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  1. I'm sure the Reds would love playing in Kazakhstan on a Thursday evening before the derby the following Sunday. No need to worry, though: They're away to United.
  2. Do we have any inkling as to how much longer he'll be out with this hamstring injury?
  3. If you're trying to help US mates, it's 8pm UK time. What on earth is 2000, other than Y2K?
  4. If the teams below them win their games in hand, Liverpool are currently seventh. No Europe next year.
  5. Maybe a manager who's brought back his confidence.
  6. I've written in the past that he's very much a confidence player, and I still subscribe to that view. More than anything, it's renewed confidence that's sparked his improvement in form.
  7. I agree with you and am likewise reasonably confident. There remains this lurking suspicion, though, that the president will do literally anything to stay in power.
  8. A thought experiment... What would you do if you were President Trump and wanted to conduct a successful coup? 1) Ensure your own loyalists are in charge at the Department of Defense, law enforcement, and at the intelligence services. (Should army officers be reluctant, have a retired general lined up to help.) 2) Deploy tens of thousands of troops to Washington DC and ensure that law enforcement assets are in place at all state capitals. 3) Get your supporters fired up, tell/show them they can win, and make clear that the nation/Constitution will be undermined if enemies are a
  9. In a word, Wigan. It's not a lack of ambition, far from it. It's ambition to win what really matters. Did Wigan become a powerhouse because they won the FA Cup? Or did Leicester become a powerhouse because they won the league? And Leicester are an awful lot richer today than are Wigan.
  10. Follow the money and focus on priorities. With a squad our size, we can't hope to compete with the deep-pockets teams, so let's get the most bang for our buck. That means focus on the highest possible finish in the Premier League. Look at the teams currently in cup competitions, domestic and European: They are struggling with injuries and burned-out players. This is why any one of nine teams right now could win the league. That wouldn't happen in a regular year, so take advantage of it.
  11. Does this signal that Jordan Pickford may be on the move this summer?
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