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  1. On paper it looks an underwhelming signing but I genuinely believe it’ll turn out to be a good one. Works hard, has pace and doesn’t think he’s a superstar.
  2. Bookies have it all covered. If a person wins over £12k from a bookie in one year they are no longer allowed to bet until the next calendar year with that bookie. There’s actually loads of rules to stop people winning big.
  3. Totally open to abuse but once someone throws big money on it they batten down the hatches. The big money bets are always investigated too.
  4. Potter is a no from me. On the basis that he won’t attract top players to the club. I also just don’t think he’s a top 6 manager. It’s an opinion but I think he’s all wrong. The french guy I have absolutely no knowledge of. Again a massive gamble and can’t see a long sustainable stay from him.
  5. There’s realistically nobody else out there. Although I’d be underwhelmed by it, looking at the bigger picture we need someone to come in who’ll be willing to start something and stay. Big named managers aren’t the answer. They will jump ship as proved by Ancelotti. That type of manager came too early for us. We aren’t at that stage. We need someone to come in and build a good squad get us into Europe then move up the ladder. Out of all the candidates I think Nuno suits us right now.
  6. Genuinely not a clue who we could get. Big no’s for me: Nuno & Howe - but they could be likely. Out there Options: Lampard & Gerrard Safe Options: Moyes & Benitez Big Name: Conte
  7. It was inevitable. Not good enough from the top of the club to the bottom. After the City game I posted on here that this would be the case. I don’t blame him but he’s had an easy escape from a very very poor job. He did really poorly. However the squad available to him was really really bad and until we all realise this then nobody will want to stay and manage this team of any calibrate.
  8. Sell: Holgate Keane Iwobi Davies Gomes Sigurdsson all must go! Buy: Players better than the above
  9. I never post on this page but after today’s result and our league position I’d be very surprised if Carlo Ancelotti doesn’t consider his position. Yes he has to shoulder some blame but by god the squad he has is absolutely terrible. Will he really want to take this project on another season?
  10. The Warden of the North. Enough said.
  11. Richarlison. Goal and a couple of decent balls into the box. More like it from him
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