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  1. results have been yoyoing all over the place this season. A high league position is there for the taking for a reasonably consistent team.
  2. don't get me wrong - I want Rodriquez and Richarlison fit and available for every game if possible. However, don't think a 'weeks' brake from games will do them any harm to be honest - its been a hectic period especially for our South American's with international break, a forced break this weekend maybe not such a bad thing. (although, Richarlison away for 3 games is too long a break!!). In a strange way I am also curious how we perform without Rodriquez (and Richarlison). We have looked good in the Carabou cup, but an away Premiership fixture will be a tougher test. A great opportunity
  3. Spot on. I was think very much along the same lines. I mentioned on Saturday, Pickford can look at satrudays desision as a turning point. If he had been sent off for seriouse foul play, then Olsen would have a four game run to try and take the no. 1 jersey. Instead the Everton family, including us fan, really get fully behind Pickford, now that the rest of footballing world want to crucify him.
  4. Its a sad reflection of media these days, everything is sensationalised, scrutinised, every expert and non expert has an opinion they want to shout about and share with anybody who will listen. The truths of an issue does now seem to be overly important. Why let the truth get in the way of a good story!! It the 21st centry version of the lynch mod. All played out on social media. I always feel sorry for any individual who get caught in these crossfires of social outcry - whether it be fooballers, celebrities or politisons.
  5. Some pundit are comparing Some pundits are even comparing it to Roy Keane's Harrland tackle. WTF. Pure sensationalisum by some.
  6. Seems like Pickford is currently enemy No. 1 in the media. It like there is a competion to see who can voice the most 'disgusted' they are with the tackle. A unnessasay frenzy is being whipped up. It was a bad tackle and unfortunatly a player got hurt, it happens. There was no malise or retrobution in that tackle, it was a under pressure keeper desperatley trying to stop a second goal. Fair do's to Carra for being one of the only level heads in the media.
  7. This is where Iwobi , Bernard and even Gordan now have to take there chance at step up to the plate. How the 'back up' play this next few will give us a really good indication of how our season is going to go.
  8. not getting send off for the VVD incident could be a massive decision for Pickford. If he got send off (and he was probably an offside decision away from walking today!!) , Olsen gets pretty much gets at least two full game to stake his claim to be our starting keeper. Given Pickford's mistakes so far this year plus the sending off, if Olsen made a decent fist of the two game Pickford almost gifted him, then Pickford becomes our No.2, and who knows when he gets a chance to be no.1 again. England knock on effects. Not getting a red card today is massive for Pickford!!! Instead of getting s
  9. Thought the player who came back from South America where not up to the standards we have been used to this season, but can't be too critical of Mina, Richarlison or Rodriquez as can't really expected them to be firing on all cylinders a couple of days after landing. Set the tone of our performance really. Still a couple of great balls from Rodriguez thought. Allan has a busy afternoon, but have to give MoM to Keane.
  10. Half time, maybe lucky to have 11 player on the pitch and the score level. Lets take advantage of this in the second half.
  11. Will take a draw now. Rodriquez and richarlison both look off it today, both struggling after internationl duty.
  12. yeah, its been brilliant so far this season- just hoping we are not give a massive reality check by Liverpool to take the wind right out of our sails!! It almost feels worse going in to the Derby as a form team with a fighting chance rather being massive underdog. Not used to have much expectation in these games!!
  13. I knew it wouldn't be a popular post, but it at least gets people thinking about something different. My initial response was to somebody who said a mate gets 'everything for £6.90' through illegal stream as opposed to paying the going rate, after I said at this moment in time given the amount of matches that are on TV, these subscriptions are actually good value at the moment. For those who I appear to have upset - please check my posts again - I didn't call anybody 'immoral thieves' or actually make any judge anybody at all. I am just laying out a point of view and some analogies
  14. And why would you pay full price for power tools, if you know of a bloke down the pub who can sort you one out for a £10.
  15. I think its decent value for the number of games you get to be honest - There are probably around +50 games a month on if you wanted to watch them all, plus all the other sports etc if you like them. You don't have to pay for all subscriptions, but the choice is there for people, who now can't get to the games or pubs to watch them. This season (due to there being more games) I have subscribe to BT Sport and just get a £10 day pass on Sky if Everton are playing that day. You can sign up to Amazon prime as it suits you., if they happen to have an Everton playing. TV money is vit
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