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  1. On Martinez...I'm still angry with him. Well, frustrated. He had it all. He had us all in his palms. The club. The fans. The players. He had the answers in front of him. He just needed to adjust a little and he was there. Could have been a whole different story if he just went back to that first season. Absolute idiot. Loved the guy and hated seeing him sink. Oh Roberto. You silly knob.
  2. Yeah. So when I heard him talk about the continuation from youth to transfers to style of play and getting the right manager to fit that rather than change it...I just thought that's the exact opposite to what we've done the last 5 years. This bloody club.
  3. Also, remember guys that all of this is pure speculation. No quotes. Nothing official. The press have been having a mare with a few clubs in recent weeks regarding managers. It's almost like no fucker wants to talk to the press anymore. Now that would be amazing.
  4. I always found Rafa to come across like a right arrogant prick. I mean, maybe we need something like that. Dunno. But I just don't see the attraction. He's had his day. Respected him more when he stuck with Newcastle when they went down, so he has loyalty. He wanted to do a job for them but working with Mike Ashley must be a pain in the arse. All his accolades where 2001 - 2010. With a couple more dotted in the few years after. But fuck all since. His declining record makes it unattractive. The Liverpool connection kills it off for me.
  5. We all want to see that. I think that's part of our problem.
  6. Good read that. I think everyone would benefit from reading that with an open mind.
  7. From all the bullshit names out there, Nuno sits slap bang in the middle for me. You know, not an old dog or relegation fighter but also not one at the top end that has won leagues etc. So, considering we've finished 7th once in 7 seasons and he got it twice on the bounce with a newly promoted Wolves, well he might not be the exciting big name but he has enough positives. Like most, it feels just OK. Maybe as fans we need just OK so we don't get carried away with ourselves (not sure that's possible). We don't know what went on at Wolves, Crystal Palace or anything else. Just hope that if he does come here, it works for more than 12-18months.
  8. Ha. I know. If only any of us knew 不. (That's if I'm taking your reply in the right context).
  9. It's important to not let the media circus reflect bad on us. The media throwing names all over just shows that they have no clue. And, as I've said for years, it allows bookies to make a fortune. The biggest traditional sports media advertisers? Bookies. They work hand in hand. I'm sure we've been in touch with various reps etc since Carlo left. Just no idea who.
  10. Sarri is in at Lazio. Cross him off. Probably wasn't on, but still.
  11. I'm only here for the Expected Likes 不 This bit cracked me up... 2. They scored (and were expected to score) 不不不
  12. Crikey. That's some turn of events. Interesting. Honestly think whoever gets this job is literally just 2 or 3 attacking players - with pace and a bit of va va voom, away from having a team with much more potential than we've seen for a while. I'm not saying top 4, but certainly better than mid table. We just need more, well better, options in the final 3rd. Strength in depth will be an issue for a few more years mind. Just hope whoever it is gets a fair go at it.
  13. @Bailey My jaw dropped when I just read you mentioning 'expected goals' to talk down the achievement of a surprise league win that no one expected. Mate, this affair with expected goals has to stop 不 In all seriousness guys, really surprised by the Nuno thing. I just assumed it was an obvious choice and would be pretty nailed on. Not because he's my favourite or anything, just thought it all added up. Ha. Anyway. Bit lost now. But reading up on this Galtier bloke, he sounds like he's done a good progressive job, like what we need. Only problem is, well...the Expected Goals were a bit low last season. Would need to address that as a matter of urgency.
  14. Spurs pull the plug on Conte. From their side, about 3million difference in salary offer/demands. Plus Conte didn't seem keen to work with more youth. From Contes view, doesn't see Spurs as ready to challenge for titles straight away. Both wide apart - Conte wants money to spend on players, spurs looking to use more youth. Anyway. Relevance to us? He's available. We'd pay him his wages. We'd make money available. However, we're no where near ready to challenge for titles. 2 out of 3 ain't bad. Nuno it is then 不
  15. As it stands, unless there is something off radar, Nuno seems the most realistic. I've done a bit on him the last couple of days. I think I'm still slightly in favour on the basis of being realistic but was really surprised by Wolves lack of goals and style of play. Honestly thought they were much more expensive. Also really surprised by Wolves huge NET spend in the first 2 Premiership years. Although they got 7th as a result, their spend even made ours look normal. Coincidentally, they spent next to nothing NET this year and struggled. Maybe that was why they parted company? It was mutual consent, maybe a change of plan behind the scenes regarding transfer policy? Not dead excited but then we've finished mid table in recent years more often than anything else. So what are we realistically expecting to attract?
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