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  1. Good results around us. Hopefully we can get something from the United game and come out of the international break with some players returning from injury
  2. And Richarlison. I was expecting to him be used in the last 10/15 minutes of a game to see out a win, not starting 3 games within a week.
  3. I agree full however there’s some handy players coming to the end of their contracts that we could get on the cheap and instantly improve the first team and squad depth.
  4. Willing to let Godfrey play himself into form at the moment. Kenny isn’t much better even on form than an off form Godfrey and Holgate is much the same. Also Mina is due an injury in a couple of weeks so Godfrey needs the minutes
  5. Koeman would have pushed the schneiderland deal though. I remember when we signed him I was stoked we didn’t get Axel Witsel in the summer. Mental, absolutely mental.
  6. Pickford Godfrey Mina Keane Digne Andros Doucoure Allan Iwobi Gray Rondon Thats about the best we got I think. A win is important, a draw is disappointing but a loss it’s devastating. I’ll be more upset if we draw 2-2 than 0-0 as I feel we have enough first time defenders and CM’s to cope. Offensively we are not so strong.
  7. Seriously though - if Gana isn’t getting time at PSG we should be all over getting him back on loan.
  8. It seems Benetiz wants to play with dynamic, hard working athletic players. Which is okay and I think our fans will get right behind a hard working and combative team. The problem is we have been somewhat of a retirement home for “decent” players to pick up one last lucrative contract.
  9. Allan seems like the kind of player that will come back from a pre season and just no longer be at the level required. Gbamin is just an unknown, after this long i just can’t see him being a reliable option. I hope we are looking at options for the summer window however.
  10. Iwobi was young with PL experience, whist it hasn’t worked I can understand the logic behind it. Right now I’m just disheartened at how little quality we have throughout the squad. I am big fan of Brands but I am concerned he hasn’t found a replacement right back and let our back up LB go.
  11. Well we are looking very thin for this one. Rondon doesn’t seem like the player who relishes 3 games in a week. RB, Godfrey was terrible against Villa, Kenny left no impression against Burnley. If we don’t get a win here I can really a spiral coming, especially with some tough fixtures around the corner.
  12. We’ve been going around in the same circle since we made the FA cup final for me. Build a team with 5-7 quality players, let a few of them go, we all justify why we are going to be better off, sign a handful of players, most end up shit, rinse and repeat
  13. I think only Allan and Doucoure can play as a midfield 2. Maybe, Gbamin but who actually knows with him. Gomes and Davies are just not physical enough. That one is on benetiz though, hopefully he learns from it.
  14. That’s opinion. I think he has been pushed out. Well he is gone so that’s that. Can’t fault all the lads effort against QPR though, plenty of running along just bang average quality.
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