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  1. I think Doucoure is looking to be a cracking bit of business. I think is going to flourish even more under Benitez over this season - looking a better player again as he has been allowed a little more freedom to get forward a bit more. I think he will be a player who is going to benefit from not having to cover for James. His goals could make a massive difference this season - we have been missing goals from midfield for far to long.
  2. Can't quite understand the criticism of Rondon in a blue just yet. Going to need at least another 3-4 weeks to be at the fitness level needed to be fully effective in Premiership. He is essentially only on pre-season. Even after players have had a proper pre season - It take a good 3-4 game before they are match fit. With no others available to play then it is a case of making best do with what you can put out on the pitch, even when its not ideal - don't quite understand the gripe about it, especially when it worked out OK and we comfortably took the 3 points.
  3. Today was always going to be about grinding out the points, without a fit striker or right back on the pitch and a lot of the players having played in mid week - and grind out the points we did. A good three point - and apparently the last time we won the first 3 home games of the season was back in 1989!! so the BBC just said. There will be tougher games I know, but if we ARE taking the points in the game in which we expect to take then I will take that for now. As this is not always the case with Everton.
  4. think the team picked itself this week - hard to see past that starting 11.
  5. It will give the young lad valuable exposure to being part of the senior match day squad. Even if he is not fit enough to play it still valuable for him to get experience of the Everton/Benitez match day routine. It pretty common to introduce young players to the match day squad this way. When he is fit enough to play and be called upon, he will be much more relaxed and familiar with being in the match day squad.
  6. Given the state of the squad it's a game to just get the points from by hook or by crook. Not overly concerned about performance with so many missing.
  7. perspective - It will take some of us close to a lifetime to earn what our football club have been paying him every single month. I have a minimum expectation of players in these privileged positions and that is to give the best effort you can each and every month. The fact he is capable of great footballer just makes it a whole lot worst.
  8. but why though? people know what they have said in the past and how their opinions change and develop as you get to know a person - so not interested in playing the 'but you once said' game. I am open to debate and open to having my mind changed. In the end James boiled down to a simple question -Had James commitment to Everton football club evaporate since the turn of the year? Plenty think that it had , and we don't really want players who are not committed around the place, no matter their skill set. It will all come out in the goodness of time.
  9. not sure why @Cornish Steve is quoting people recognising James skills when he as showed then, nobody doubts his talent. Everybody is allowed to enjoy and comment on a players skill, just as they are allowed to comment of negative aspects. We all do it all the time - - everybody waxed lyrical about Townsends goal against Burnley we ALL enjoyed it and appreciated the skill and commented upon it - in a couple of months time he might get a slating if he is out of form and his shooting is all over the place. Think its sad going back over 12 months in threads and picking out everybody's 'positive', but chose to ignore all negative one. What is the point?
  10. I think you need to read people's post's properly - nobody denies the lad has quality. Our problem is that since January he has shown he can't be arsed to put the work in and get on the pitch put in the performances we know he is capable off. You quote more than 25 positive posts pre January and none afterward - so thanks for spending the time do this and further supporting my point that he has shown the talent, but very quickly lost interest in Everton and pretty much down tools and couldn't really be arsed doing it in a Everton shirt. Making mugs of us all!! Those quote just prove what a mug I have been.
  11. Agree totally, for me Benitez has kind of got himself a near free pass this season - not being allowed big money spending like his predecessors and losing Gylfi in unusual circumstances. On paper he has a weakened squad to those before him. However, a years pass with no immediate massive spending might be a good thing in the longer term. Get to know the squad properly, build a relationship with Brands and build steady in the right places. Not just shoehorning expensive players in a squad in the first transfer of your appointment. We might lose 12 months, but the preceding 5years of big spending have not been all that. Benitez always talks about a good 'balance' to the squad and how we play. The free/cheap transfers already appear to be addressing this. Two of the player than have come in (and they are Benitez players) Grey and Townsend are making a difference to this squad and how we are able to play. They are making as big an impact as we seen from any big transfer players in the past.
  12. Indeed, but not so fussed on them if they can't put the effort needed to get on the pitch to use this magic week in and week out. whether you are being paid £5m or £10m a season players have got to put in the best effort that they can- period. Nothing else is acceptable in my eyes. @StevODo you think James has put in the best effort that he could have for Everton FC?
  13. I actually think James had essentially 'given up' sometime before Carlo left. Carlo threw him under the bus when he said in his press conference that James was too 'tired' to play in one of he matches. James doesn't have the effort in him to make it in the Prem. The talent, yes, but essentially he can't be arsed - almost criminal really how he has taken his wages every week. He is not a player who you would hold up as an example and role model to any youngster in the game.
  14. emm, world class players don't end up in Qatar at 30 years old because nobody else will pay them 'world class' wages. James has world class footballing abilities but chooses not to put in the work in to be a true world class player. He has made a mug of our club and us fans (you just need to look back though this forum on how stupid he has made a lot of us look). In the initial buzz of signing and playing he showed in the first couple of months that he ability to be a great Premiership player, but he has chosen not to put the work and effort in that is needed to make it in the Prem league week on week throughout the winter months. This to me is so much worst than him simply not being a good enough player - he just didn't care. Everton fans have always loved and appreciated player who really put a shift in and work their socks off. James has turned out to be the opposite of that.
  15. https://www.evertonfc.com/news/2264973/colombian-james-completes-qatar-move not even a thank you or good luck - James must have really been taking the piss out of the club - I expect since around Jan/Feb time. So frustrating after a amazing first couple of months with the club - he looked to be the signing of the season. What a roller coaster he has been for us.
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