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  1. I've never seen someone so placid and caught ball watching so often. Theres quite a few decent CM's coming to the end of contracts that we could get that offer so much more than Gylfi and probably take a lesser wage.
  2. Absolutely agree. I like Yerry and think hes a decent enough player but if the offer is there i think we need to take it.
  3. I like Brands and appreciate him at our club but this next window's work is massive. As much as players coming in he will be judged on who resigns and extends contracts. I expect Carlo to pull some strings and get us maybe 1/2 marquee signing's that we would have never gotten near with out him. Brands needs to find probably 2/3 himself that can add much needed depth to the squad or even better first team additions. We are looking at a 80+ million net spend window required in my opinion.
  4. Lets see what the scans say. Could just be another freak moment with knee to knee contact. I really hope for his sake its just a bad knock and alot of fluid that settles after the scan.
  5. Clean sheet is a positive. Going Holgate, out of position and did a steady job. Shit up front though.
  6. Fuck me haf how do you have this much time
  7. Ref was never going to give a free kick for that on James
  8. What’s the go with Bernard? Injured?
  9. Everything we do ends up with the centre backs
  10. I hate this about football. Worst part is that the players get rewarded for it with the goal being disallowed
  11. I agree. He has done well himself though and made good buys - coufal and soucek are very much Moyes type players.
  12. I suppose when he was in charge of United he learnt first hand that the big teams can lose to anyone. Kind of just waiting for west ham to burn out but to be fair to them they are showing some real character.
  13. I don’t think any expected this form from Lingard though, I would have probably been more disappointed had we signed him over King
  14. But moments before that Cavani had a goal disallowed that he managed to squeeze through his legs. I’m not saying lloris is the perfect example of a goal keeper because I think he is quite over rated but it’s something that happens a bit. Either way if Pickford isn’t available I’d rather see Virginia over Olsen and see if he can make the number 2 his spot
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