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  1. This is it, both generally all over the pitch and specifically with Pickford there. Iwobi has been outfought repeatedly.
  2. Vague “injury report” from Benitez: https://www.evertonfc.com/news/2288211/benitezs-everton-injury-update Nothing close to definitive about anyone. There’s more here on Gordon’s progress than anything else. Only possible reference to DCL and Richarlison is “the others,” who are “improving and we will see.”
  3. Good crisp thumbnail. I want relentlessness in our play.
  4. Recent death of a ManU legend, I think.
  5. Either I forgot or just never realized Godfrey had played some midfield. I put Digne further up for 2 reasons: (1) as for his own skills, he seems more effective pushing forward than defending as a FB; (2) and in comparison to Godfrey, he’s a better crosser than Godfrey, right?
  6. This sounds right to me, especially after the injury update given today by Benitez. We’ll be very lucky to take a point. Maybe we can score from our one corner of the day. Time for Mina to head one in. https://www.evertonfc.com/news/2276341/everton-boss-gives-team-news-update Only Gbamin fit to return, and now Iwobi has a “little problem.” Maybe something like 4-3-2-1. Doucouré and Allan need to be strictly protecting DCMs for this match. Pickford Holgate Mina Keane Godfrey Doucouré Allan Digne Townsend Gray Rondón Davies, Gordon, Kenny, Gbamin, Dobbin, Simms the bench. Jeez.
  7. The cruel irony for Davies himself is that in missing the PK, he’s deprived himself of his best opportunity to start: Carabao Cup matches.
  8. Hope not, as Gomes, who is very good at protecting the ball at his feet and providing some clever, accurate passes, is no DCM. Whether it’s 4-4-2, 4-3-3, or 4-1-4-1, Gomes has to be moving forward, not staying back.
  9. A reasonable fear. Yes, please, 4-4-2. And because of dmim’s reasonable fear, Davies has to stay back, generally because Gomes is the offensive threat but defensive liability, and specifically when Digne bursts forward.
  10. Happy with these starters, and happy to accept Benitez’s 2 friendly amendments to my hopeful post above. Now I’ll hope we’re up 0-2 on 60 minutes, when Simms can replace Rondón. Then at 70, Townsend out for an extra defender, who nets a corner header for 0-3. Then at 80, Gomes replaced by Allan or Doucouré. Piece of cake, Bob’s your uncle, give us a biscuit.
  11. Lots of hope in my post here. Some of you will find it more hopeless than hopeful. I hope for a starting lineup of mostly squad players. Will hope such a squad of squad guys will show energy from the opening whistle, never stop running, press, opportunity to show Benitez what they offer. Begovic Kenny Holgate Branthwaite Digne (c) Iwobi Davies Gomes Gordon Simms Rondón Bench — Lonergan, Keane, Mina, Godfrey, Allan, Doucouré, Gray, Townsend Doubt Rondón should be asked to go more than 60 minutes, so push Iwobi or Gordon up in 2d half, bring on Gray. Not confident Gomes can last the full 95, either. Should anyone disagree — Ha! — I hope you’ll be constructively critical, not vicious. Mate.
  12. At beginning of season, Benitez said something like he’d rest Richarlison sometime early in the season. Maybe this is time for him to rest?
  13. I’m a Gomes fan, especially because he’s so good with the ball at his feet, very tough to be dispossessed, makes some wonderful passes. But Aidan raises a legitimate point. So I’m wondering whether Gomes is best suited as a “get us going” second half substitute, when tired legs begin to slow down some opposing players, thus rendering Gomes’s lack of pace somewhat less detrimental. Not saying he should never start, but when DCL returns, and if James and Benitez ever get on the same page, and Gbamin gets healthy, there’s not a lot of room in midfield for Gomes to get lots of starter minutes. Yet he’s a truly talented offensive player in spurts. He can be a real “get us going” 2d half sub, for any of several midfield/wing starters.
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