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  1. Yes, that makes sense, though it must also have been a case that at some point, they just mentally collapsed. Everything going right for Villa, just a case of everything going shockingly wrong at once for the Reds. I will need to pay some attention to Villa.
  2. You know, I agree with you that live action I, too, thought he was offside, and definitely hoped so. But then the repeated stop-action photos didn’t look offside to me. So then I heard commentators talking about VAR looking at different camera shots than we see, so that confused me. And now I hear talk that a “sleeve” was offside, so I don’t know what that means, or more likely I don’t know the intricacies of the rule. Sleeve??
  3. We now have some real talent, so that one of our best players 2 seasons ago, Gomes, now looks mediocre at times. James and Allan are special, and DCL might become a great striker. But Liverpool still looked the better team most of today’s match. Better pace, pressing, passing, creativity. Two outstanding talents in Mané and Salah. Don’t know what happened to them v. Villa. Glad it did. Also glad we lucked out today, but it took very unusual luck to take a point today.
  4. Don’t think it was retribution, more just clattering in chaotic action. Still a red. But VVD did deserve a yellow, didn’t he? Wasn’t it in first minute or 2 that he deliberately hammered James or somebody.
  5. Didn’t look offside from multiple stop-action replays, so VAR decision seemed crazy wrong, seemed a legit goal. But American TV commentators (neither of whom is American) said VAR uses other cameras that we don’t see. That’s the only way I can understand why that goal didn’t stand. Glad it didn’t, but I’ll hope we get to see what VAR saw, just to understand. Also, VAR was involved in the Pickford-VVD clatter, and I don’t understand that one either. We lucked out twice with VAR today.
  6. I think tomorrow’s match is only on NBCSN. I don’t see it on Peacock’s list for tomorrow.
  7. I feel a little odd saying this, as a month or so back I was irritated that NBC/NBCSN had switched so many EPL matches to Peacock Premium streaming service ($5/month). I remember being chastised by several on TT for being so spoiled. I now understand that criticism, and they were right. Anyhow, mjb, you can stream all Everton matches not shown on NBC/NBCSN by purchasing Peacock Premium. Although irritated — and spoiled — I did so, and have seen Everton and a few other EPL matches. Pretty decent streaming so far. Of course, if we stay near top of the table, more Everton matches will p
  8. Unless they’ve been ruled out, James and Mina are in the Colombian squad for their 2 WC qualifiers, as is Richarlison for Brazil’s.
  9. Barkley just missed a good chance that would have put Villa up 3-0. And a minute later it’s 2-1. Another minute later, it’s 3-1. Now 4-1.
  10. ROI have 3 — yes, 3 — international matches between Oct 8 and 14. Coleman in their squad, though I think he lost his starting job their last match. Maybe he’ll be replaced in ROI squad for these matches?
  11. Want to reëmphasize Matt’s point here. Beyond seeing the individual excellence among the new signings, the fluid team play, build up to goals, multiple precise passes, and skilled finishing is so exciting.
  12. Mina, everywhere today. Saved 2 goals, more? Many others played well. Doucouré, Sigurdsson, Delph, DCL, Davies (before his shift to RB), Iwobi. Could give MOTM to James pretty much every match.
  13. Ah, bad news if he can’t go. That would mean we’re down to 1 RB, 1 CH, 1 LB, and 1 combo LB/LCH. Maybe Besic on bench as CH Replacement? Someone from U-23 squad?
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