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  1. Can’t see any club being put off by the apparent €15 million release cause to be honest
  2. I think it would suit Martinez so he can concentrate on the tactical side of the game. I also think He and Brands would have similar ideals over the players they want. At the moment for me I want Gaiter or Martinez/Conte
  3. He is a pig of a man and I wouldn’t want him any where near our club
  4. Could be top of the table after 4 games… déjà vu anyone?
  5. Honestly cant believe Grealish doesn't start.
  6. I’d have him back in a heartbeat. Quality player and does well internationally.
  7. I’ll get behind who ever gets the job 100%. If it’s Nuno, hopefully we can get Pedro Neto here because he’s exactly what we need at RM. who we get, hopefully it’s in the next few days and they can get to work on those 3/4 transfers we desperately need.
  8. I'm not sure fans will be happy with Nuno's sit back and counter type of football though. I'm still hoping for Galtier and if he can bring 1 or 2 of his stars from Lille we will push on.
  9. Honestly I think we could be a pretty attractive prospect for any manager really. Think about it, 4 out of the last 5 went onto potentially the biggest and best jobs they could have landed whilst not even having to succeed with us. ( I refuse to count big sam ) Moyes - Man U. Martinez - Belgium. Koeman - Barca. Carlo - Real Madrid. So if any one fancies the City, Bayern or PSG job just throw 18 months here and it’s pretty much yours I figure.
  10. 1 - Davy does not in fact have those physical attributes listed 2- Hopefully if we get this guy we dont get another 3 RB's at the same time like we did when bought Davy.
  11. Watch Moshiri panic and throw a mega contract at him now
  12. Absolutely this. As mentioned, we could potentially lose our best players if Potter comes in and we could very easily be looking at finishing a lot lower than we were this year. We need someone with a good amount of ability as a manger ( which Potter very well may have ) but also be able to attract/keep top players. Potter is a bigger risk than any manager we have had recently imo.
  13. I think Christopher Galtier - he did so well with that Lille team and after doing some research I think he had them set up tactically so well. Really compact narrow 442 style defence that pushed opposing teams wide and lilles CB were confident dealing with crosses - Mina, Keane & Godfrey are all strong in this area. Attack was fluid passing game. All in all I just want to see us play good progressive football and be organised.
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