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  1. We score so many tap ins with James switching it to Traore on the left. Our striker would have a field day.
  2. If Son got his over turned last year on that basis alone we should get this over turned. Double standards coming up
  3. Put it simply we were out ran and our midfield had no cohesion. 1 would press and 2 would sit. Godfrey was exposed all game with no help form James. The whole point of 4-3-3 is to win the middle of the park. Gylfi was a passenger, Allan had his worst game and Doucoure I felt, shouldn’t have been subbed. We also lacked any form of leadership.
  4. Incredible how much he’s regressed. When he arrived, his strength was to get the ball and drive forward with it and carry us up the pitch. He’s completely lost any confidence to do so and his work rate has dropped so much it’s incredible.
  5. Adam Smith milked it for headbutt last year. This one was a derby full blooded tackle. It happens but I don’t think we should be criticising Richarlison for showing heart and some desire when we’ve had so many players go through the motions the last few years.
  6. That’s why that whole misplaced pass and reaction hurt so much. No way coleman does that ever.
  7. It’s been their whole mentality. Utterly disgusting, even Jordan’s wife has been getting death threats and comments about their child. I’d be so embarrassed if anyone of us acted like that and even more so if the club didn’t come out and condemn the people making those comments.
  8. I get that I just don’t know where Carlo goes after that. Gylfi didn’t take his chance at all, maybe Gomes comes back in. Niels and Gordon on the left is the most likely given suspensions but it’s very young and inexperienced - not that iwobi or Bernard are providing much.
  9. Yeah mentioned that in the day thread! Was absolutely shocking pass and even worse reaction
  10. Won’t be popular but I have no issue with Delph starting alongside Allan & Doucoure. Gordon should start on the wing as well. Neils in for Digne, perhaps Delph to sit and cover the attacking left side that we would have.
  11. Gylfi played 15 minutes and then went back to his usual self. Would have preferred Delph to have started over him. Honestly. Watch the 1st goal, so so poor on his behalf.
  12. Agreed. Guttered we’ve lost our whole left side now.
  13. Thought he and Mina were terrible. Not once did they win a tackle when they stepped out of the line. Whole team has been shit. Should have played Gordon from the start over Iwobi.
  14. Commentator actually just say that DCL challenge he’s seen them given as a red...
  15. We’ve made bang average players like Redmond and Adams look good though
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