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  1. Two up with who? Cenk Tosun
  2. I genuinely don’t see how anyone can go after the manager at all. But to go after him for his substitutions tonight is mental, he made 3 attacking substitutions. What would you have done at 0-0? From what we had on the bench what was your solution?
  3. He’s been poor for a couple of months but my god that was an absolutely shocking performance. Utterly utterly shocking.
  4. Showed nothing to suggest he should be playing. Big chance for him tonight which he didn’t take. Bernard should be ahead of him.
  5. The flat back four has turned our fortunes around - no doubt about it. Hopefully the star players that are out, come back fitter & sharper to push us in the final 3rd of the season. 5/6th must be our immediate target now.
  6. Covering every blade of grass and having a positive effect on the game are two very different things. I expect a lot more from him.
  7. I haven’t down voted you because that’s your opinion! However I thought Doucoure had absolutely no effect on the game, he was chasing shadows throughout.
  8. A gallant performance by our back four again went with Keane this time closely followed by Godfrey. Midfield - wide and central extremely poor!! Doucoure anonymous after one good game he once again goes missing! Bernard evidently not cut for English football.
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