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  1. It’ll be Iwobi and Bernard coming in imo.
  2. I thought both Gomes and Doucoure struggled yesterday. I found myself thinking Allan was having a poor game the first 20-25 minutes but quickly realised he was being dragged out of position because of the gaping hole in front and either side of him. To cut it short Allan was 2v1 a lot of the time.
  3. We should give him a bit of slack here. Makes his debut against arguably the most dangerous forward in the league whilst playing out of position. The lad done extremely well!
  4. Thought he was really poor today.
  5. He did really well. Well done young man.
  6. Agreed first half definitely not second. Pretty much all our chances start with him.
  7. Gone with Rodriguez. Thought second half he looked the threat and the one to open something up. Allan another who came into the game as it went on. No way I can give it to Pickford. Yes two brilliant saves but could have been sent off and should have saved Henderson’s shot.
  8. It’s a difficult one this because you genuinely feel for the lad but at the same time the transfer so far has been a complete waste of money. The guy just can’t get fit. I fully expect him to be injured again in the coming weeks months. Prove me wrong. I hope I am
  9. This feels like a direct replacement for Stekelenberg to me. Nothing more and nothing less.
  10. I’d be disappointed to see him go if I’m honest.
  11. A realistic expectation based on previous seasons would be to aim for a top 6 finish. It still has to be that.
  12. I genuinely can’t see Ancelotti buying any shite should we replace Kean. It’ll be a good signing regardless. Let’s hope we do get someone in
  13. My thoughts exactly. Could this be the time to throw more money into the squad with the league being wide open? A GK and another top class forward
  14. Looks like he could be moved on before the deadline.
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