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  1. Interesting looking at the list of player at the top of our man of the match list. 5 out of the top 6 of our 'best' performers this year where out againt Brighton. Going to go for Godfrey in this game.
  2. I am with you on this Haf. Beyond our first 12-13 players we do lack quality in the squad. Injuries to key player have contributed massively this season. Allan, Doucoure and James playing together at the begining of the season looked as if a magic wand had been waved over the team - i was so excited thinking how well they would do second half of the season once they had played and trained together for a few months. We have not seen the three of them play together since being top of the league. Its also been pretty rear to see two of them on the pitch together. I am not suprised how we pla
  3. Given we put a make shift side out, with three defenders in midfeild normally I would have happily taken going away and nicking a scrappy point. However, the recent dropped points made it a must win. Arse!!
  4. And that pretty much sums up Iwobi. Just not quite good enough.
  5. We deserve fook all tonighf, but got to be brave for the last 10mins and try and steal it. Draw not much better than a defeat.
  6. On a positive - this isn't the first time this season we have had to go on the pitch a put square pegs in round holes due to injuries and ended up come back with the points. Seem to get better performances when we have our backs to the wall. I am pig sick King is also be injured with DCL missing - can you fucking believe it!!! this was just the type of game he was brought here to cover in and bag a winning goal.
  7. fuck - cursed by injuries - How we going to line up then with four centre backs playing? Olsen Holgate Keane Mina Godfrey Coleman Davies Digne Rodriquez Siggy Richarlison
  8. lets hope it being over cautious and the lads OK.
  9. we have a pretty tough run of games after tonight our final eight games include - Villa twice, West Ham, Spurs, Arsenal and Man City. A good run similar to that we had on the run up to Xmas is going to be needed.
  10. I think you have to say this season we have been a fair bit unlucky with injuries. There have been weeks when we didn't put out a full bench, had two or three keepers on it or its made up of mainly kids. A lot of the time the first 11 payers have pretty much picked themselves. It has definitely been a season where it's been difficult in getting continuity in the personnel out on the pitch. this game now is must win for any chance of European football (I actually think we have probably already fucked it up by losing 5 points to Burnley and Crystal Palace - but need some hope!!) - a loss an
  11. Looks like the hammers made the best move in the January transfer window. Jess Lingard is firing them in to Europe ahead of us at the moment, while King has turned out a fairly anonamouse signing.
  12. I think he is mainly a winger - who knows how to defend, so would be a very handy addition to our right hand side of the pitch. If he is regularly on the Real Madrid team sheet - he is going to be be no mug!!!! Get him signed. I am fairly confident we will be looking for a couple of players for our right hand side of the pitch.
  13. It was a good performance today. One issue I have with Gomes is that he does need to be chipping in with the occasional goal - as a central midfielder (and not a holding/defensive one) 2 or 3 a season in the league wouldn't go a miss. He has 1 goal in 68 league appearances. if he was more of a goal threat from around the edge of the area it would just give that opposition something else to think about when we are on the offensive.
  14. In all honesty we limited city to half chances all game, even the goal was slightly fortunate. They where much less dominant than when we played the league game. Second goal is much of a muchness when you are trying to get a equaliser. They might well get the quadruple - there squad is so so dominate
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