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  1. Guy is just class, if we can’t allow for one special player to relax defensive duties there’s something wrong. Not a chance he should be left out. If he’s fit he plays.
  2. I think you’re right. He’s suit this team perfectly.
  3. Really poor today and a very underwhelming signing so far. Not sure what he’s bringing to the team at the moment other than holding his position?
  4. Yes they are 50% of our attacking threat in my opinion. That’s completely gone. I went for Allan because he showed us he can actually go forward today as well as just sit. I thought he was brilliant. Rodrigues again, trying to make things happen. A close second
  5. Gone with Allan purely based on that second half display. Could quite easily have gone for Doucoure too they both had to work their arses off. brilliant performance first half from Iwobi and Rodrigues
  6. I think at the moment we have to go with Keane and Mina. Holgate will need time to get back to his usual level and Godfrey must take his chance if it arises.
  7. As much as I don’t rate Davies. Could he really do any worse than Gomes and Sigurdsson right now? I’m not sure! Play him in a more advanced role in front of Allan and Doucoure. I’m scraping the barrell here I really am but I never want to see Sigurdsson play in a blue shirt again.
  8. I’d love to see him back at the club. Was watching some of the clips of him whilst he was here. Great player and exactly what we’re missing from the bench atm.
  9. Not set the world a light so far. I thought he’d be more of a box to box midfielder. At present he seems very reluctant to get forward.
  10. I think he’s a decent enough backup to DCL for now. Let’s see what he can do with Richarlison and James around him.
  11. Not really as when he pushed on Doucoure dropped to RB. Same with Delph on the opposite side. I thought that was pretty obvious. Also a role Digne and Coleman would have made light work of!
  12. Tony Hibbert offered more. Enough said really.
  13. Definitely not a lesser turd. He was the worst on the pitch and there was some shite out there today!
  14. But you said he was a lesser turd. He was an absolute shambles and to even consider he’s playing premiership football is a joke. DCL crying out for balls into the box and this lad failed to deliver 1 single cross after numerous opportunities. He couldn’t even beat the first man. Out of the players that played he was at minimum in the bottom 5. I’d put him bottom.
  15. So you think he played ok? He was utter utter crap pal. Change your glasses.
  16. He was absolute dross. Had chance after chance to deliver a cross and passed backwards. absolutely awful
  17. Hi Guys, I try not to bring a negative opinion to this forum any more but WOW. This guy is utter dross. Not one single decent cross. Backwards and side wards passing. Would struggle in the Championship!
  18. Guys, his form is terrible!
  19. Allan, another level to the dross next to him. DCL on par with him and a great debut for Olsen. There’s so much dead wood in that squad though guys.
  20. It’s not looking good at all. He’s a big strong lad should be doing a lot more. For some reason I feel he’d be more effective as a striker but that just might be my hunch.
  21. His work rate and constant pressure on the opposition was missed today. He’s without doubt our most crucial player.
  22. It’ll be Iwobi and Bernard coming in imo.
  23. I thought both Gomes and Doucoure struggled yesterday. I found myself thinking Allan was having a poor game the first 20-25 minutes but quickly realised he was being dragged out of position because of the gaping hole in front and either side of him. To cut it short Allan was 2v1 a lot of the time.
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