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  1. We don't need to show we are not a selling club we have always done the business thats right for us regardless of what people think of us. I can't think of one deal where we have really lost out in the long run? I listened to Roberto talk about contracts somewhere months ago and his thoughts on it are interesting. Basically as you become more integral within the squad he increases the wages slightly to reflect that and maybe extends a year or 2 based on the current contract length. That way he shows players they are wanted and their involvement and hard work is appreciated. This does 2 things, makes sure that important players contracts don't run down and also stops their heads being turned by talks of big money moves in the last 2 years of their deal which in turn stops us being held to ransom in contract renewal negotiations. The man is a football genius off the field as well as on it!
  2. Whats bobby on? Was it a 4 year deal? Deffo worth the boost up to 6 to show him we want him here whoever comes calling!!
  3. I'd cry if we signed either of these. Milner with a wage cut and for the right price is a yes from me I like him.
  4. Has he been watching a different liverpool than the rest of us?
  5. Maybe pressure was the wrong word to use but we have had plenty of young 'next england No.1' keepers over the past 10 years and to be honest none of them have been up to scratch when needed. Imo it's rare that a keeper finds that consistency that we all expect from them until they are mid 20's and KS is 27 and available on a free!
  6. The problem with having such a young keeper in reserve is when you have to call on him will he handle the pressure?
  7. According to the Mirror Sevilla are interested. http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/everton-transfers-joel-robles-sevilla-3417193 My question is if he's off who would you like to see us bring in? It's a hard one because it's definitely time we began to look for a long term replacement for Tim but it's difficult to get a good keeper to sit on the bench and Tim still has a lot to give! Personally I like Kasper Schmeichel and he's out of contract this season.
  8. Just working my way through the last series of Top Gear one of the boys has kindly provided for me in Singapore. I love Top Gear
  9. The youth who have moved on before I really couldn't have argued with tbh, some of the choices of club (Gosling to the barcodes!) have been a joke but you couldn't blame them the club on a whole seemed to have reached it's ceiling and I can't argue with the youth looking to better their career prospects. At the moment though I think any young player and to an extent even the loans who want to leave are getting very bad advice! This club has a solid foundation which love him or hate him the ginger ninja laid down, the youth development is excellent with plenty of talent bubbling just under the first team, there is limited funds available each window and in Martinez we have developed what looks like the early stages of something special in terms of playing style. Anyone who decides to leave this team at the moment wants their head checking. I don't think Ross, John or anyone else will have their head turned this summer, whats Bobby's brow shoes have achieved this season deserves the respect and commitment of all his players and anyone who thinks the grass is greener I would ship out without batting an eyelid. Next season is the big one though, unless we continue this development I think many of our players may start being attracted by the bigger clubs just like the past!!
  10. http://footyscene.com/stop-loaning-give-everton-credit/ Great response, this is THT off 'The Footy Show' on KCC radio Monday nights. I've been listening to the podcast for a few weeks know, like what they have to say every week.
  11. Question 1 Lets get it out of the way, what are your thoughts on Manchester United and in particular David Moyes this season who has moved from managing Everton Football club for nearly 12 years to moving to Manchester United? Stuck with Moyes, stuck with Moyes Man United, Stuck with Moyes, stuck with Moyes I say, Stuck with Moyes, stuck with Moyes Man United, Playing football the negative way! Says it all for me really, I have the greatest respect for what he did in his first years but I like many others got suckered into believing we were doing the very best we could with his negative tactics, mentality and general self. Question 2 After what has gone on and all that Moyes has done for Everton, are you ready to forgive him? I forgave him the second he got put in his place at old trafford then started moaning about us being a disgrace, the Evertonian venom was ok for him to stand behind but he cried like a baby when he was on the receiving end. Unlucky Davey ur not one of us anymore and it's sad cos we treat our ex players and managers with so much respect until they act like cunts. Question 3 After seeing what Robert Martinez has done with your team, do you think he has improved the way you play, and it what way does he differ from David Moyes? Most definitely he has showed us a group of players can play football against anyone, I grew up in an era where it was believed the 'dog's of war' mentality was a must against the top teams. Roberto has proven that playing football gets better results! Question 4 Do you think having Lukaku has made a difference to the way you play with his physical presence? No he is a talented kid but play wise we have carried him for large parts of the season, his goal threat cannot be questioned tho. Big potential, big Rom! Question 5 Who is your most hated Manchester United player and why? Don't really hate any of them, I've always had a healthy respect for United. Think RVP is a bad cunt for thinking the grass was greener like but thats just a general dislike of the attitude of some superstars. Question 6 What are your thoughts on Martinez? Do you think he is the right manager to get you where you rightly deserve after so many years trying; a Champions league spot? I think he's the man to take the next step I was a sceptic at first but now I'm sold big big close season though we need to sign up the right players and if not make some solid loans to keep us playing at this level. Question 7 What does Manchester United versus Everton mean to you as an Evertonian? Not a lot lately, it used to be a game I feared then a game I looked forward to abusing Rooney but I don't look for the united game on the fixture list I look for the Derby. Question 8 We have played against each other many times over the years. Which is your favourite game against us, and why? This comes down to Duncan Ferguson, it has to be his final game against United when he scored the header I've never wanted to kiss a man so much the atmosphere was electric. Question 9 What are your predictions for the game on the 20th of April? Dry bumming for united.
  12. I'm still questioning if he's worth the money and if his attitude will be right if we don't secure and maintain CL status? Not sure if 20 mil would be better spent on a couple of other players.
  13. Was listening to a podcast last night that I listen to every week. Have a listen to this 10 minute clip, do true. https://soundcloud.com/followtonians/ped-and-thts-rallying-call
  14. Don't really get why we need to spend money on an aging center half? Surly Distin has another season in him as our main center half? Stones is more than capable of cover and then when stones steps up I would see Distin as decent cover. That gives us 2 years to search out a solid young center half to bring in and mold into the next Jags.
  15. I'm surprised nobody had mentioned this already but how much is the TV revenue? I'm not entirely sure how this all works perhaps someone can open my eyes a little? It says here we were given 51million in 12/13 http://www.premierleague.com/en-gb/news/news/2012-13/may/premier-league-total-broadcasting-payments-season-2012-13.html I also heard somewhere that there is an additional 30million for clubs next season, is that right? So given my loosely backed up calculation are we due 80 odd million this closed season? That's some housing unit they are buiding at Finch Farm, we have just built a 5* Luxury Hotel in Thailand for not far off that figure!!
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