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  1. I can't believe we don't have someone better in the U-23 squad.
  2. Palfy takes the lead - for this round (a 10-pointer), for the month of September, for the season, and per prediction. Right now, he's running away with it.
  3. Yes, it was laughable. Worse, it was embarrassing. We should never put ourselves in such a position.
  4. Then why isn't Rondon playing with the U-23s? Other older players have done that to gain fitness. He's simply nowhere near the standard needed to be playing with the first team.
  5. Are there no such things as training sessions? It's truly embarrassing to see him on the pitch right now.
  6. I can think of no reason why Rondon was allowed to "play" a full 90 minutes today. Did anyone actually see him run in the second half?
  7. Not shattered because he hasn't really done anything. Just plain awful.
  8. Just. It was like watching a Championship match. Rondon was simply awful - the worst player on the field.
  9. Then why has he been on the bench? You don't put someone on the bench when they're not fit to play.
  10. Oh what a lack of punctuation can do!
  11. Totally agree. I'd like to see Simms play since Rondon is unfit and ineffective right now.
  12. Most predicted an Everton win over Villa and, as a result, scored zero points. There were four joint winners this round: Bill, dunlopp, milesey, and myself. Bill and milesey now lead for the month of September. For the season and per prediction, milesey leads Bill and Palfy by a whisker.
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