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  1. We will be closer to ‘clearing the decks’ this summer with the players out of contract. There will still be deadwood that we’ll be stuck with (Tosun most frustratingly) but hopefully we’ll be able to shift a few like Bernard and Kenny too.
  2. Just a bit of perspective after seeing all the negativity in the match day thread. We have 1 less point with 8 games left than we did in the entirety of last season... a season where, bar the first few fixtures, have been plagued by injuries. I am fully aware that every club has injuries but as many in such a key area - in my opinion the most important area of central midfield. Look at the reigning champions - their injuries have been the most moaned about/ highest profile - all at centre back. They tried to sort this by putting Fabinho/Henderson (less so) but actually they’ve been b
  3. Doucoure, Allan, Gomes, Delph, Gbamin, Davies is pretty good central midfield depth to be fair - it’s been our problem all season, we can’t get a consistent trio or even partnership - such a shame as points wise, we’re not far off top 4.
  4. No DCL, no King, no Allan... very threadbare!
  5. Fair enough but a fit Delph would have been very helpful. I know fit Delph is an oxymoron but hey ho!
  6. We’ve been so unlucky with this signing - he sounded ideal to replace such a key player in Gueye. We also sign Delph as insurance to help give a bit of depth and bed Gbamin in - didn’t we sign Gomes permanently that summer too? We’ve been so unlucky in centre mid - add Allan and Doucoure to that too. We’ve had no consistency in this position for years now so no wonder our performances have been so inconsistent/frustrating. No wonder Davies has struggled at times too.
  7. Another season ending knee injury in today’s game - stretchered off. Gutted for him but just as gutted that he’ll probably be on our wage bill for another year now (sorry to sound insensitive!)
  8. He’s doing a good job but, with the depth and quality of squad, he should be. They SHOULD win the Europa and finish 2nd this season.
  9. ToffeeTalk would have gone into meltdown had we signed Lingard in January. Fair play to him - he’s done great at West Ham so far. Spoiler alert... the top 4 will be Man C, Man U, Chelsea, Liverpool...
  10. Don’t say that - you’ll ruin the witch hunt!
  11. I thought that at the time - he was so happy - lovely to see! He’s clearly miles off the pace and psychologically it must be so hard after all the set backs so we need to be so so patient.
  12. Get that out of your head - no chance. He won’t be playing in England next season.
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