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  1. I can see all 3 doing well, especially Arsenal.
  2. To be fair Sanches looked class at the Euros after a very good season in France… we’re still not linked though.
  3. …or our scouting team have spotted a player of good value who could improve us rather than spending over the odds on the over-priced shite that has got us into this mess.
  4. There may be better at lower prices but we’d be getting our pants pulled down if we sold for £70m. He’s 24 scoring about 1 in 3, usually from the wing, in the most ‘competitive’ league and is a starter for Brazil. We need to play hardball with any team after Richarlison - there’s not many like him.
  5. Is there a clue about a vertical ‘Hummel style’ stripe when it turns it round on the video or is that just for the sake of the vid?
  6. I certainly like the sound of him… ’Correa is primarily deployed as a deep-lying forward or supporting striker, although he is also capable of functioning as a left winger, or as a centre-forward. Among his main strengths are his ball control, dribbling ability, pace, and agility.’
  7. He was unbelievable at Sevilla and I can see why he got the move to Barca. Supposedly, hasn’t worked out for him at Barca (don’t watch as much La Liga now it’s not on Sky) but if he’s still got what he did in his Sevilla days then he’d be a massive upgrade on what we’ve got and I’d happily sell 2 of Mina (only due to contract), Keane and Holgate to bring 1 better centre back in whilst probably making money to spend elsewhere. Centre back may not seem a priority but it’s certainly an area we can be clever in to create funds/space elsewhere.
  8. This works 👍🏼
  9. No thank you - decent player but for what we’d have to pay, there’s much better.
  10. Took part yesterday - looks like the rumour came from someone reading it from the website which hasn’t been updated. Fingers crossed anyway because he looks like he could be such an asset (fitness permitting).
  11. Still could be - maybe he’ll start to look like the player we had hoped with a bit of pace alongside him in the team.
  12. That Simon Douglas is a jarg account - get it on mute!
  13. The WBA fans I know seem to think he’ll go to West Ham if they don’t get Lingard.
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