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  1. Play Keane up front instead of Rondo .
  2. Too many players just given up here. You have to take the rough with the smooth, but this level of performance is unacceptable. To concede 4 goals in ten minutes is a disgrace, but the fact is with out those three amazing saves from Pickford we'd have been beaten by 8.
  3. Davies, apart from popping up in the box for the goal, has been a non-entity.
  4. OH MY GOD. Not sure I've seen a worse capitulation by us at Goodison. We'd better off with thin air, nothing and a paper bag in defence.
  5. Iwobi's attempt at the header - dogshit; Digne's attempt - get the fucking thing on target. Good grief.
  6. Digne has been totally befuddled by their attackers half a dozen times this match.
  7. How on earth did we get in such a mess for that goal.
  8. That Dennis looks a right unit. Need to watch him.
  9. Let's have some more now please.
  10. Come on Charli you leaping salmon of a beast.
  11. The NBC commentators think that the booing is for the substitution, rather than the Watford fans booing Richarlison.
  12. Referee isn't giving us shit. Partially our own fault, with all these pathetic dives but Watford are being really dirty and niggly.
  13. What a save by Pickford. Digne and the centre backs got totally jibbed there.
  14. Gordon should have done a bit better with his first touch there. If we can make one of these chances stick into the box, I reckon we'll take one.
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