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  1. Off the bench too - 20minute cameo in a 5-0 away win... not bad, young man!
  2. I can’t cope with the prospect of a Davies/Gomes partnership - they’ve proved that they don’t work as a pair. I’m okay with one of them on the pitch at a time or even both when Allan’s there to mop up but they’ve proved they’re not a compatible pair on too many occasions.
  3. I personally think Man U look very exciting/dangerous when attacking especially when on the counter. Their defence is the best but going forward - there’s not many better.
  4. Agree - I’d put Godfrey in midfield for this one. Not ideal but we’ll need his athleticism and protection for the the back 4 (I’d have Holgate, Keane, Mina, Digne) and hopefully give them some problems with Iwobi, James, Richarlison playing behind Calvert-Lewin. I’d probably go with Gomes alongside Godfrey.
  5. It should read that he’s played 14 times in Serie A. 5 goals and 4 assists in 14 games is a decent return.
  6. Poor challenge but nothing more than clumsy. Warnock being Warnock - dick! Mowbray will protect him but he seems to handle himself professionally when someone, old enough to be his granddad, tries to spark a reaction.
  7. I guess we will if we’re letting him go.
  8. As would every other Evertonian - Ings probably won’t be available until the summer though. Dzeko could be the difference in our success this season. Dzeko would be a very good short term signing. Ings would be more of a mid-term investment.
  9. He was excellent at City and a key member of their title winning squads. As said already, he’s been Roma’s main striker since he’s been there but looks like he’s had a fall out with Fonseca. Short-term - excellent option.
  10. Giroud of Chelsea like - exactly what we need. Someone who can come on for the last 20minutes as a 2nd striker if needed or as someone to hold the ball up the pitch to help us see a game out. I’d love another young up and coming striker but use Kean and last season as an example - when he came on as a sub, he didn’t make an impact - he probably didn’t get enough chances really but when he did, he didn’t do enough. Getting in a Dzeko/Giroud type guarantees quality - you know what you’re getting. We need another young striker too but as a short-term signing, he’d be perfect.
  11. 6 - 18 month deal - yes please. Perfect back-up/competition for DCL short term.
  12. He’s an absolute menace - I’d have him here in a heart beat on ability alone... but, as said, age + cost + injury record would all be factors. If we did sign him, he’d definitely improve us. I just think this has got Leicester written all over it. He’s the perfect replacement for Vardy and can play as a strike partnership.
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