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  1. If you've never really understood or admired classical music, get a load of this (just four minutes of listening)! It's a high school orchestra from Venezuela (conducted by one of the world's more impressive maestros), and their performance of the second movement of Shostakovich's tenth symphony is flawless.
  2. I may disagree strongly with Benitez even being considered, given what I've written above, but I have to admit that he was the fourth most popular choice in our poll. Most certainly, though, this would divide the fans and not unite.
  3. How many trophies did he win there? How many times did his team finish above us, or in the top half of the table?
  4. For me the matter is simple: Rafael Benitez was a half-decent manager a decade ago, although I never really liked his style of play or his weird and ineffective substitutions. Since then, his decline has been evident to the point that China was the only place that would take him. Why in a million years would Everton choose someone with that profile? We're about to step out of the doldrums and into an exciting new era in a new stadium. Surely, anyone can see that we need an exciting, modern, passionate, committed manager on the up-and-up. That is most definitely not Benitez. I met Mr. Moshiri once when meeting executives at Megafon. He's a very nice guy and one smart cookie. Based on the little I remember about him back then, I just can't fathom him making such a poor decision. My gut tells me that, ultimately, he will trust his team.
  5. England have been lucky to be in a weak group and to be playing every game at home; otherwise, they would have struggled to make it out of the group round. Frankly, they are boring, predictable, and uninspiring. The only bright spot is seeing the confidence with which Pickford is playing. As for the next round, go Wales!
  6. Here's hoping - especially since Wales are already through. The two Celtic nations could reach the final - coinciding with hell freezing over.
  7. It's now 17 lanes and it's STILL a parking lot during rush hour. It's one reason we moved from living north of the city to west of the city.
  8. Again, to draw a comparison, one of the local interstate highways through Atlanta is not only eight lanes in each direction but they've also just built an express lane that changes direction based on rush hour.
  9. Ah, but will you disappear at a moment's notice to manage Barcelona?
  10. Except over the point that Martinez did better with Moyes' team than did Moyes, I'm not sure where we disagreed.
  11. My remark was a little flippant, but it remains true. We did better in Martinez' first season than in Moyes' final season with maybe 80% the same squad. My sense is that David Moyes set moderate expectations and usually managed to exceed them, which is good management. When presented with a big occasion, though, he was way too cautious. His goal seemed to be to be among the better bunch of also-rans. I would point out that the available budget remained pretty much the same until Moshiri came along. So what's the real difference between Moyes and Martinez? Moyes was superb at finding diamonds in the rough, I confess, which he blended with average players to build a solid team. As someone else pointed out, when he was given money at United he didn't quite know how to spend it. Martinez, on the other hand, faced with the same budget constraints, was a risk taker. With Lukaku and Barry, it paid off handsomely. With Niasse and McGeady, for example, the move failed. I have no idea how he would cope if handed a larger budget.
  12. How come Moyes couldn't do as well with Moyes' team?
  13. Everyone knows I'm a big fan of Roberto, and his swash-buckling style of play can be very exciting. His issue, in the end, was a poor defensive record and unwillingness to change his approach to defense. Also, of course, he managed at a time when our transfer budget for comparatively miniscule compared to today's - yet he still brought in Lukaku and Barry, The big question is whether he's learned enough since then and become willing to change. Belgium's win today over Denmark, I think, provides the answer. He made exactly the right tactical decisions, and his team deservedly won - but poor defensive passes led both to Denmark's goal and to a couple of other clear chances for Denmark. I suspect we'd see the same if he were to return to Everton: very exciting games but with defensive lapses. Would an improved transfer budget make a difference? I suspect it would make us even more exciting to watch but it wouldn't fix the defensive issue. The only way to do that would be to have a top-notch defensive coach and for Roberto to trust him. He would get my vote, for sure, especially if Belgium do really well in the Euros. Indeed, if he's our choice, don't expect an announcement until the Euros are over. He's passionate as a manager, that's for sure.
  14. He really hasn't. He's not that good a manager at all.
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