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  1. These kopites are behaving like Pickford was driving a white Fiat Uno when he collided with LFC’s Rose. They’ll be demanding an acknowledgement from The Queen next.
  2. He should be in the team for soton. Gomes is playing in a role that he is not used too, for us anyway. When he came into the team he was much deeper and his job was to get the ball shield it and keep the play flowing. There’s no reason to imagine he won’t be able to do that, but he’s still figuring out his place in this team and had a poor game against one of the best teams in the world with a top top midfield. He should be in the team for soton.
  3. They played us of the park for most of that and we never really got going, but we hung in there courtesy of Pickfords saves, but he should have been off really. Disappointing that there were so many errors by a couple of our players. I dont think we deserved a point but fuck I’ll take it. Ultimately a good result against the best team in the league.
  4. Had a dream last night: good news he makes the derby and dominates the game. Bad news: until he is sent of in the second half for a second yellow. Can’t remember if we won or not.
  5. Karting would have been good, but all I can remember is cold miserable Sunday mornings following my parents as they haggled hundreds of pikeys hawking cheap shit from their stalls.
  6. And this England kit looks like a knock off from some market stall at Blackbushe Market.
  7. Dominic Calvert-Lewin, England International, has a better international strike rate than Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Pele, Maradona...
  8. Italian guy at work is a massive Cagliari fan, so I asked him about Olsen. He said that he did really well for them - just all round solid keeper and the fans wanted him to stay. However the covid and a lack of cash meant they club couldn’t make the transfer permanent. A good enough testimonial for me.
  9. Nathaniel Clyne has been freed by the kopites. Just sayin. Useful cover at RB if needs must?
  10. Swedes tend to adapt well to playing in the UK and language won’t be an issue. Not an inspiring signing though. If he can just be solid then probably good enough.
  11. You can see in most of the more senior players - Siggy, Davies, Keane - they have upped their game now there is something to play for other than their places. Pickford on the other hand seems to be going in the other direction. Needs to sort it out between the ears. In the meantime get Romero in.
  12. I’ll be a bit gutted if he goes to be honest. One, I was really excited about him coming here and it just hasn’t worked out. Two, I don’t see he’ll get much time on the pitch at PSG. If it goes ahead, the best we can hope for is that he bangs in a few in a weaker league and comes back here a more confident, better player. Mind you he might then head off back to Juve. Hope we’ll see him back here. I’m sure there’s a top player in there somewhere.
  13. Really poor by us at the end to keep giving the ball away and not release pressure. If Brighton would have been bothered to actually pump in their crosses corners and free kicks today instead of going short we might have been in trouble. still a great attacking performance, not used it us being clinical. But the defensive unit was poor today. Mina was great but he had to be because we kept dropping ourselves in the shit. Will cost us eventually. Still - a nice time to be a toffee!
  14. We don’t need a keeper any more If Mina can play like this every match.
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