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  1. the fact that both Spurs and Palace also seem to be equally inept of sorting out a new manager, it does give me some solace. Is everybody just being cagey and not wanting to give out big contracts without proper due diligence.
  2. But a bit of tribalism, the 'us' and 'them' banter is all part of football and it's charm - so it's a bit disingenuous to call people silly or very childish for considering his past allegiances as part of the make up of why they don't want him as a manager. If he was a stand out candidate in the here and now - say like Brendan Rodger, then yes maybe we would be cutting of our noses a little to spit our faces, but a good proportion of people are not mad on his football or the bloke himself.
  3. Benitiez just feels a bit like a poor mans Ancelotti - very similar similar age, but not quite the same CV and with added baggage due to his strong Liverpool connection. I would just rather see something 'fresher'. I will just have to get behind whoever is the manager, but think we will back in the market for another manager within the usual 18months or sooner!!
  4. what would annoy me most about the appointment of Benitez is it would show that the people making THE KEY decisions just seem to be disjointed from the fans and character of the club. No quite sure there is a massive positive that would anywhere near outweigh the negatives of his appointment. Is he going to be bring 'great' players with him from his last few jobs? Him nor his football fill with me excitement. So why upset a significant number of the fan base. I just wouldn't understand the appointment, if it happened.
  5. I have my fingers crossed the negative reaction get through to them. Maybe Jim White leak was to test the water. It might be worth a few quid on Nuno now at 6/1.
  6. I am praying to, It would also hammer home that those running the club really don't seem to understand it. He would be the most divisive manager they could appoint. He has built up his pension fund in china, and is now ready to put on his slippers and enjoy his retirement on Merseyside with his family while Everton conveniently top up his pension pot.
  7. unless he goes on to achieve what he did at Liverpool - then we are pretty much open to have the 'small club' comment rubbed in our faces by the Redshite, no matter how we improve under Benitez. Qualify for Europe - great achievement for a small club!!! Same manager, but we will celebrate much lesser achievements. Whatever improvements we did achieve under Benitez, the gloss will be taken off them because he will have achieved more with Liverpool. Even in any minor successes under Benitez I will still be an echo of being a 'small club'.
  8. but the problem with supporting a football team is it is from the heart and not the head. So as good as some fits may be - they just don't feel right. Given what Benitez achieved with Liverpool, what would you consider him being successful at a 'small club'. Fans will be on his case and just as likely be on the boards case for the appointment - I just can't see it working and another failed appointment within the year.
  9. @Romey 1878 got it spot on its not his management ability, its simply his Liverpool connection and the success he enjoyed there that just makes it the wrong appointment, we live in their shadow enough as it is. We don't need to go there and his appointment would simply be divisive -
  10. For fucks sake. Fans are just not going to get behind him. We truly are more than 10years behind our red neighbours. We will be looking for a new manager within the year if he is appointed.
  11. Quality young players is what I want seen coming to the club, so if this was Nuno's first signing I would be very happy, and a good indication of the direction we might be going. Sounds like a Tom Davies up grade. https://totalfootballanalysis.com/article/youngsters-turned-sporting-cp-around-tactical-analysis-tactics
  12. this all sounds a bit strange regarding Nuno - media say CP now not interested due to increased demands after speaking to Everton. That would suggest Everton offered him something and he either turned it down, or has also sounded out CP while he mulls over our offer. All sounds a bit fishy, as this sort of tactic would in the end see him at neither club - or at least it shouldn't. Wouldn't think he was that sort after to be able to play clubs against each other, and still have them wanting to sign him.
  13. for all his faults the last manager to actually do a decent job with us and not was David Moyes - I would say a Graham Potter appointment would be similar type of appointment, is British, has done very well with a lower team and is well respected by his peers. He has rightfully earned a move to a mid table club, with his style of play and forward thinking. Have just seen £11M a year wasted on jonnie big potato Ancelotti them maybe the brightest young think in British management is the way to go again, maybe it better suits our clubs DNA.
  14. Well we can't complain to much if it's Potter - he has the most TT votes (or was he most people's 5th choice!!). It doesn't sound like Brands was overly enthused in the Nuno interview - I am guess we could have had him if we wanted him, but have chosen no to). Last time around how late in the day did Ancelotti's name jump to the top of the bookies list.
  15. But what is scary is that Eddie Howe is so high on that this list and even though we all have 5 votes each, not a single one of us give him the benefit of the doubt with one of our votes. He would not be a popular appointment.
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