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  1. Burnley up 0-1 away to liverpool. Love to see it, cannot wait for the reaction to the penalty for me. Hoping they hold on!
  2. Only €8m after a loan as well I read. Must be a first team football thing which is understandable because for that money we should be all over it. Would be an excellent squad addition.
  3. Just think this could open up another avenue similar to players winning penalties by hanging a leg into a player striker the ball. Strikers will sit just offside and wait for the defender to bring it down and pounce, it won’t benefit the game.
  4. To be honest I’ve always found him quite placid and content which is what my problem has been with him. He improved undoubtedly and is the first defender on the team sheet right now.
  5. You've single handedly lost us the game here mate 😂 Think we need a strong team out here. Any news on Allan yet?
  6. He's been in good form and its great to see. Started the campaign off with some sketchy moments - like all our defenders but hes really kicked on. I just hope this is it, its been said before and we have been here before and then he reverts to a shaky version of himself. He's stood up when we have been screaming for a leader at the back. I still think he can be better though - more vocal, commanding and a real presence. He's going the right way no doubt, i just hope he is setting the bench mark for consistent performances.
  7. I think the rule just need a tweak to what a phase of play is. A defender has the right in my opinion to bring a ball down, get out of his feet and get his head up to play the ball. If he chooses to take a few touches then that’s a phase. Similar to an advantage. It’s a very grey area but it really needs looking at.
  8. Think it’s horrible rule that. He should be able to play the ball with no pressure in my opinion as the striker shouldn’t be in the game. One of those ones that if it went other way would it be the same decision by officials
  9. Thoughts on the first goal in the city v Villa game guys? Mings loses possession instantly to the striker who’s coming back from a well offside position and then city score. Dean smith got a red card straight after it from the ref for protesting. Surely it’s offside in my opinion.
  10. Yeah she was! Played the wife as was incredible! Believe it was Eva Green as the main female character in the second one?
  11. Nothing would be more Everton than to lose against some of those teams and then get up over city on the last day
  12. It just shows how big an opportunity to break into the top 4 we have this season. Let Liverpool, United and City take the headlines. We just need to keep picking up steady points because our closing fixtures are very favourable.
  13. It’s strange. Ill be extremely pissed off if our game against city is rescheduled and we have a few key players out with positive tests at that point.
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