allied forces and residents is abhorrent in my opinion, they have created a shit fest of a unimaginable scale to leave the woman and children of Afghanistan to live with, thousands will be slaughtered because of their very small involvement with Americans, 25% of MP in government are women they will be killed for sure and possibly their families, this is another resounding success for America when it comes to world order. Good morning Vietnam.
  6. Did it ever really have any teeth to start with.
  7. Very difficult one this we were never going to completely eradicate the Taliban, and were always going to look to withdraw at some time. I just feel to walk away after 20 years with no hope of peace has been a costly error, we should have been looking at brokering a deal the last 10 years or so were the Afghan government and the Taliban agreed on a power share of some form, and until that deal was agreed we stayed on in full, otherwise we have achieved nothing but misery for them and ourselves.
  8. It wouldn’t surprise me if that was the case some of the American favourites originated in Europe, that’s the beauty of living in a multi cultural country.
  9. Alonso had a huge say in the outcome of the race near the end, Hamilton must have thought noooo not Alonso again, he’s still a legend.
  10. When successive managers haven’t picked him, the next incumbent ( Benitez ) probably don’t give them a serious look.
  11. Jeez that’s a blast from the past mate, the first time I had what the Americans would call a proper waffle was in Canada with bacon and maple syrup
  12. I would no HR in my work place 😂
  13. No one is going to take him off our hands who wants that in there squad, best thing we can do is pay him up otherwise he’s stinking the place out for another year 🦧
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