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  1. Pretty unfair. Class manager for us and had great times under him.
  2. Lingaard has always had quality. This is a case of falling out of favour with managers and finding one that believes in you. Right now he’s absolutely flying and once again Moyes “gets the best” out of his players.
  3. Yes 7 from 70+ attempts is poor pal very poor and I’m sick of seeing him on the end of our free kicks. His conversion rate is terrible. What the hell are you going on about with the last paragraph? Sorry no that’s not my opinion at all. That’s something you’ve made up.
  4. Good on Richarlison for taking the free kick! After all he won it. What made it more acceptable was the commentator saying Sigurdsson had only scored 7 out of 70+ direct free kicks. Basically he’s crap at them and him being a set piece specialist is a myth. On what basis is Sigurdsson “world class” In dead ball situations? Please accept other people’s opinions. I too also think Richarlison had decent game. Yes he missed chances but he was far from the worst performer.
  5. James DCL missed two sitters, poor again. Richarlison also missed chances but overall offered a lot more. Another striker is a must!
  6. He offers absolutely nothing other than the goals he’s scored and those goals are nowhere near as prolific as Lineker so a poor comparison - for now anyway. I also believe Carlo has told him to goal hang because he knows his game is limited. That’s getting the best out of him. His all around game is poor and whilst he’s not the worst striker we’ve had he’s nowhere near the best or the answer. We need another striker to at least put pressure on his place in the team.
  7. Becoming obvious he’s reliant on other players getting him a goal. No creativity for himself or any other player. I personally think he’s poor.
  8. Went with Digne. Thought he had a decent first half
  9. Imagine a manager winning at Anfield after 22 years. Enough said! Carlo Magnifico
  10. Keane Davies and Pickford superb. What a fucking win guys!!!
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