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  1. Carlo clearly came here to get a draw and with no intention of playing. Missions accomplished to that end, but fuck me it was like having kidney stones.
  2. Gravity must be weak at the Amex today - so many shots have risen over the bar.
  3. Keane should have done better with the pass, but James was asking for the ball while stood virtually still and no sense to the fact he was being closed down.
  4. Not just with his feet, with his brain too. Lost count of how many times he's been caught out, duped, bundled away or been caught for half a yard of space.
  5. Bissouma looks a player. He's been at the heart of everything Brighton have done tonight.
  6. A Brighton goal is is in the post. We are playing with an exquisite level of disinterest and listlessness.
  7. He has. But he still makes one question one's heterosexuality.
  8. Come on then Iwobi, if you want to play up front...
  9. Was hoping to see this tonight. But instead we are getting 11 of these. Full of dogshit.
  10. Brighton will be gutted they haven't scored against us. We've offered absolutely nothing.
  11. Some of our play is so half arsed and lazy. The only questions we are asking is: Will this do?
  12. This is dismal from us. I have absolutely no idea how we are going to create a goal here.
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