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  1. Keane was amazing, but Iwobi earned my MOTM vote. Direct and livewire play right out the trap. Great to see him score.
  2. Great play by Iwobi to create that move but he had to get a better shot in than that.
  3. Judging from our past performances when we've changed it up our players won't have a clue either.
  4. Maybe Carlo is going to try out a radical 10-0-0 formation.
  5. Well. We made a right meal of that: A big lovely shit sandwich.
  6. Man of the match for me. If he hadn't managed to keep out all those shots in the period in the first half we'd have been sunk.
  7. What the fuck was Keane doing there? Embarrassment.
  8. I don't get Gylfi. When he had the ball there, he could have turned up or down the pitch - he had plenty of space and time. But he just automatically, unthinkingly turned towards his own goal and passed it back immediately.
  9. We never had 64% of the possession in that match...
  10. There was a hair's breadth in it... so Cenk shouldn't have sprayed on so much of that shit on his head .
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