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  1. a good result in the end, especially considering we had our defensive midfielders missing. We especially missed them with us sitting so deep defending that lead in the second half. I think we all know both Davies and Gomes in there against the top 5-6 teams in the Premiership means we are going to struggle a bit. I wouldn't go as far as saying it was a howler by keeper, just maybe could have done a little better - you maybe save that sgit four out of five times. Think the goal came more due to the fact we where being pinned back by them, it was beginning to feel inevitable. Richy
  2. Desperately missing Doucoure and allan in a game like this.
  3. Flat back four Gomes Davies Richy James digne DCL
  4. I think Vardy being out will be as big a miss to Leicester as much as Doucoure being out for us is - so evens up the 'missing key player' stakes a bit. Leicester are a good team, but are not at the level of Liverpool, Man U or Man C - so at home these should be games that we go in to looking to be giving as good as we get and being optimistic of getting three point - so to say. Those other teams I mentioned, you might tend be solid at the back for 70mins and maybe try and nick something at the end. Leicester are a team that we are either going to finish just above or just behind t
  5. Somebody also mentioned that sometimes you see James with his head up scanning where to put the ball - and sometimes has to frustratingly take a sideways or back pass with lack of movement in front of him. However, lets not forget he is only 12 games in to his Everton career. Once the squad are really on the same wavelength the will be more movement and more killer balls. How many players 12 games in are you usually still waiting for them to get up to speed with the Prem as the game passes them by? 3 goals, 5 assists and god knows how many key passes already - It is so exciting, t
  6. and forgot to mention - what an unselfish player he is. How many 'wild' shots do you see from him at the edge of the area? he always looking for somebody who might be in a better position before he thinks about pulling the trigger - he's so economical in what he does. forward players must love playing with him - make a run and he'll try his best to find you.
  7. For sure James isn't particularly effective when we are without the ball and opposition players do tend to just ghost past him - potentially leading to 'chance created' for the opposition. So as a player he has to be marked down for that. However, on the flip side when his is in our starting line up our 'chances created' numbers are significantly improved. And it think that's how you have to think of James - on balance, does having him on the pitch (over a more ordinary player who is 'acceptable' both going forward and tracking back), over all lead to an increased number of Everton
  8. Big shout for Gomes last night, probably his best game in some time - lets hope he is getting some confidence back and this is an upward trajectory. Sheff Weds did gave him far to much time and space, but James was a class apart and played some cracking balls. Just always looking for those killer passes. The pace and accuracy of those corners - just top draw.
  9. should be a good move for the lad. Hopefully get plenty of game time.
  10. Trouble with Lamptey is he is going to cost a premium now. Even though he has looked decent enough - he's not played a significant amount of games to show any sort of consistency at the top level, he is young and as others have eluded to - he is quite small. Time to have purchased Lamptey was 12 months ago when Chelsea sold him to BHA. Cheslea have Reese James, so Lamptey surplus to supply with them. We just need to be on the lookout for the next Lamptey or Reese James!!
  11. https://readeverton.com/2021/01/18/everton-must-avoid-josh-king-deal-high-wages/ £120K a week!! - what planet is Josh King on. Does he really think that clubs are still going to pay this sort of wages for an 'OK' squad player (for 2/3 of Premier league clubs) - has he not realised the market is very different this year. He is no where near worth these sorts of wages - also says a lot of about a player if he thinks he's in a position to rinse a club with his wage demands, which are really above his 'level'. I think he is on around £45K a week at Bournemouth - and that's about his worth t
  12. Reports today - saying loan with obligation to buy at around 10M Euro's in the summer. I would guess modest wages for 19 year old. I would think a fair enough price for a well regarded young striker - possible decent sell on value if he comes good. Unproved young player always has some element of risk. Being a Dutch lad - I imaging he has good technique and will also have good English, and he is already away from home playing in Germany. - so coming to UK will not be to much of a culture shock. He also has a good idea of what Everton are like having spent some time here on trial a few ye
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