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  1. Let’s offer him a pound for ‘every hair on his head’ to fuck off. Can’t wait to see the look on his face when he gets 17 quid!
  2. I love Andre, when he arrived he was brilliant. I had never seen a player who was able to carry and protect the ball like that. And he’s a gent. Gutted that it hasn’t worked out, largely because of reasons beyond his control. I hope he gets the future he wants.
  3. Absolutely smashing conical head this chap has.
  4. I think he's going to do alright for us. Came on a free, expectations are low from him and I believe him when he says he'll give his all. Welcome and good luck Andros.
  5. It doesn't look good does it. Can someone nip up to FF and see if he turns up for training tomorrow. If it's true he can always use the Prince Andrew defence that he's never broken into a sweat before. He's got 38,000 witnesses.
  6. Gray always looked good at Leicester, even though he always seemed to be a sub. 1.5m is absolutely fuck all. Again not a very exciting deal but would hopefully be ahead of Bernard and Iwobi.
  7. He would likely be ahead of Bernard and Iwobi as soon as he arrives. Not very exciting though, but probably a good reflection of where we are in the transfer market both financially and reputationaly.
  8. Pickford was brilliant (Donnarumma too), but if there had been a golden gloves it should have gone to Sommer the Swiss keeper.
  9. Nah, they will want to sell as many kits as possible BEFORE James foxtrot oscars, if that’s what he’s going to do... the marketing dept know exactly what they are doing. Anyway, i have to say I think this years kit is absolutely doggo. At least it’s unique and not some standard design. It’s a shame because I loved last seasons kit. And the reveal clip on the website. In 66 seconds you get to see the kit for a total of 8 seconds and never more than a flash.
  10. All I care about the next manager is that he takes us forward. That’s all that matters and all he should be judged by in the job. There have been plenty of players that have come across the park, Beardo, Ablett and loads more have been great for us. The fact he ‘bad mouthed’ us is irrelevant. I’d rather have another manager but there’s not much at there at the minute. Step away from the emotion and he’s the least worst option. Everton fans should have more class than some are showing at the minute.
  11. My feeling is that it’s taking time because they were taken by surprise. Normally when a manager leaves there is already an inkling if not a short list on who the next appointment will be. I’m sure that they are on the case but they can’t hang around too long. I’ll support whoever they appoint but given our track record of appointments under Moshiri I’m not optimistic. On the other hand, law of averages says me must be due a decent appointment this time, surely?
  12. I like NES too, but I have three issues with him and would worry if he came here. 1). He’s leaving Wolves for a reason and it looks to be that he is completely jaded and burned out 2). It’s true the Wolves fans love him because of the job he did, but he also clicked with the club - who would have thunk a bearded Portuguese bloke could click in Wolverhampton? I don’t think that connection would happen at Everton, not because Everton aren’t a great club with great fans - we are. It’s just that 3). Wolves are a really well run club and Everton are not - there’s just not a infrastructure in place to support a successful team at the present. This last point will apply to any manager. At the end of the day anyone we appointed is going to struggle, just like the last 5 because the problems at Everton go much deeper than the manager and are systematic. We need to sort that out as much as anything. Not seen Arteta’s name mentioned - are the Arse going to stick with him because if not I guess he would be in the running. Not that I’d want him here...
  13. I get what people are saying about Martinez but he’s not going to come back here. When he leaves Belgium it’s going to be to Spain or Italy. But also, I really think people are forgetting how abject it was after that brilliant first season. Not just the terrible football, but the dodgy signings and lack of harmony in the team. It was horrible, as bad as anything we saw under Koeman, Silva or Ancelotti. And he won’t have Lukaku this time to get him out the shit. And he’ll want hella cash - everyone knows Ancelotti was on 12 million or whatever. So no thanks. Whoever comes in as manager now will have a hell of a job, and I’ll back them. But it needs to be someone who actually wants to be here, and someone that knows how to manage players and get in their heads rather than tactician.
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