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  1. Emm, legal issues and risks. maybe 777 are trying to sue Everton.
  2. i don't either. however PL did not ever reject 777. The simply didn't ratify it, beacue all requirements never got met. Big difference. who knows the details of any contract Moshiri had with 777. perhaps 777 may believe or be claiming Moshiri has broke a contract. I don't know. but sounds like there is more to it than just pay money owed.
  3. I wonder is 777 /ACap have some sort of lawsuit against Everton, given money they put in to Everton but then us not selling to them. so potentially wanting more than simply the monies owed to them. ie potentially an unknown cost hanging over the club. you would think it would straight forward if we simply owed a know value.
  4. can't help but feel a little concerned that a willing and able buyer just couldn't get a deal done.
  5. feel absolutely gutted on this. Things appeared to be looking up on the ownership front.
  6. current talk/story is some sort of potential swap deal involving Mykolenko. Not to sure about letting our starting left back go without a very solid replacement being in the building.
  7. like most kits, the better the team play in it, the more it grows on you. I don't mind the kit at all, not the worst or best we've see. Now just want to see how it feels like on.
  8. https://football-italia.net/lindstrom-aston-villa-everton-napoli/ https://royalbluemersey.sbnation.com/2024/7/15/24197875/scouting-report-everton-transfer-target-jesper-lindstrom-napoli-attacking-midfielder-frankfurt
  9. It felt like most of last summer. Seems we had a ManU-Branthwaite kind of approach to the transfer, we really really wanted him but would not/couldn't pay what the selling team wanted for him. Can't do it this for a second season on the same player.
  10. so well spend the next week agreeing a fee and then he'll sign for Newcastle
  11. There is obviosely something about Onana, becasue at times he looks really good, but also other times he looks a little disinterested in a Everton shirt shall we say. He could go either way or just stay the same at another club. There is a risk/reward to any club buying him at the money they are paying. Putting the fee we are looking to get in to perspective (talk of £50m + £5M add ons) - I think Lukaku is the only player we have sold for more, possibly Richarlison at a very similar fee. We have never paid anywhere near this sort of fee for a player. We are getting pretty good money for him - Fair money. Onana leaving will leave a hole in the squad - but its not a chasm by any means - as we managed with out him pretty well in the games he didn't play. Money banked for team strengthening is of more value this season. Phillips on loan for a season may best part fill that gap temporary for a season. (as long as we are not paying his whole wages)
  12. https://www.goodisonnews.com/2024/07/15/dan-friedkin-to-offer-stake-in-everton-as-new-takeover-twist-emerges/ It would make sense if Bell and Downing where indeed part of another buyout group - they must have interest in some form of ownership even if not a majority stake. Turn the club debt we owe them into equity would be great.
  13. bit of credit to Spurs on this front and doing the right thing by both Dele and Everton to hopefully give him the best chance to get both his career back on track.
  14. we've not given him away. Given we have not had a Philogene type saga, I am not sure as many are in for Onana (at least for +£50m) as we might think there might be. Given he was not a go to player when Dyche and Everton NEEDED players to step up at the end of last season tells me a fair bit about the player. He might go on to great things elsewhere, but maybe he's got to where he's going to in this current Everton team. It also says a lot when most fans are happy for him to be sold for £50m. I think that money can be put to better use give the current squad and finances.
  15. Good money- almost doubled our money an a player that we initially paid a decent fee for. Think Lille have 20% sell on clause. so probably around £25m profit less £5m. we signed him on a 5 year contract, we will have paid out £10m or so in the account. so rough calcs mean we should have +£35m added directly to our accounts, but we also removed have removed the remain £15m liability for the next three seasons. how Everton - use if fucking sensibly!!
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