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  1. I'd like to see Allan given the captain's armband.
  2. We were rather fortunate to come away with a point in that game. For the life of me, I cannot see how Henderson's goal was offside. All four goals in the game, though, were really good. Whether we like it or not, Liverpool are a very good team with some outstanding players. The fact that we mostly went toe to toe with them shows how much we've improved - but we have quite a way to go to become truly dominant. Pickford still concerns me. We can argue all day long about that challenge on VVD, but he was very lucky not to receive a card. It was reckless in the extreme - notwithstanding comme
  3. Gomes has to come off now. The yellow is the tipping point.
  4. Commentators on NBC (former Red) going on and on and on and on and on about wanting a red card against Pickford. Drop it, guys!
  5. Godfrey is impressive. Pickford is a lucky man. Evenly poised at half-time. I have to say that Liverpool are an impressive team, so an Everton win will be a massive statement.
  6. I’ve driving home to Georgia from New England and stopped at a hotel in northern Virginia. I’m up early and just hoping they have this channel on the hotel room TV. I was hoping for Peacock since I could have watched on my laptop.
  7. Our family now subscribes to Peacock, and it's been worth it already. For a comparatively small amount, we've already watched the last two Everton games live, and I'm sure tomorrow's game will be broadcast, too. Back to the game... I suspect the key is going to be Allan (pun intended). He's already become the heart of our midfield, and therefore of the team. If he's fully back to strength, he'll dictate the game. I'm concerned that, mentally, he may not yet be back 100 percent, but we shall see.
  8. But he was playing in a new league, under a poor manager, and in a team lacking confidence. I wouldn't expect him to look like a world-beater under such circumstances. I have no idea of his qualities, but I would hope he'll be given the opportunity to prove himself to be worthy of a starting place.
  9. This is a tough one to predict. It sounds as if we'll be full strength, so we're capable of winning. Liverpool are coming off the back of a humiliating hammering, so they'll want to make a statement. In recent derbies, the teams have both played as if they don't want to lose. This time around, I suspect they'll both be out there gung ho to win. Hence my prediction... Everton 4-3 Liverpool Keane
  10. I really hope he's 110% fit and raring to go for the upcoming derby game. For me, he's the single most important player in our team right now: his energy, his commitment, his desire to succeed are infectious. It's no coincidence, I'm sure, that he no longer falls over and play-acts as he did last season. I'm sure the manager had a heart-to-heart with him about that.
  11. Ah. That's why he named his daughter Sue.
  12. I'll reiterate Top Four. Let's keep things in perspective, though: We're four games into the season, and the only top six team we've played is Spurs. The derby will give us a much better sense of where we're at.
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