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  1. Trouble with Lamptey is he is going to cost a premium now. Even though he has looked decent enough - he's not played a significant amount of games to show any sort of consistency at the top level, he is young and as others have eluded to - he is quite small. Time to have purchased Lamptey was 12 months ago when Chelsea sold him to BHA. Cheslea have Reese James, so Lamptey surplus to supply with them. We just need to be on the lookout for the next Lamptey or Reese James!!
  2. https://readeverton.com/2021/01/18/everton-must-avoid-josh-king-deal-high-wages/ £120K a week!! - what planet is Josh King on. Does he really think that clubs are still going to pay this sort of wages for an 'OK' squad player (for 2/3 of Premier league clubs) - has he not realised the market is very different this year. He is no where near worth these sorts of wages - also says a lot of about a player if he thinks he's in a position to rinse a club with his wage demands, which are really above his 'level'. I think he is on around £45K a week at Bournemouth - and that's about his worth t
  3. Reports today - saying loan with obligation to buy at around 10M Euro's in the summer. I would guess modest wages for 19 year old. I would think a fair enough price for a well regarded young striker - possible decent sell on value if he comes good. Unproved young player always has some element of risk. Being a Dutch lad - I imaging he has good technique and will also have good English, and he is already away from home playing in Germany. - so coming to UK will not be to much of a culture shock. He also has a good idea of what Everton are like having spent some time here on trial a few ye
  4. 6'4" and he already looks a strong unit at just 19. I am a fan of having as may big strong players in a team as possible - It really wear opposition teams out playing against them.
  5. Can't say I know anything about him. Think this transfer rumour has legs though, as fits transfer model of young players and also quality players (I am assuming he has some quality about him) also players who are fringe players at top European clubs. I am guessing we would also have on eye on trying to buy him if Ancelotti likes him and he shows good promise - Maybe a direct replacement for a want away Moise Kean. I would like to think given how Kean is performing at PSG that we would get at least enough to be financing a move for Kirkzee (if he is really good), maybe even a bit of change.
  6. Villa cancellation means Doucoure suspension will be serves in the Leicester City now.
  7. The lad is definitely growing in confidence. Big kudos for his goal - he started the move (which he actually does quite often with his tendency to look for balls forward rather than sideways) and a couple of passes later put the ball in the net. Goals is one think that is been missing from his game, so I am hoping this further improve his confidence in front of the sticks. We definitely need our wide player to be at least knocking on the door of double figure goal tallies in a season, if we seriously want to be consistently trying to finish in the top 4. His career club stats have in pret
  8. also gone for Keane. Solid in defence - again, and gets the winning goal. Him and Mina becoming a very good pairing. We have a very solid foundation. but good performances all around.
  9. very satisfying result, great to bounce back after west ham defeat. We looked solid defensively in that second half and nicked with a moment of quality in Gomes's cross. Pretty much plan executed. the team will come away with massive confidence from that.
  10. would like to see Coleman (holgate) and richy (Gylfi) come on
  11. That's why I see it as the flat back four who did so will in December - Holgate wouldn't be used as a wing back. Iwobi or coleman would do that. We will soon find out!!
  12. Don't see the formation as shown on the BBC - think it will be out solid trusted flat back four of centre backs and something else in front of it!!!
  13. Fuck! - I was that surprised at the line up - didn't take any notice of the bench. I'll get my coat! 😂
  14. that's funny - BBC thinking who's playing where!!! Nuno probably the same. Carlo obviously doesn't think Tosan is strong enough as a lone striker to win and hold the ball up. Fair do's in not just picking him as he's just the only recognised striker. Definitely a game of keeping it 0-0 as long as possible and maybe try and nick the win at the end. With both DCL and Richarlison not available and away to Wolves I would take nicking a win in the last quarter now.
  15. I think the likes for Simms you tend to want to bring on 15mins from the end in a game where you are 3-0 or so up and bossing a game. Not when you maybe chasing a game trying to grab a point or nick a win. I think all of us would like to see how he gets on in the first team, he is 20 years old now, So if he has the talent, he should be dipping his toe in the big pond this spring.
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