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  1. The forums are back just in time to make a prediction... Brighton 1-2 Everton DC-L
  2. The current state of affairs ahead of the Palace game. markjazzbassist and Romey won round 28, while dunlopp9987 won the month of March. Romey has grabbed the lead for the season and per prediction, although it's getting close as we approach the end of the season.
  3. Sorry for the delay in posting results from the last game: I've been having problems with the Imgur site, which is what I use to display the table image. I'll keep trying and will post when I can.
  4. This is an interesting topic, because there's widespread disagreement about the new Georgia voting laws and, for those who disagree, how best to respond. IMO, the Georgia laws are quite clever in that they give the impression of applying sensible changes; however, under the surface it's clear they are intended to depress the vote in large Black counties. There's a lot of uneducated hot air on both sides, I have to say, with too many people just listening to and believing talking heads from one news channel or the other. There are some in-depth and objective analyses of the new voting law, b
  5. Surprised that West Ham is so far down the list. This has been their best season in a very long time.
  6. It's chaotic in Georgia, where we have the lowest vaccination rate in the country and a governor who appears to be totally incompetent. My wife stopped by our local grocery store one day this week, and the staff from the pharmacy were wandering the aisles asking whether anyone would like the vaccine. It seems that people are signing up for vaccines in multiple places and just showing up to one when they feel like it. This means that thousands upon thousands of vaccines are sitting unused even while so many are waiting for them to become available.
  7. This should be the objective no matter who's in goal.
  8. He needs a stretch of playing. While he made two great saves, he also came out to punch the ball and missed - the second time in as many games. He's going to make mistakes, but overall his performance indicates real potential. Whether intentionally or not, I would like to see him between the posts for a few games.
  9. #1 for me is another strong and creative option in midfield, to replace Sigurdsson and/or Gomes. I would be looking for a Jack Grealish-type player, or an up-and-coming talent such as Dwight McNeil. With a bit of luck Gbamin will be like a new signing. Next in priority would be RB, and again I'd go for someone young along the lines of Achraf Hakimi, someone with pace who can represent the same kind of threat as Coleman in his prime. Up-front, I would go against popular opinion and convince Moise Kean to stay. If he had never been associated with Everton and was a PSG player, we'd all
  10. My oldest son subscribed to ESPN Plus so we could watch this game here in the US. He has a big screen, so I took my Everton scarf with me to his apartment. Most frustrating were the commentators; they weren't even commenting when the first goal was scored. Despite having British accents, they had that laid back, story-telling approach we hear in the US, which, quite frankly, stinks. There was no excitement, and they were constantly whining about how poor a game it was. But this is not true! It was a very good game to watch. Our strategy was spot on. I told my son, halfway through the firs
  11. Virginia. He made two phenomenal saves, although the second unfortunately rebounded off the crossbar and allowed their first goal.
  12. I'm still of the opinion that we should cash in on Jordan Pickford. I know it's not a popular opinion, but Aaron Ramsdale will be available when the Blades are relegated and he's already an England U-21 player with Prem experience. Last year, I was all for trading Pickford for Henderson and cash; there's no way ManU were going to part with him, though, and Henderson is working out very well for them.
  13. It points out the biggest single challenge we must overcome in order to make the Top Four and stay there.
  14. I reckon he'll be really pumped up. How often does a young keeper starting out get the chance to play against arguably the best team in the world right now?
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