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  1. With the squad at our disposal due to a catalogue of injuries this isn’t a good time to playing Spurs, I can see us getting trouncing in this one unless we get some key players back.
  2. End of next season he would have been here 3 years and Ancelotti 2.5 years, I hope we aren’t at the end of next season having these same conversations we need to have shown real improvement with signings that give improvement, it’s fair to say that Brand’s has been very hit and miss with his acquisitions to date. And I would go as far to say the 2 or 3 that have met the mark we are looking for haven’t really been his picks, they have been introduced by the managers.
  3. A lack of activity in the January transfer window is starting to hit home, we have as many injured as are fit with a lack of real quality in the squad to bring in. I have to be honest I wasn’t really expecting Europe this season I just wanted to see progression, bar injuries to key players when most are fit there has been progression in the way we have played. Personally next summer’s transfer window is pivotal to where we are going we can’t afford to hold back or get it wrong, for me next season is make or break for Ancelotti and Brand’s, if they are given the funds and we don’t improve heads
  4. Holgate because he wasn’t as bad as the rest.
  5. I think that’s called game set and match 🙌
  6. I hope Ancelotti doesn’t say it was a good performance as he usually does when we play shit.
  7. They all have to be fair bar Holgate who’s been slightly above average.
  8. James will be pleased to see Iwobi coming on at least he will have someone who he can play with.
  9. 2nd half about to start can’t wait 😜
  10. There only going if their contracts expire nobody would be silly enough to buy them.
  11. We are so shite the Brighton keeper has decided to become an outfield player he’s that bored.
  12. The only way we are playing in Europe next season is if we go there for some pre-season friendlies, 9th or 8th for us this season anything else is just a pipe dream 😴
  13. Holgate is doing OK keeping it simple.
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