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  1. In many ways, you can’t blame him. Rightly, not 1st choice centre back over Branthwaite and Tarkowski and mainly played at full-back but not 1st choice full-back either. We need to look to sell this summer - maybe a move to Italy as rumoured would suit all.
  2. Sounds a bit more positive though… Serhiy Rebrov on Mykolenko injury: “Mykolenko has had an MRI scan already and will have another scan tomorrow. We will see what happens but I feel a lot calmer now than from the initial incident.”
  3. Gutted for him if this is as bad as his reaction suggests it may be…
  4. I’ve got a couple of issues with this thread… 1. There’s no actual Everton link to him 2. AND MORE CONCERNING… where are the puns?! ToffeeTalk law clearly states that no player will be linked unless there are at least 2 pages of puns about the player before we actually discuss their attributes - szmod dam it! We’re making dics of ourselves with threads like this!
  5. I don’t really rate him personally but can see Arsenal getting a decent fee for him - just not from us. Maybe Brentford sell Toney and/or Mbuemo - I could see him there.
  6. Rumours that he’s been taken ill and not looking great. Fingers crossed for him
  7. It was a far-right, racially motivated march organised by the worst, self-entitled people who are an embarrassment to the country they claim to be theirs!
  8. 11) Henry bob tit - Tony Hibbert
  9. 3) Big at nine holes - Leighton Baines 4) Afflictive kern - Kevin Ratcliffe
  10. Still 31st May (777’s deadline) until 5am tomorrow GMT for a New York based firm.
  11. Off to Palace now, supposedly. I know they’ll lose a couple but I like what they’re doing there - Glasner looks a great appointment and a decent pull for players like Kamada.
  12. Players we should sell… This is pretty much spot on for me.
  13. 1) Unloveliest hall - Neville Southall 2) Gasher remap- Graeme Sharp 3) Big at nine holes - 4) Afflictive kern - 5) Womanly mott - 6) Trite Kamela - Mikel Arteta 7) Venerates pain - Steven Pienaar 8 ) One unfamiliar ale - 9) Hi madwort - Tim Howard 10) Rye be plastered - 11) Henry bob tit - 12) Chilli mat - Tim Cahill I’ll look with fresh eyes later.
  14. A - Doucs B - Gueye G - Chermiti H - Mykolenko I - Pickford K - Coleman L - Keane M - Virginia N - Danjuma O - Tarkowski V - Godfrey Dunno - don’t like it!!! Looks like last season’s squad though.
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